How to Drive Value with Your Social Media Marketing Funnel

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A must-have for bloggers!

A strategic “Social Media Marketing Funnel” framework.

But what is this social media marketing funnel to begin with?

Did you know that any small business can drive social media audiences to their websites/blogs and make sales using a social media marketing funnel? Read more

What Results Do You Want From Your Blog and Social Media?

How about I share with you some results you can be getting from your blog and social media with the people you’re trying to communicate with through your blog and social media?

Bear with me here:

Your blog and social media are valuable tools to use in helping strengthen your brand and reaching out to potential audiences.

But before I jump into the details, let me say this…

We all want to get found online, great then what?

  • Convert your blog visitors that are coming over from social media.

nurture your market, convert, list building, email marketingLet’s talk about that, as a result, you can and must have from your blog and social media.

  • I =m talking about using your content to attract and grow your email marketing, which can be profitable for anybody, no matter what kind of product or service you offer.

But building your list, which is the foundation of email marketing success is in the quality and size of that list, takes a lot of content – podcasts, posts, videos, newsletters, and consistent contacts through your emails. Because your goal is to build a list of subscribers that trust you and consider you an expert in your field! Then your response rates will constantly climb – helping you have more clients, more business, and more fun.

You probably are creating content to help share and grow your business. Some of your content seems to attract your niche and because of that, it’s a lot more effective in helping to grow your email list – which means more interest in what you do and offer that can help your audience want to get more involved with how you can help them.

But whatever type of content you put out to your audience, you’ll want a certain purpose, for your ideal audience, and have a goal in mind of where you’ll be leading them.

And you’ll want to do it efficiently with a theme in mind which helps determine what your goals will be for the week, the month, the quarter…

How many hundreds of posts have you written? How many videos have you recorded?   Why Not Repurpose Content of Your Popular Posts?

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Your content promotion and marketing efforts give you a lot of paybacks:

  • Helping people through information, resources, insights, and useful tools.
  • Building brand awareness.
  • Earning trust in your online community.
  • Establish your following.
  • Turn your followers into blog visitors.
  • And turn your blog visitors into sales opportunities.

Reaching out and making meaningful connections with others online who share your interests and passions is inspiring, interesting, thought-provoking, and well you ‘get’ it. It’s well worth your time and efforts.

  • This is not a mindless diversion. It’s what you do for your blog and your business– to share your passion and information.

You make it an extremely productive activity.

  • Maybe all your work could continue into something more – You could be generating an email list so you can grow your income by using your blog and social media as your marketing funnel.
OK – You say you’re not a marketer?

Hmmm….I think this qualifies:

  • You promote your information through content marketing with your blog and social media.

Now ask yourself and answer this: what are the results you want from your blog and social media?

This is where you can use content marketing as a funnel to grow your community.

  • I would venture to say that you want to bring traffic over to your blog from social media. Right?

– And, then you want that traffic to turn into readers that want more of your information on a regular basis and come back more to get more valuable information from you.

Content marketing is all of the above…

It’s pull marketing.

You’re attracting and pulling them in with your magnet, based on valuable content that appeals and supports your readers, not spam that interrupts them.

  • You understand that your audience wants to be pulled to you. Not pushed.

Great – you now have your content attracting your audience of readers!

Then what?

What action do you want them to take?

  • What do you want them to get out of their experience with you?

You can start turning your readers into valuable raving fans and building your email list so that you can nurture those relationships with more of your invaluable content that they won’t see elsewhere and you know they want more ideas and advice from you that you’ll be giving through your email list.

This is part of your content marketing – you funneling your readers through your system >>> How to Drive Value with Your Social Media Marketing Funnel

From your blog and social media, you’re generating marketing funnel leads.

– Giving you the opportunity to be engaging with someone who may not have even known they had a problem that your content may address. 

  • And…you’re getting them before other like type blogs or competition attract them.

– Giving you the advantage to continue that visit and start them down the conversation road with your content marketing  ~ This is your funnel.

How do you create the content for your sales funnel?

  1. Create a Stellar Content plan – content theme and batching your content helps you bring your audience to where you are leading them and helps you be more efficient with your own time.
  2. Build more social media traffic to your site.
  3. Know your Audience 
  4. Prepare Your Irresistible Optin Offer 
  5. Have Your Opt-In Page to Collect Names & Emails in Exchange For Your Irresistible Optin Offer
  6. Set up your autoresponder system – I use AWeber 
  7. Put together an email follow up series

But there is just one small catch…

Are you willing and wanting to collect a list of emails to build a relationship with your audience that has longer-lasting results for you and them?

Do Tell…

Where are you at with this process of your blog and social media as a content marketing funnel?

This all takes knowledge, time & effort – become a part of our Get-It-Done Facebook Group and ask more about what you can do…

Because …

List Building ~ It’s social media, blogging, and building your list of contacts and is needed if you want a more interactive community! 

Facebook marketing, email list building

What others are saying…

”  I made the mistake of not building this early on. Now I’m paying quite literally!”

” I try to build up my lists. It is important to be able to reach a lot of people. These are great tips.”
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How to Reach Your Social Media Goals in 2021

Defining Your Content With Your Monthly Theme

Constantly having to change hats and not having a plan really does stop the work that is fresh on your mind.

I know (really well!) that when you can sit, stay focused, and finish a task as you have planned you not only feel great about it… like instant gratification!

Because when your content is up and ready you’re done and ready to move on. 

But the interruptions seem to be intentional because all of a sudden you remember something, like ‘uh-oh’ I need to post in my group, page, Instagram, etc, taking time away from your planned project.

When you have a system you follow, you can take a look at it being all done for the day, week, and even working into the month of growing your business, and it feels like such a release of the ‘have tos’ as you’re getting it done!

