How to Reach Your Social Media Goals in 2023

Social Media Goals: A Simple Definition

Defining Your Content With Your Monthly Theme

Want to get more work done and more quickly?

Constantly having to change hats and not having a plan really does stop the work that is fresh on your mind.

Create Your Social Media Content Strategy so you can use it over and over in:

  • Your blog
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Profile & Page Posts, and Group
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Landing Page
  • Products – Freebies and Paid Offers
  • Marketing 
  • AND…all of this can be personalized for your email list.

Now you’ll have a lot of content to breakdown and

use in many different ways.

Content strategies aren’t just for blogs, websites, and product descriptions. Content stratgies are marketing and are critical for social media and your business success.

BUT…What are Content Strategy Themes for and do they work?

How about thinking about Content Strategy Themes:
As buckets of your ideal topics that your niche loves and that you are in business for sharing. Now you have a guide for creating and planning your content.

I know (really well!) that when you can sit, stay focused, and finish a task as you have planned, you not only feel great about it… you get instant gratification!

Because when your content is up and ready, you’re done and good to move on. 

But the interruptions seem intentional because suddenly you remember something, like ‘uh-oh’ I need to post in my group, page, Instagram, etc., taking time away from your planned project.

When you have a system you follow, you can take a look at it being all done for the day, week, and even working into the month of growing your business, and it feels like such a release of the ‘have tos’ as you’re getting it done!

Making life and business more fun!

You can also get your pieces of content ready to go based on a theme.

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Are You Listening On Social Media?

Listening to your audience on social media

Listening on social media is one of your critical first steps when creating your blog and business social media strategy.

Why is social listening critical to your business, and what is it?

By studying the conversations and trends surrounding your business and market, you can optimize your marketing to help grow your reach and interest in your product. All to help you reach your business and income goals!

  • If you’ve noticed a dip in your online sales, tweaking your marketing strategies might be what you want to do to help your business grow. 
  • Social media is a choice that has proven successful for many businesses. But when the topic of social selling is raised, many business owners feel they need help. 

So, where and how do you begin updating your business’s social media?

Businesses can start by creating and updating their social selling strategy. 

A strategy may look like this:

#1: Know your market – intimately.

  • To start with, it is paying attention to your strategies of how attentive you are in addressing your audience’s needs. 
  • Look at successful competitors. What can you model that would help your own business and attraction power?

#2 Businesses online need to identify the appropriate social media sites and communities where their ideal clients congregate and then learn what they can say and do to attract and help them.

  • Listening on social media involves monitoring conversations about your industry on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It lets you gain insights into what people say about your offering. They can give you ideas of what topics and trends are relevant to your target audience and what your competitors are doing to attract similar audiences. With this information, you can craft more effective and targeted content and campaigns to help boost your brand’s visibility and reach on social media platforms. 

Listening on social media can show your audience that you care and how to help them.

  • As you develop an authentic and powerful online style, you’ll understand more about what your audience wants.
  • You’ll learn what makes that desirable to your ideal audience and what type of language to use that will attract.

That’s what listening on social media can do for your online success.

You can join in on the conversations with your target audience, even while listening on social media.

  • Use that opportunity to help you gain audience intelligence in your everyday online activities.

People who are a part of your community, and those who don’t even know you yet, want your ideas, information, and suggestions, and they want you to hear them! 

You’ll need to get into the habit of paying attention to more than what they say as part of your listening on social media.

  • Take a look at your analytics and insights regularly to understand how they pay attention to you.
  • Include yourself in their conversations and become likable and involved. That’s engaging!
When you’re listening on social media and responding, you can use it as a strategic tool for blogging, list building, repurposing, promotions, and competitive shrewdness.

Social media makes monitoring any of your platforms easy, enabling you to quickly see the results of your efforts. You’ll find out if your efforts are working, and you can identify why they might not be working and improve your work.

