How to Add Value to Key Marketing Content and Offer Readers More

Can you add value to key marketing content for your audience and attract them to your blog and other social media sites naturally as you create more of what they want?


But why would you want to?

As a brand, you always want to move more towards engagement. You offer information, education, fun, and general helpfulness to enrich the connection with your audience at every step of your marketing funnel. Leading your audience to purchases they know they need and want from you.

As I’ve said before…

In Sell the Process Not a Promiseyour goal is to create and promote a consistent flow of great content. Focused on the experience that your readers will have.

My real question to you then is

Do you know what content message marketing is in simple words?

Content message marketing is more than copywriting and images. Your message of content will entertain, educate, and persuade.

This is what content-driven marketing is, and it’s what you do:

  • Your strategic method is to attract, engage, and keep your target audience coming back by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. 
  • This strategy helps you establish expertise, promotes awareness, and keeps you on top of mind when your target audience is ready to purchase what you sell.

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Key marketing content material communicate topics that your target market feels are vital to them and provides a reason for people to engage with you.

How can you add value to key marketing content through strategies? 

Key marketing content material communicate topics that your target market feels are vital to them and provides a reason for people to engage with you.

How can you add value to key marketing content through strategies? 

 ✼ Ensure your content message connects to what you’re offering and always have an offer for your audience to click on, free or paid.

 ✼ Be to the point. 

 ✼ Have you created a vision, process, and actions for helping your readers’ experiences with you and your business? 

✼ What about telling stories? You could use a case study. Very interesting for your ideal client to see what you did for someone else.

  • Use testimonials. 
  • Does it help your audience relate to their own experiences?

✼ Your stories create significance with additional detail and images that bring mental pictures of what you’re talking about in your content.

✼ Help your content engage your ideal audience. Use your files and images to tell your perfect audience about what you do.

Look at saved photos of you. Maybe you’re visiting or at a networking event, taking a walk in the woods, or buying and prepping for dinner. Tell the story about

✼ Help your content engage your ideal audience.

                 Have you used SEO to help your content get found? 

✼ Find what your audience is searching for online. Check out

✼ Now make a list of those words and other words that like-type businesses use to attract your ideal people and are relevant to your business.

✼ Use those SEO keywords that your audience uses in your content to attract. Get to work on what they want from you and share it in your content message marketing. 

Set up your strategic building blocks that help add value to content marketing through your system.

✼ Those building blocks include brand focus, content message marketing, your audience’s experience, and consistent content sharing to the right audience. As you aim for attraction, engagement, and sales.

Keep a close eye on your vision and the path created to reach your goals as you keep aware of analytics.

  • Round up your puzzle pieces and align them around a singular vision (your strategy).
  • Define your goals with a purpose.
  • Expand your content into monthly themes.
  • Go through and audit your content with current dates, updates, and corrections.
  • Develop and map out your content for content funnel marketing.

Optimize your strategies and processes.

Plan a framework that guides your content planning. Your funneling map and content theme is an excellent place to start, based on your goals for the month and year.

How can you boost your content around your workflow processes?

  • Try new ideas – find out what’s trending
  • Mix in new tools for your system – like keyword research
  • Use an editorial calendar

⇒ An editorial calendar will help you fill in content gaps by date, theme, and content type.

Check out this article, How To Boost Success With A Content Marketing Editorial Calendar.

These pieces create a strong thread throughout a content marketing framework pulling it all together.

Actions for helping your readers’ experiences along to success

How about repurposing and arranging the creation of your content to your best advantage.

  • Combine blog posts to create an eBook.
  • Don’t have a blog or website? Write an article like a blog post and repurpose parts
  • Take parts of your blog post for a short video, an email to your list – what else can you think of?

You can see the value here.

An eBook is an effective way of generating the top of your funnel leads.

  • You can create an outline for the eBook and then repurpose each chapter as a separate blog post.
  • And, you can get several weeks’ worth of blog posts plus an eBook to promote.
  • Even build your email audience through your funnel system – with an opt-in free or paid, that has to do with your piece of content.

All this is helping you make it a bit easier to focus on what content you want and need for when and whom you’re serving.

These strategies add value to crucial content message marketing and help your content:


  • Get Found – your readers and prospects find you online more easily and quickly
  • Convert: Nurture your leads and move them along your marketing funnel
  • Analyze: Audit, measure, and improve

Are you thinking about adding value to all of your key marketing content? It always needs to be one of your primary thoughts.

Let me ask you this:

  • What changes are you thinking about to grow your blogging and other content efforts? 
  • Compared with last year, how much content will you produce this year?
  • Where is your audience hanging out?
    • What content types and platforms do you want to put your focus on?

Follow your vision and process and create actions to help your readers’ experiences.

You will be adding value to crucial content messaging marketing and continue your successful yearly launches!

7 Secrets to Crafting Your Marketing Message

I have identified a formula for how you can reach out to get the attention of  prospective clients.

Want to learn more?

My goals are always to find out how I can help my ideal audience make their content marketing strategy easier AND MORE EFFECTIVE.

