The #1 Tantalizing Tip to Turn Your Social Media Efforts into Cash for 2016

social-media-effortsThe great news for your social media efforts in 2016:

You can and need to become an online connector to transform your passion and social media efforts into cash!

If you’re passionate about something…

You know there are others out there that feel the same…probably thousands or maybe even millions of others who are equally enthusiastic about the same thing.

You already know that social media can support your goals and help you get your work of passion out and seen even as it helps to boost your other marketing efforts.

  • You can create extraordinary connections with your audiences that help put your brand get in front of prospective clients any time of the year. Read more

Need 2 How-To Conversion Tips You Can Use Today?

Why should you care about conversion tips?

conversion-tips-Caution! Using these conversion tips can help you have a higher conversion rate that means a better return on your time and money investment (ROI).

How will these conversion tips help?

Bear with me as I share how…

You can be attracting and persuading your site visitors to take actions that benefit you. Read more

Need Blog Design Tips To Convert?

log-design-tips-to-convertMany of your blog design tips to convert were already built into your blog programming to attract and persuade the search engines to come and take a look.

Now it’s up to you to turn your site’s visitors into raving fans by making the most out of a few blog design tips to convert as you attract and keep them coming back for more!

I am super excited to share these design tips to convert and help you optimize and make the most out of your blog design.

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Can You Convert Traffic into Leads and Sales?

Can You Convert Traffic into Leads and Sales?

michael hyatt more trafficThere are several types of strategies that are used in order to convert traffic into leads and sales.

But what does it mean to convert traffic into leads and sales, and why does it matter?

One of the more vital things to a business is generating leads (building your list) and future sales.

Say, you’re not in business?

Then think about this… Read more

Want a Content Marketing Machine?

content marketingBuilding your blog into a success story for you means that you need it to be a content marketing machine and develop a strategy for your unique message.

So what’s your game plan? Read more

Business Cards and Follow Up Tactics

Business-Cards-and-Follow-Up-TacticsYou can always encourage your targeted audience to get on your list when you meet them in person. And, you won’t seem pushy.

  • Business cards and follow up tactics can be a routine marketing tool with great opportunities to help build your email list and get to know you offers. 

Two business card strategies:

1. By now we’ve all heard not lose the valuable real estate on the back of our cards. So be sure to add one or both of these lines on back of your card. Read more

Skyrocket Your Email List?

Skyrocket-Your-Email-List?You can make one small change to your online site and see your opt-in requests skyrocket!

You put in a lot of time to drive traffic to your online site.

When people get there you want to make sure that you capture their information and build a relationship of trust so that eventually they will want to do business with you.  Read more