  • Social listening is watching conversations on digital platforms to help you understand your ideal client’s preferences and what they say about brands and other online businesses.
    • Social listening is the process you can use to help analyze conversations and trends around your brand and your industry and use those insights to improve your marketing.

How does this help you?

Quality content is essential to social listening. You’ll see what your audience is reacting to and find out what is relevant to them.

  • Then you can constantly provide that relevant content, and more people will interact with and visit your site and want to read more about what you offer.

Expand your niche knowledge.

Your clients can learn more about you and your offers through the power of your social media sites. Social listening is how they know more about and from you.

  • Social listening tools gather information about your brand and that of your competitors, which is publicly available online. 
  • Depending on the needs of your business, you can collect data over a predetermined period or in real-time. 
  • Also, you have the option to limit mentions to a specific set of languages or nations.

To determine what topics your clients most frequently discuss and mention about your products and services or brand online (for example, packaging, price, and availability). The research focuses on several keywords or phrases (like the name of your business or product). Comments are looked at to see the writer’s feelings and are then categorized as good, bad, or neutral based on tone and other variables. 

How do you conduct social listening?

Your Social Listening Strategy

  1. Keep track of every mention of your brand in real-time and from a single location.
  2. Obtain the most accurate and recent input.
  3. Help identify Internet discussions that mention your brand.
  4. Keep tabs on the number of online interactions and sentiment shifts.

Design Your Product

Social listening helps you learn what your niche thinks of your products. Helping you keep track of both positive and negative comments to find any areas that need some work—allowing you to concentrate more on your target market’s needs and pain points, which can result in a better product.

What are some of the social listening tools you can use to enhance your own experiences for listening on Social Media?

Check out these tools:

1) Hootsuite is one of the tools you need to manage your social networks from one place. 

hootsuite dashboard

2) Tweetdeck A Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing and engagement. 



3) TWEETREACH – Find out how far your tweets traveled? You can also find out who your most influential followers are. 


4) Social MentionSocial Mention monitors over one hundred social media sites. It may be one of the best free tools for listening on social media.  

5) Mention  – 

Mention enables brands and agencies to leverage media monitoring and social media in order to increase brand awareness. By tracking a brand, competitor, or industry topic – our platform allows customers to compare and analyze online conversations, as well as create content based on important social and web insights. 

6) Google Alerts You can enter the keywords that you have, and you can see who is talking about you!

It’s an ongoing process that you can develop into a top priority.

If you’re not monitoring your social media presence, you will be unaware of:

• What your competitors are doing.

• What people are saying about you and your brand.

• Whether you are doing a good job and…

• Whether you are improving your presence or it’s getting worse.

Because success means consistency and reliability. Which means you have to be visible and responsive.

One of the most important sites can be your Facebook business page!

Learn How to Maximize Your Facebook Followers and Build Your Email List in 30 min or less a day…Facebook Challenge

“I have heard Donna speak before as well as know many of her clients. I hear only great things about what Donna teaches and that everyone gets more than what they ask for. Sandy Evers.









Want Value Over Features? What’s In It For Them? 

Benefits are the reason why your customers care about that feature. Or how that feature improves their quality of life. Clients understand what features explain, while benefits explain why.

Want Value Over Features? What’s In It For Them? 

Let’s talk about features over benefits and how to highlight your products’ value. Marketing is all about knowing what matters. Remember that only a specific group of your clients is interested in the bells and whistles you offer.

  • What your clients want is a simple, quick solution to their problems. All they want to know is what’s in it for them. What will the product or service they’re buying do for them? If you can tap into that and answer that question, it’s easy to turn an interested prospect into a client. 

The best way to illustrate this might be an example. Let’s say you are in the market for a new blender. What do you care about? 

  • Features: The size of the motor, how fast the blades spin, or what fancy material they are made of. 
  • Benefits: Do you care about making smoother smoothies more quickly and being able to blend just about anything without having to worry about dulling the blades? It’s the benefits here that your clients will be more interested in. They know how the blender is going to work for them, and they can make almost anything in this blender. 

