Want Value Over Features? What’s In It For Them? 

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Benefits are the reason why your customers care about that feature. Or how that feature improves their quality of life. Clients understand what features explain, while benefits explain why.

Want Value Over Features? What’s In It For Them? 

Let’s talk about features over benefits and how to highlight your products’ value. Marketing is all about knowing what matters. Remember that only a specific group of your clients is interested in the bells and whistles you offer.

  • What your clients want is a simple, quick solution to their problems. All they want to know is what’s in it for them. What will the product or service they’re buying do for them? If you can tap into that and answer that question, it’s easy to turn an interested prospect into a client. 

The best way to illustrate this might be an example. Let’s say you are in the market for a new blender. What do you care about? 

  • Features: The size of the motor, how fast the blades spin, or what fancy material they are made of. 
  • Benefits: Do you care about making smoother smoothies more quickly and being able to blend just about anything without having to worry about dulling the blades? It’s the benefits here that your clients will be more interested in. They know how the blender is going to work for them, and they can make almost anything in this blender. 

Features are excellent, but what you care about are the benefits you get from those features. 

  • Keep this in mind as you create content, product descriptions, sales pages, emails, and marketing material. 

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