Why Not Repurpose Content of Your Popular Posts?

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Let’s talk about how you can repurpose content, that you’ve published previously.


How many hundreds of posts have you written? How many videos have you recorded?

Why Not Repurpose Content of Your Popular Posts?  

Since you’ve already put a lot of thought, research, and time into those pieces of content…

Why not get the most return on your investment?

  • You could get more mileage out of your popular blog and other social media content by repurposing.

You’ll love the results…

But what does it mean to repurpose content?

⟾ Imagine taking your content, recycling it, and fine-tuning it to a new content plan or format. From your blog post to social media and back.

  • As an example: taking an e-Book and making it into a video.
  • Or taking an e-Book and using parts of it as content to introduce your audience to your e-book download.
  • For me, I’ve also been looking back at my old blog posts and updating them to share again.
  • Also re-using images from all my content and sharing again or in different places.

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Repurpose Content

✅ You can use those previous pieces of content and change formats to include new images, videos, podcasts, emails, and infographs are still fabulous!

✅ You’ll discover increased audience reach with this winning and time-saving idea of recycling, repurposing, and redistributing your popular posts!

✅ Imagine not needing to create new content every day and just having posts ready for your posting calendar. With a theme for a month!

✅ You won’t be spending time trying to discover new content that you think might work for your Facebook page, or your other platforms, to get more engagement.  

That’s how we can talk about saving time, stress, and having more successes on your Facebook page.

You can make a few changes if you want and post your higher engaged posts again and help these posts work harder for you. That’s recycling, or repurposing your content!

But where do you find your popular posts on Facebook?  Go to the top of your Facebook page and click more, then you’ll see ‘Publishing Tools’click on that. (Yours may be in a different area.)

Now in the sidebar on the left, you’ll see ‘Published Posts”.  You see engagement and reach for each post – now go down to the ones that did the best and repost (schedule) those for a later date.


  1. You’ll see the ‘Schedule Posts’ right below the ‘Published Posts’. Click on ‘Scheduled Posts’ and set the date and time for your posts to be shared.

2. You’ll want to repurpose content used in the posts that have the highest reactions.

3. Schedule them out a bit so that your audience doesn’t get tired of the same posts.


4. Repurpose content pieces from your old blog posts or write a new one based on any of your popular social media posts.

    • Write that new blog post based on the subject of the post that did so well or repurpose the content of an older blog post about the subject of the Facebook post that’s doing well.
    • You’ll be repurposing the content of that blog post into several smaller posts for all of your social media platforms. And add a video in the blog post. Now you have the video and several pieces of your blog post that can be shared about a subject that your audience was interested in. Add images, podcasts, infographs and free offers to share,

5. If your Facebook (social media) post wasn’t a video, make a short video about the post and add it to your blog and YouTube. (Repurposing your work and content.)

  • Put a whole series of online posts from your blog posts and a sequence of short videos, posts with excerpts from your blog post, and use different images.
  • Share on all your platforms.
  • Put into your content calendar.
  • Schedule your posts online.
  • Use what you already have and work smarter, not longer.

There you have it!

Repurposing content that your readers have already shown that they enjoyed is a great way to attract more engagement from the work you’ve already done the first time. This not only helps you grow your reach and engagement, but you’ll also find out more about what your target audience will engage with. And help you know what they really want from you.

You know Social media is about growing relationships. That means taking time to plan out what you post and why.

As an example: I am repurposing the above video:

  1. It was first posted onto my Facebook Page, with transcripts
  2. Then I posted it into my 10 Day Get-It-Done Facebook Challenge with Coach Donna Ward  ? CLICK HERE as you are invited to join our community! 
  3. You also see the video in this blog post
  4. I’ve uploaded this video onto YouTube, my email list, and LinkedIn.
  5. I’ll schedule my blog post on other social media sites.
  6. Breaking it apart for later posts using the video and changing it out with images.

This is great fun – because you can grow your reach, your engagement, get rewarded by Facebook sharing your content more because they see that people are liking it, and you’ll save so much time.

It’s a great feeling to get this done. And yes, I know for myself, when I learned about this, I didn’t do it for a while. But once I put it into my weekly schedule, it was like 1,2,3.

Repeat weekly. And…

#5 Schedule in 2-3 hours to do this process for your monthly social media posting and you’ll have a whole lot of content that you won’t have to think about and your audience will notice and engage with!

Let’s add a couple of other steps for fun…

  1. Think about the information products you’ve created or can.
    1. Helping to grow your email list.
    2. And, writing a blog post, video, and other posts for different platforms.
  2. Also, tie in a course or a group coaching event with a popular post. After all, people seemed to really be interested in that popular post.
  3. Put together a group based on popular posts.
  4. Offer your blog post, and even your email, as a PDF so readers can download, print, and read offline.
    • Helping them be able to read the entire post if they are in a hurry or just want to take it with them.
    • I’ve been surprised at how many people still enjoy printing up an article or pdf and saving in a binder or taking it with them to read.

I know this can feel like a complicated routine process to get into – but you don’t have to go it alone.

I’m here to help you put together your content marketing steps and automate your online marketing routines so that you are able to spend more time on building your business.

As a Social Media Trainer and Manager, I know that many of my clients struggle with figuring out the best, most effective use of their time and energy, especially when it comes to content.

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