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Vicky Lynn Hollenweger

“Before I met Coach Donna, I tried to set up a blog site – I would be up until 2 am just to get one little thing done. Thinking maybe this blogging thing wasn’t for me. Then I met Coach Donna, and she talked about how easy it was, and with her help, I was able to set up my blog. Now it’s fun!”  Vicky Lynn Hollenweger successcellutions.com

“I have heard Donna speak before as well as know many of her clients. I hear only great things about what Donna teaches and that everyone gets more than what they ask for. Sandy Evers. ourgoldenparachute.com

SeaJai Colstom - Cynthia“The first two weeks in this coaching group – I have been learning about growing my business and stepping out of my comfort zone – going out and meeting people and being able to talk to people better – making phone calls (had phone phobia) – writing down and making deadlines and reaching them – I am feeling more comfortable in how people are perceiving me.seajaicolston.miche.com

Marsha Landeros“In the last hour, I was doing some follow-up calls, and one of the ladies I had met at a recent Skincare class that seemed interested in the business said she was very interested and has been reading my emails and is blown away by my products and business opportunity. We set up a follow-up date to chat more. But without Coach Donna L. Ward’s tips and training, I may not have implemented these practices of emailing and setting time to do my calls. I get so excited when I see it working! Just had to share! Thanks so much, Donna! My business just went BOOM with the activity I have added to my calendar.” Marsha Landeros Benefit with Arbonne

Cindy ReyesCindy Reyes,  Heart Link Coordinator & Tastefully Simple Consultant –“I have a lot more direction than I had before. I am getting through what’s been holding me back! I now feel like I have something more solid to work with. Because I am narrowing my business down to a targeted niche.  When Coach Donna says she is intuitive, she is right on!” Connect on Facebook.

Bob Forshay

“Donna is the coach we all wish we had years sooner. She gets it, and gets to it, not for you but WITH you. I love the way Donna walked me through logical progression of my business development planning and was good at helping me hold to my plan. Authentic, genuine, and sincere, I enjoy working with Donna.” Bob Forshay

 ”Celene HarrelsonThis is insightful coaching (Inner Circle) for your business, digging in and getting to the roots of the problems with your business and your mindset.” Celene Harrelson


Photogtaphy by Hart“I never get tired of the conference calls with my business coach Donna L. Ward today I learned how to close more deals by simply being more human. Not just promoting my websites. By simply talking to one another. So much info. Can’t wait to get started.  Thank you, ladies. (Inner  Circle)” Nina PhotographybyHart

Jose Duenas“Thank you! Coach Donna L. Ward for this amazing training, it was Great!. Really learned a lot and looking forward to learning more.” Jose Duenas



“The information you give is priceless –I like how you broke down the steps – but if I have to make up my own steps it takes time. We know it’s our business and works – but when you say steps one through 5, I get it!  My ah-ha moment – was with the plan – a road map – having it planned out – it is like creating how many miles we’ll cover on a trip when we are going to have lunches – and this is how I’m seeing this business plan – it’s a road map, it may change along the way, and that’s OK.” Patty Davis  Owner at Z Sisters 

“Having step by step works really well for me. Like the exercise – another motivator to call clients and create a testimonial page – learning through the Inner Circle.”  Frankie Jones Lips at Last

Monnica with border“I have really learned a lot in these past few weeks. This has been very informative. So glad I joined the Inner Circle Community.”  Monica Wayne ‘ Damper’s Tax Service – https://www.facebook.com/DampersTaxSevice

“I am an expert in my field, but I needed someone to help me put into words what I am an expert in. I needed a target because even though I am the expert, I didn’t even know how to communicate what I am about! After working with Coach Donna Ward, she was able to help me to hone in on my target client, create a summary of what I offer and I am now able to coherently communicate what makes me different from my competitors! She made it so easy, just by having a conversation, asking me a few questions and fine-tuning of words, everything became so clear! Thank you Donna, you have truly changed the way I communicate with others about my business! Tracy A. Dempsey, Open Invitation Catering/Heart Link Area Coordinator, Riverside, CA 

Jewels GardnerI asked Jewels Gardner what she attributed to her business doubling. “More persistent hard work, being all in and stepping it up. I feel like I want to make a difference in my life and others. I am learning a lot from Coach Donna. Things are coming together. It has a lot to do with coaching. Prior to coaching, I didn’t feel like I was invested in my business as much as I could have been. Coach Donna has given me a kick in the pants, so to say, and it is great!” 

