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Content, Social Media, Blogging, YouTube & Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Your time is valuable – I get it!

Wanting to use Facebook, blogging, or any of online marketing effectively means either a lot of self-learning!

Or hiring someone to manage your online marketing for you. Or help you understand how to do it all with coaching you through a learning process.

Hello! I’m Donna Ward

I am a Content Specialist and social media specialist, including blogging, email marketing, content marketing, and Facebook. I can manage your program’s details, from setup to scheduling, daily posting, setting up your blog and blog posts, managing your emails, and beyond.

I can coach you privately to get what you want to be set up and in a routine. And I also offer group coaching!

As a Social Media Manager, I set up, manage, and maintain social media networks, blogs, emails, and online reputations for businesses and entrepreneurs. I help establish trust by promoting and helping your messages become visible to your target audience.

Building relationships for what you do by creating and managing your engaging content to expand a targeted audience and develop your email list of contacts for marketing.

Most businesses don’t have time to set up and run social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogging, and build an email list!

That’s where I come in. As a Social Media Manager, I take care of all of your “Social,” including copywriting and re-writing, to give you the online presence you need and want to have in today’s world. In other words, I take social media off your to-do list. Giving you more time and freedom — to run your business; after all, that’s what you do best!

My Facebook Page has a variety of tips, tricks, advice, and social media news. Stop by and say ‘Hi’. 

Or contact me at Coach Donna

Once your account(s) are tailored to your business, I offer daily monitoring that includes the following:

  • providing or creating content to engage and build followers and develop relationships/connections
  • responding to incoming messages/comments
  • managing your brand’s reputation
  • networking with connections between social media sites

I can do your blog post at least once a week, depending on what you would like and your budget.

Content, social media, and email marketing may include blog posts, articles, press releases, reviews and more

Content marketing is a promotional and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. From Content Marketing Wikipedia

Using social media marketing that will grow your email lists and that points to → Success


Grow your business and attract new customers with an email + social media strategy.

The basic formula is simple:

  • Create interesting and valuable content that is useful to potential clients and social media connections
  • Publish the content to your website or blog
  • Share your content via social networks, RSS feeds, and email marketing
  • Setup a schedule to consistently share useful content
  • And grow your online communities through the social media platforms of Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Generate leads for your email list 
  • Set up leads and marketing Sales Pages.





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