From Dream to Reality

dream-to-realityWhat does it take to succeed and bring your business from a dream to reality?

On this Labor Day in the US, I like to think of an entrepreneur as someone who is their own boss. With the ability to bring a dream to reality!

–      As your own boss, you can made your own choices…

o   As to whom you want to work with.

o   What hours you’ll work.

o   And, what successes you’ll have.

It’s all up to you as an entrepreneur. Read more

Got Business Empowerment and Freedom?

business-empowerment-freedomYou want business empowerment and freedom!

But what does that mean?

  • Business Empowerment increases your freedom to choose and act. 

  • Business Freedom puts you in a position to choose.

You have a sharp entrepreneurial attitude and you want to empower, inspire, use your inner business genius!

You are ready to move forward with your business ideas through the creation of your amazing business planning.

Oh Wait a moment here…

Because of self-imposed limitations, including curbing your own business empowerment and freedom, you may prefer to follow someone else’s game plan, or none at all.

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Got Savvy Business Purpose and Success? you really want to be decisive and successful in your business?

Then you start thinking about how you can be influential as a conscious entrepreneur.

That’s when you start reaping the benefits of savvy business purpose and success!

It’s up to you to make that happen with your own killer strategies.

Need to learn more about your purpose, vision, and intention for your business?

You have the power to create the business of your choosing through your own purpose and power of intention.

When you exercise your savvy business purpose and success as your real and owned power, you are acting as your own boss. Read more

The Law of Service and Business

law-of-service-and-businessWant to be more successful?

The Law of Service and Business is about your rewards being in direct proportion to the value of your service to others.

It seems surprising the number of people who don’t seem to be aware of this. But, like any natural law, it does apply, to everyone.

If you want to be successful, then according to the Law of Service and business, you focus on service, not compensation.


In order to increase your rewards, you must develop creative ways to increase your services and a way to share and give of those services and products – and you set in motion a positive “boomerang effect” of increasing returns to yourself.

Your business really can be a grand adventure when you understand and practice this law.

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Law of Accident and Business

law-of-accident-and-businessThink strategically. Being aware of the Law of Accident and Business is to your advantage. It is knowing that you can be intentionally thinking about what you are doing with purpose and thought.

The Law of Accident and Business helps you understand that success, in any situation, under any circumstance is not by accident!

It means setting big goals for improving your business and intentionally mapping your journey to make those big goals a reality.

It can be you impacting your world!

What you think about yourself determines who you can be…

Do you believe that success is for the lucky, or the well prepared?

Being prepared is having clarity so you can discover the steps to more success.  Read more

The Law of Control and Business

law-control-businessYou feel good about yourself to the degree to which you feel that you are in control of your own life.

When it’s all said and done, either you will use the Law of Control in your business and life or someone else will.

There are natural laws that control the world. Like gravity is a natural law that we have to pay attention to.

Then there are, spiritual, Universal Laws which determine your relationship with life and your business.

So let me ask you to think about this… Read more

Using Universal Laws and Business

using-universal-laws-businessImagine being aware of and using Universal Laws and business to release your potential.

Are you using Universal Laws and business ideas and strategies to be of benefit in your health and wealth as you get more of what you want in your life and business?

Many people are stopped from reaching goals because their true power is buried under layers of what we call blocks. 

YOU have the power…Using Universal Laws and Business! Read more