Features are excellent, but what you care about are the benefits you get from those features. 

  • Keep this in mind as you create content, product descriptions, sales pages, emails, and marketing material. 

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How You Can Use Testimonials & Build Trust – Need Templates?

You already know that a testimonial describes how a product or service helped a previous client. Business owners often ask satisfied clients for testimonials based on their questions.

Why are testimonials so influential?

  • Testimonials are an effective way to market your business, product, or services.
  • Helping prospective clients see your business through the eyes of others similar to them makes them feel more comfortable buying from you or even giving you their emails.
  • They are giving others information about their experiences with you and your business.

I have a question for you. What do people trust when rating a movie they might want to see?

Among those reviewers are movie rating sites, movie trailers in a theater, movie critics who are still trusted sources, and TV commercials.

  • However, when a friend recommends a movie they’ve seen, what they say is listened to more often.
  • It’s easier to trust someone’s recommendation who doesn’t have a vested interest or isn’t being paid to recommend an offering.

Unlike an advertisement or marketing message, it doesn’t have a commercial purpose. 

Your goal is always to build trust. 

  • And building trust is the purpose of testimonials and shows why testimonials are powerful for your business.

I once read, “In business, only two things matter. These are reality and perception. However, reality only matters to the extent that it influences perception.”

As a business, you want to recognize how and what to create and talk about your product passionately as you communicate about merchandise your ideal client will want and desire to buy.

How Do You Get Testimonials? 

Well, I sometimes ask. Most of my testimonials have come in on their own from different fabulous people I’ve worked with.

Please review some of those fabulous and kind testimonials @ Woo-hoo Testimonials.

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Admit These 6 Mistakes And Make Things Right

Your business may seem overwhelmed by constant change, and you may feel frustrated with the lack of results.

Many small to medium size business owners – even large corporations – find it challenging to properly reach their fans and ideal audience and struggle to measure accurate monetary results from their marketing efforts.

#1 Mistake – No business plan – Does that sound familiar to you? 

It sounds like how I started. I didn’t think I’d ever catch on, and then I finally figured out my mistakes and how I would help others with their blogging and coach them to help them reach their business goals.

  • I went networking three times a week for a year or more and learned who my niche was and what they needed. I gave presentations at the meetings and got better at training. 
    • I did get 20 people to sign up for my coaching group and discovered I loved helping the right people! People I wanted to help and people who liked what I could help them with.
    • But it took me a while to figure that out. I had to change how I talked to my ideal audience one-to-one and in my presentations.
    • I started thinking about my plan and goals.

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Valuable Ways Audio And Video Messages Can Build Trust 🤝🏼

Why Use Audio And Video Messages

Are You Missing Out?

Sharing content is great, but if you’re relying solely on the written word and static images, you’re missing out on chances to build trust with your potential and existing customers. We are social creatures created to pay attention to audible and visual clues to help us get to know someone better. There’s power in using audio and video. They are great tools that will generate trust like nothing else.Helping you connect with your audience and help them feel the emotion.

What do you think your podcast could/would do for your brand when you dream big?

You’ll always focus on creating audience-appealing content. Podcasting and audience appeal is an excellent way to increase your conversions!

I know you’ve heard that your audience has to know, like, and trust you before they will consider becoming paying customers. They get to know you through your written content and social media presence. 

  • They may like what you have to offer and what you’re sharing and may even be impressed by your expertise. But earning enough trust to pull out that wallet and make a purchase from you can be tricky. That’s where your face and your voice come in.

We pick up many clues when we hear someone’s voice and even more when we see them speak. 

That’s why audio and video messages are so important in your marketing. Don’t be afraid to use them. 

     Start with audio if a video is intimidating. You can start your own podcast or offer to become a guest on other people’s episodes. Read more

It’s True, Being Consistent Is Your Key Secret To Earning Trust 👍

In business, consistency and following through create confidence in you and your daily routines.


