Need a Money Mindset Transformation?

Yes YOU CAN take control of your money mindset and transformation.

money mindset

==> As you take responsibility with each choice and action you make

You have the ability to create the transformations in your business through your intention, emotions and actions.

Especially when you have clarity about your goals and your vision.

Your money mindset transformation starts with how you think and feel about money, wealth, and success.

–          It is up to you, because you can, overcome obstacles and resistance to personal growth for your business success. 

So what’s it take for you to have a money mindset transformation? Hmm….

** Your commitment. **

If you really want your own money mindset transformation, take a look at everything you do and ask yourself if you are creating each moment you want to experience.

Many times you miss out on your own financial freedom because you don’t have: the right money mindset for transformation.

** Create your renewed vision. ** Read more

Hiking Adventures and a Business Coach

Ken and Coach Donna Laree - Telescope Peak, Death ValleyYou too can have a business that is enjoyable and profitable if you avoid some common pitfalls.

Here’s some things to consider:

— Does your business support your lifestyle and income goals; is it aligned with your personal why, wants, needs, and dreams?

— Do you believe you can achieve success, as you define it, or do your own self-limiting beliefs hold you back?

— Do you write about what you want to BE, DO and HAVE in business and in life? Then use this to find your goals that lead to a road map to help you get there more quickly and with less stress?

— Do you invest your business resources, time and money, on building sustainable growth and profit or focus more on sales today at the expense of everything else?

— Do you make innovation in all areas of your business a priority and consistently look for new or better ideas and methods to improve results?

— Are you committed to continuous learning and apply what you learn in all areas of your business and life?

Building a business that supports your life dreams and goals is an adventure on a path that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be. You can bridge the GAP, from where you are to where you want to be, with the steps to reach your vision.

Most agree the journey starts with a clear vision of what you want and why it is important to you. In other words, you need to know what success looks like.

I have certainly found out what success looks like in business and on the natural wooded paths of mountain and desert adventures! It is GRAND! (Yep – been on the trails of the Grand Canyon, also!)  😛  Read more

How to Get Customers

How to Get Customers

Do you know the secret to how to get customers?

Finding your clear path to how to get customers – your ideal prospective clients…does take some thought – and then how to get customers becomes a routine.

So how do the professionals do this – what’s their process in how to get customers?

  • You have to be really clear about who you help and what solution you provide for them.

In other words you have to be very clear on your niche – your specialty for serving a certain group of people.

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Small Business Coach

By now you know that I am a Certified Small Business Coach, right?

At least I hope that what you’ve read here on my blog, tells you that it is by a Small Business Coach!

Small Business Coach

Small Business Coach

And, I’m so glad you’re reading this! I’ve been thinking about you.

Now let me ask you a question, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Read more

Small Business Blog

Do you find yourself putting off the steps you need to start, or the steps you need to take regularly, in analyzing your small business blog visitors?

Measuring your blog’s performance and learning from your visitor’s behaviors and feedback is part of your analytic s.

So how do you start?

What results are you looking to achieve? 

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Entrepreneur Ideas

I have always been impressed with those whose entrepreneur ideas seem to come from their business savvy. What is it that gives an entrepreneur ideas?

“What do the most successful businesses do differently than mediocre ones? They see the big picture. They see things differently and do different things. They connect the unconnected, challenge the conventions, look for new opportunities, and are not afraid to try new ideas. They are inspired businesses, with a sense of “genius” about them.” by Peter Fisk –

We often like to look to those who have successful entrepreneur ideas. We have a need to Read more


WordPress Online Visibility

Do you find yourself wondering about what is so great about WordPress? Does it help you get your site on page one of Google?

Well, getting to page one of Google can seem far away, but possible, without spending a lot of money. And, WordPress is SEO friendly. You’ll optimize by search engine friendly page Title and META Tags. And, plugins that will optimize your site and attract the RIGHT visitors who are ready to sign up or buy from you. And…well – later for more of that really fun stuff!

Now, if you don’t know anything about WordPress, then you will easily find out the answers to these questions in my ecourse ‘Unlocking the Power of Your Small Business Blog’. And if you know about WordPress, then this same ecourse will add to your knowledge.

But, just to give you some clarity here, if you have a business, and want to have online visibility, then you’ll need to have an online site that can be found. That’s SEO optimized.

And you will need a blogging and/or publishing platform. There are other options out there, go ahead check it out. Search for ‘blog platforms’, and read a lot to get a deeper understanding. WordPress is a favorite and has been in use for several years. So, it’s been tried and tested.

WordPress gives you two things quickly, 1.) A professional-looking site online and 2.) A site you can edit, change, review yourself. Read more