Rodney stated Donna’s Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Donna Ward is an insightful and direct Business Coach. If you want to know how to get more clients fast, then Donna is your go-to person. She makes complicated processes simple and easy to implement. Her immense knowledge allows her to get right to the root issue. I strongly recommend you consider Donna if growing your business is a priority.”  Rodney Rich

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Coach Donna L. Ward, is very talented and because of her passion to help clients build their businesses, she is making a remarkable difference in helping me build recognition in my business. She is very knowledgeable in market strategies that work and do not cost a fortune. Her inspiration and success really help me to stay focused. I highly recommend her for building your business.”  Debra Kay Gregory Mathews, Realtor, Mortgage Broker

“The tools Donna provides are always helpful and useful. I constantly get something out of our conversations on how to apply her information – for inner growth and for my business. We’re all working at being better and growing our businesses. It takes a certain personality to be an entrepreneur. That person has to be willing to take risks and learn to step outside of who they are to make it better. We have to be able to look at things differently.” Wayne Bowser

“One of the things that’s been very difficult has been to see what it looks like to bring someone onto my team, all the steps involved – now I have more of a mental picture of what that would look like after our conversation. And know why it’s important to take steps that have proven successful. It feels like it’s more possible. ” Sue Mandell

“The call was informational, which lead to ideas for making small changes to lead to building a list. Coach Donna is well versed in what it takes to rise one’s marketing to a new level; she is a coach that people should listen to and implement her suggestions to improve list building. It may take time, but it is worth it.” Robert Medak

Donna, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful coaching call…
You sparked some seeds of growth for me…. helped to get me aimed in a direction that I want to move in….I’ve felt so totally lost for such a long time….. I am feeling some clarity on the direction I want to go and the things that I need to focus on….I can get my website set up and have an autoresponder system in place…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!” Karen E A Stavert

safari kay “Thank you to my social media guru, who I met with before my September trip to Africa. She, Coaching Business Entrepreneur Donna L. Ward, walked me through the blogging process, so I could bring you my updates as I traveled through Kenya and Tanzania. Although I could not always post due to limited connections, with her help, I was able to bring you play-by-play, day-by-day accounts of what I was seeing and doing as I traversed across the two countries. Thank you, Donna; of course, more to come on my December trip – that will be less property site inspection and more of the safari game viewing sites. Set up your own meeting with Ms. Donna; you won’t be sorry.” Safari Kay


“Coach Donna reached out to me to try to find out more about my business and my goals, not just in business, but in life. She has a great warmth and desire to help people find solutions that are best for the person rather than her own bottom line. Even though she didn’t know it at the time, I was definitely looking for a more systematic approach to building a business. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to build their business.”
Steve Nicholas Facebook

“Keep inspiring us all to be an ‘Outstanding Woman.’ You really are so significant to so many – even people you don’t even know.

Thanks for keeping inspiring us all to be an ‘Outstanding Woman’. You really are so significant to so many – even people you don’t even know. Thanks for being you.

Please feel free to use these wishes for your own testimonials and tell the world what we all think about your inspiration.” Michael and Marianna Whitenburgh Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment Spread Your Wings℠  United Kingdom – Namibia – South Africa – Dubai.

Mary Beth“Just had my first session with Donna Ward! She’s no-nonsense and has got me on the right track! I can’t wait to see what opens up over the next few months! There’s a lot for me to learn!” Mary Beth Robinson Guevara 

“So excited for this class!!! Coach Donna has helped my business BOOM!! She goes Katerithrough step by step on how to bring the personal salesperson and results of products together to skyrocket your business.” Kateri Flores










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