Let’s start with: What and how are ways to use your marketing messages to get your ideal audiences to pay attention and want more?

One way is by building content that has your central message.

It’s a message that makes your reader want to act on what they just read.

How do you do that?

  1. Know your niche.
  2. Find a need that you can fill—Become valuable to your audience.
  3. Express how you can/will benefit your niche.
  4. Communicate why and how what you offer is better than like-type products.
  5. Build your blog/website.
  6. Consistently promote content to attract.
  7. Always check on how your successful competitors are attracting with their marketing messages.

Build your list of prospects.

What are some of those easy and proven secrets to creating your 30-Second  or longer Marketing Messages for your content and conversations that help guarantee your business growth?

And help you and your audience love the results!

Here’s a thought. Why not interview your audience and learn from the words they use. Write those words down, and remember to use empathetic words to help impact your message. You’ll reuse those same words in your marketing message/content. This is you showing you understand and ‘get’ what they want and or need from you. 

  • OK – You have a fantastic business that you want others to know all about.

So, what’s your answer when someone asks you, ‘What do you do?’

Your first words need to hook them into wanting more, not trying to escape! Tell them how you help people. Tell an inspirational story about how you helped a client, sharing the value you provided.

⚡ Use this bit of formula to remember: Find that emotional connection with your audience to  help you create a message that they’ll remember. 

⚡Try this easy to remember…

** I help you discover easy and proven ways to (what)_______ (remembering to include what’s in it for them to work with you what are they going to get – their benefits).

As an example, in my case: I help you discover easy and proven ways to grow your ideal audience quickly with your content.  AND create your own passive income.

If they ask more, explain with this 2nd part of the formula: “Here’s an important piece of my work (business) __________________ EX: I teach you how to understand the emotions of your ideal audience around your topic so that you can connect on an emotional level that says to them…Ah, that’s IT’.

Your marketing message must be in all of your content. Reaching your ideal customer with something that interests them and pulls them in.

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Your Marketing Message Templates
You can start using this today!
Now is when you need a clear marketing message to help you easily say what creates that desire in your audience to want more from you.

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Your Irresistible Opt-in Offer Can Reveal Secrets?

Your Irresistible Opt-in Offer Can Reveal Secrets?

Have you ever read that your site visitors are going to give you three seconds to make your irresistible ‘optin’ offer?

This all means that you really do need to know who your audience is and give them what they want from you!

This is where…

Your irresistible free offer comes in as one of your value keys to drawing site visitors in to learn about and get more from you.

  • Your irresistible opt-in offer is what you give away, an ethical bribe, in exchange for their email address.

This means that you want to understand:

Your Content Goals:

  1. Develop familiarity with your services and ideas – meaning know where to share your content regularly
  2. Show attention and care to your ideal audience daily
  3. Help change how their thought processes about something you’re sharing and want to draw in their attention for
  4. Understand the tactics that will help you reach your goals quickly
  5. Know where your content fits and grow your client loyalty
  6. Your main objective when someone reads your content? It is to turn that reader into your client. You can’t accomplish this if your readers aren’t perusing your content and want to know more about what you’re sharing with them.

Your main objective when someone reads your content?

Is to turn that reader into your client. You can’t accomplish this if your readers aren’t perusing your content and want to know more about what you’re sharing with them.

Just like this image here ~ and yes, you can just click that image to take you to my optin page!

Facebook challenge - Free offers

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Engagement in Email Marketing

We’ve all heard it, right? Engage your audience, online, and offline.

But, what is engagement in email marketing?

The big question I’ve heard is, does your audience really want to engage with your brand the same way they would a friend.

That is being social and sharing experiences. This is why you really need to understand more about your targeted audience.

There is the analytics of engagement in email marketing…

  • Open rate – doesn’t mean they are reading and engaging with your brand.
  • Click rate – a more reliable metric.
  • Conversion rate – is thought to be the ultimate objective for your business.

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How to Reach Your Social Media Goals in 2022

Defining Your Content With Your Monthly Theme

Want to get more work done and more quickly?

Constantly having to change hats and not having a plan really does stop the work that is fresh on your mind.

Create Your Social Media Content Strategy so you can use it over and over in:

  • Your blog
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Profile & Page Posts, and Group
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Landing Page
  • Products – Freebies and Paid Offers
  • Marketing 
  • AND…all of this can be personalized for your email list.

Now you’ll have a lot of content to breakdown and

use in many different ways.

Content strategies aren’t just for blogs, websites, and product descriptions. Content stratgies are marketing and are critical for social media and your business success.

BUT…What are Content Strategy Themes for and do they work?

How about thinking of Content Strategy Themes:
As buckets of your ideal topics that your niche loves and that you are in business for sharing. Now you have a guide for creating and planning your content.

I know (really well!) that when you can sit, stay focused, and finish a task as you have planned you not only feel great about it… you get instant gratification!

Because when your content is up and ready you’re done and ready to move on. 