You can also get your pieces of content are ready to go based on a theme.

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How You Can Make Your Facebook Page More Interesting

What can you do to make your Facebook page more interesting?

Hopefully, as you read this post you’ll learn how to reach more of your audience with organic reach, plus increase engagement by making your Facebook page more interesting to your fans.

Sounds like an impossibility, right?

Or way too time-consuming.


But what if…

You could spend only about 20-30 minutes a day on your Facebook posts.

And, get a fun return for your efforts.

Need more fun ways to actually grow your Facebook Page? ❣ Why not join our 10 Day Get-It-Done Facebook Challenge

Now the top experts tell us that the stats are basically showing that less than 1% of your audience will see your posts on Facebook.

But, have you ever wondered… Read more

Got Blog Personality?

blog-personalityCreating your blog personality is generating a unique voice.


Your blog personality makes a statement of clarity and gives you an opportunity to write in informal, chatty, ordinary feelings using words and content that makes your blog site more likable and, well, more “human”.  There are several different blog type personalities. What’s yours? It could be a controversial style or an effective wordsmith is just among a couple. I like what to follow the ideas of this quote by Stephen Covey…

“Seek to understand then to be understood.”
– Stephen Covey

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What If Time Was An Activity Box?

What If Time Was An Activity Box?
What If  Time Was An Activity Box?

There are so very many opportunities, and activities, being offered out there, to help you grow your business, for free! Who doesn’t like free?

Well, there is the cost of your time and focus.

It can become difficult to manage these free events and information along with paid courses/coaching and group information we want to work with. Keeping them in a large, file of activities that need your attention.

  • And you know it’s sitting there waiting for you to give attention because you thought it was important enough to save!
  • It’s a lot to think about ~ Along with continued learning and needing to implement what you learn. I also know that it can become overwhelming for me. How about you?
  • You also need to stay on top of running and marketing your own business in a box of activities that we do as time allows.

So How Do You Get It Done? 

The Goal? Read more

How Do You Map Your Dream Business?

Your Dream BusinessHow do you map your dream business and your future? Who do you want to become in your business and how you want your business to be?

You might have a picture, a dream of what you want in, and for your business.

You probably have a vision for your 2021 successes. What you’d like to see for your business.

  • And, you have some of the details about how you want to achieve that vision.

You’re working hard, every day, doing the things you have been told you need to be doing. You might even see it working for others.

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Do You Know How To Create And Publish Great Content?


If you want to create and publish great content that drives an impact, it can take some time and creativity.

  • You know who your audience is.
  • You’ve written out a plan to reach your audience and give them the solutions you offer.
  • You’ve taken a look at like-type businesses – Your competitors, what are they doing that is successfully helping them attract and grow?
    • “Do you use Use Alexa’s free Site Overview Tool to see competitor data, like where their website traffic comes from and their paid and organic keywords, backlink profile, audience interests, and more? Helping to ‘Drive More Website Traffic with Competitive Analysis”
  • Now you can have some fun growing your audience awareness with your content and offerings!

What if your content seemed to just flow more easily and you put together a content strategy that worked for you and your online business and has the all-out impact that you want?

I’m sure you’ve noticed…

It’s a crowded place for your content online! 

You have to be the ‘lighthouse’ that leads your audience through all the noise!

Could You Use Your Own Social Media Strategies Checklist to Help?

How do you prepare your social media marketing strategy to get noticed by your ideal audiences? Every business needs a go-to Social Media Checklist to help with the processes to check off as you do each one.
So I’ve prepared this guide to save you time and frustration.

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3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Reach 😱

3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Reach 😱

Why do you need to improve your reach?

When you’re trying to get people to click and read your article, post, watch your video, listen to your podcast on any social media site, what you ACTUALLY want to do is tempt their curiosity, activate their sense of need/urgency to take a look now.

That means you really must think about words that sound spammy, or links/words that are clickbait, PLUS the many words that ‘trigger’ what Facebook counts as clickbait.

Especially because Facebook has their ‘WAYS’ of detecting them.

I’m giving you some words that will improve your reach and your engagement. Plus, we’ll take a look at the words that hurt your reach and hurt your engagement… ⇓ Want to know how to increase your reach with helpful ‘Trigger Words’? ⇓ 

#blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#Facebookmarketing,#triggerwords


When you give content that shares your expertise to help your audience feel better, inspired, or help their businesses do better? Facebook algorithms notice and put your posts in newsfeeds to improve your reach and help you be seen more and get more engagement!

But first:

What is Facebook reach?

  1. How Do You Know WhenYou Need to Improve Your Reach

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How to Use These Facebook Goals in Your Marketing Plan

When I used to start thinking about Facebook goals and a marketing plan…

My motivation would start to lag. Because I knew the ‘What’ and ‘How’ but didn’t have a plan to put in place to bridge the gap of where I was in my journey to where I wanted to be.

Have you ever felt like this, too?

I didn’t know what my plan of action was. I knew what I needed to do and did that. But, this always made me feel like it really wasn’t getting me there. And it seemed to take soooo long to start moving forward. I just wasn’t ‘getting it’.

If you’ve ever been waiting for that ‘ah-ha’ moment? Then I think you know what I mean.

A big  “ah-ha” moment that made a huge difference was when one of my mentors showed me how to put all of my marketing efforts into growing my Facebook group. Now I had a purpose and a plan was coming together.


It seems one of your first Facebook goals for your page is to build more engagement.

But why?

This one I know the why of: So that you can grow your business, grow your prospects, and grow your income

When you know that your plan (strategy) is engagement and paying attention to the analytics of what your audience likes, it starts to bring excitement and a new understanding.

➷ What if you had more ideas and wanted help with getting that engagement? You can get help when you join us @

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