How to Use These Facebook Goals in Your Marketing Plan

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Sooner or later, we must start thinking about Facebook goals and a marketing plan.

Above all, consider these points in this video and blog!

My journey from where I was to where I wanted to be comprised many gaps, despite knowing what I needed to do and how.

 I was still determining what my plan of action was. I knew what I needed to do and did that. But this always made me feel like it wasn’t getting me there. And it took soooo long to start moving forward. I just wasn’t ‘getting it.’

If you’ve ever been waiting for that ‘ah-ha’ moment? Then you know what I mean.

A big “ah-ha” moment that made a huge difference was when my mentor suggested putting all my marketing efforts into growing my Facebook group.

Now I had a purpose, and a plan was coming together.

One of your first Facebook goals for your page and your profile is to increase engagement. That means putting your plan together.

In this URL link from Facebook, you can start learning what Facebook has to tell you about how to do this @

Grow your Page audience and engagement

Above all, you can attract your ideal business prospects even as you serve others that need help.

Also, when you know that your plan (your strategy) is engaging and paying attention to the analytics of what your audience likes, it generates excitement and a new level of understanding.

What if you had more ideas and needed assistance in getting that engagement? You could ask those questions and receive answers by joining our Facebook group @

Understanding how to create content that leads to deeper connections and engagement will set you apart.

Because knowing your Facebook niche community will help you understand what you want to accomplish in attracting and solving their problems.

At the same time, it’s all about the logistics of getting there!

It’s about Content Creation and what you post on Facebook and other social media sites.

  • You must engage, grow, and sell while building your business
  • Coupled with writing and working on your Facebook marketing, it means consistently promoting and enticing your audience to check out and want more of what you offer.

Another critical point is that inspiration can come from your goals.

For example, having a goal like:

 Discovering why people are or are not engaging with your posts will give you more understanding and power for your business.

  • Learning and using the benefits of Facebook for your business is always the primary goal.

When you understand what helps your audience engage, then:

    • You’ll be able to get your content seen more in the newsfeed and  
    • You’ll discover the content that your audience wants more of from you! 

→ You’ll be able to get that content ready more quickly to take care of Facebook postings in just 30 minutes a day.

    • Now you’ll have fun watching your Facebook insights as you discover what was most popular with your audience and do more!
    • This means you’ll have more ROI from your efforts!
    • Want to learn about your ROI (Return on Investment) and how-to’s – check that out @ The Delightfully Short Guide to Social Media ROI

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