But the interruptions seem to be intentional because all of a sudden you remember something, like ‘uh-oh’ I need to post in my group, page, Instagram, etc, taking time away from your planned project.

When you have a system you follow, you can take a look at it being all done for the day, week, and even working into the month of growing your business, and it feels like such a release of the ‘have tos’ as you’re getting it done!

Making life and business so much more fun!

You can also get your pieces of content ready to go based on a theme.

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Are You Listening On Social Media?


Listening on social media is one of your critical first steps when putting together your social media strategy for your blog and business.

Listening on social media can show your audience that you care…and how to help them.

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How to Increase Free Traffic to Your Blog With Facebook

Growing a larger audience for your Facebook page is one way to get more people reading your posts and turning into free traffic for your blog.

    • Facebook is perfect for building your target audience and creating brand awareness because it’s free advertising and promotion for your business. Read more @

What is the one thing you need to know about getting free traffic to your blog with Facebook?

Here it is…

Blogging gives you a consistent stream of fresh and valuable content to help you attract clicks from your posts and free traffic to your blog with Facebook.

Blogs allow you to tell your story, break news, comment on breaking news, and overcome one of your biggest marketing challenges ⇒ sharing new content on social media on a consistent basis.

Growing a larger audience for your Facebook page is one way to get more people reading your posts and turning into free traffic for your blog.

Help your Facebook strategies WOW! your own audience with some help in our 10 Day Get-It-Done Facebook challenge ↶

free-traffic-to-your-blog, #bloggingtips, #blogger, #blog, #ontheblog, #bloggersgetsocial

Facebook is perfect for building your target audience and creating brand awareness because it’s free advertising and promotion for your business.

Every day you can communicate how you can help your target audience.

Think about what that means.

#bloggingtips, #blogger, #blog, #ontheblog, #bloggersgetsocial, #FacebooktrafficYou’ll keep growing a larger audience as you post value just for them, your organic reach may grow with every post and promotion you make – consistently.

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7 Ways to Use Competitors to Find Your Best Facebook Targeted Audience ?

Why not get your best Facebook audience by borrowing from your competition’s audience?
✾ Growing your marketing awareness for your audience is tough.
✾ You’ve heard it so many times…be unique.

✾So knowing how you can learn more about and be different from your competitors is extremely important for you!

#1 Because you need a fabulous way to speed up building your Facebook targeted audience a bit…

Use like-type businesses, your competitors, to find your best Facebook targeted audience.

Building your Facebook business community can be, well, difficult, and every tip that works is a huge benefit! 


Marketing on Facebook means you always need to find new ideas and great content to share. But more than that, your content must generate engagement to drive organic reach.

Your goal is to always find out how to build a long-term, sustainable fan base.

Marketing on Facebook is about building your ideal audience, your fan base needs to be the right audience:

YOU know that driving traffic to your website/blog, growing your email lists, and converting sales are business goals you can use for many Facebook pages.

Want to continue learning? Why not join us in the 


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How to Drive Value with Your Social Media Marketing Funnel

A must-have for bloggers!

A strategic “Social Media Marketing Funnel” framework.

But what is this social media marketing funnel to begin with?

Did you know that any small business can drive social media audiences to their websites/blogs and make sales using a social media marketing funnel? Read more

What Results Do You Want From Your Blog and Social Media?

How about I share with you some results you can be getting from your blog and social media with the people you’re trying to communicate with through your blog and social media?

Bear with me here:

Your blog and social media are valuable tools to use in helping strengthen your brand and reach out to potential audiences.

But before I jump into the details, let me say this…

We all want to get found online, great then what?

  • The goal is to: Convert your blog visitors that are coming over from social media.

nurture your market, convert, list building, email marketingLet’s talk about that, as a result, you can and must have content that speaks to your ideal audience about how you can help so that they don’t have to spend time trying to figure it out on their own. You are there for them and your content from your blog and social media talks about this just for the.

      • I’m talking about using your content to attract and grow your email marketing, which can be profitable for anybody, no matter what kind of product or service you offer.

But building your list, which is the foundation of email marketing and your business success is in the quality and size of that list.

And this takes a lot of consistent content – podcasts, posts, videos, newsletters, free offers that help them fix their issues; along with building relationships through social media, blogging, and consistent contacts through your emails.

  • Because your goal is to build a list of subscribers that trust you and consider you an expert in your field! Then your response rates will constantly climb – helping you have more clients, more business, and more fun.

You probably are creating content to help share and grow your business. Some of your content seems to attract your niche and because of that, it’s a lot more effective in helping to grow your email list as your niche sees the ideal freebie to fix their problem and want to download it as they get into your business more – which means more interest in what you do and offer that can help your audience want to get more involved with how you can help them.

But whatever type of content you put out to your audience, you’ll want a certain purpose, for your ideal audience (your niche), and have a goal in mind of where you’ll be leading them.

And you’ll want to do it efficiently with a theme in mind which helps determine what your goals will be for the week, the month, the quarter…

How many hundreds of posts have you written? How many videos have you recorded?   Why Not Repurpose Content of Your Popular Posts?

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