We often tell people they don’t have to be perfect to be a great leader, but some elements must be on par when building trust.

  • Consistency allows you to establish outreach and trust and provide services effectively and profitably.
  • Being consistent helps you achieve your goals, establish habits, and helps to show others that you are trustworthy.
  • Being consistent helps to build habits you want to grow.

Consistency in your daily work helps you succeed in your business, similar to how consistency in physical exercise keeps you in shape.

  • Your constant show of honesty and integrity does earn others’ trust and respect. That is what you like and want!
  • This means that your honesty and integrity influence the way others see and trust you.
  • Take time to listen to them and engage. Helping to encourage others in doing great things.
  • Showing your interest does help inspire people to step up.
  • Keeping your promises shows others that you respect them and also what you expect of them.
    • They are more likely to treat you respectfully, developing additional confidence Read more

Create A Sales Message to Attract Clients

What is the function of having a clear sales message?

Have you checked your informational content messaging to ensure you share what your audience is searching for and want to see?

How is your content and messaging influencing your audience to want more?

  • Take a minute to fine-tune and modify to ensure each piece of your sales funnel is on point. I know, that’s easier stated than done.
  • It can be tough to objectively check your creations and see what’s functioning and what isn’t.
    • When creating your sales page or a whole sales funnel, it’s always excellent to double-check your data.
      • Ex: Is your ideal audience engaging, and are you seeing conversions as anticipated? Otherwise, there’s something off.
    • See if you can determine what it is. Make your adjustments and examine once again. Did the numbers improve? Make notes of any adjustments and develop your messaging based on what seems more attractive to your audience.
  • One option is to have somebody audit your content sales messages. Preferably this will be someone who represents your perfect target market. Locate a good friend, coworker, or perhaps an existing customer you have a relationship with to check through it and provide feedback.
    • What made good sense?
    • What didn’t make good sense?
    • Look for anything in your content that made them not want to purchase or even sign up for your free offer.

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How to Sell the Process, Not a Promise

When you sell the process, your goal is to create and promote a consistent flow of great content focused on your readers’ experience.

What Is a Marketing Process?

Your marketing process is a series of steps to identify potential clients’ problems and solutions.

Your clients are more informed today. If they want to buy something they can research it online. Searching for their own solution.

This is why as a business and marketer you’ll always want to focus on what they’ll be searching for as a solution that you can help with.

Use your own marketing processes to grow that ongoing relationship that puts your clients first. Your focus will be on growing that relationship with them. Developing confidence in your business integrity.

All to help encourage that long-term business promise with you. Which is what will help you ignite sales.

 You probably know that it’s critical to be focused on your readers’ benefits in business, right?

But how do you do that?

People buy from those they trust.

Once you ‘get’ how earning trust and building your credibility through content marketing works, you’ll…

  • Be listening more to your reader’s wants and needs.
  • Discovering their problems will be your number one goal so that you can supply the solutions they need and want from you.
  • Make sure that the content you create is something your readers can believe in and that offers guidance in a way that shows you understand their needs and can offer help.

This type of information will build trust in you as a solution provider and help you become the leader for more loyal readers and consistent revenue.

It all points to you being as attractive as you can to your readers and knowing how to target, write, and promote… Read more

How to Add Value to Key Marketing Content and Offer Readers More

Can you add value to key marketing content for your audience and attract them to your blog and other social media sites naturally as you create more of what they want?


But why would you want to?

As a brand, you always want to move more towards engagement. You offer information, education, fun, and general helpfulness to enrich the connection with your audience at every step of your marketing funnel. Leading your audience to purchases they know they need and want from you.

As I’ve said before…

In Sell the Process Not a Promiseyour goal is to create and promote a consistent flow of great content. Focused on the experience that your readers will have.

My real question to you then is

Do you know what content message marketing is in simple words?

Content message marketing is more than copywriting and images. Your message of content will entertain, educate, and persuade.

This is what content-driven marketing is, and it’s what you do:

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