How to Use These Facebook Goals in Your Marketing Plan

Thinking about Facebook goals and marketing brings to mind that:

One of your first Facebook goals for your page is to get those: likes/shares/comments and get as many as possible and build raving fans!

What’s so important about Facebook goals in your marketing?

  • Facebook goals can help give more meaning to how you can and want to build interest, relationships, and start a conversation that could lead to stronger connections and engagement.

All to build Your Facebook audience, your list, and sales.

Why waste time writing and trying to move forward with your Facebook marketing if no one finds what you post good enough to take their time to engage with you!?

No doubt about it …

Engagement requires that we reciprocate. Read more

Want A Superior Untapped Resource?

Want-A-Superior-Untapped-Resource?Raving fans,  that want more of you!

–         You’re passionately committed to your work and your customers. I know because that’s what many of you tell me!

Then give them more than they expect. Read more

3 Secrets to Selling On Purpose

Chasing the Client DollarHOW TO MAKE SELLING FUN AND EASY?

We become a client attraction magnet and reverse the client chase.

When we transform our own presence and are able to light a room up with our energy, we stop hiding behind our own self-protective wall. And, shine in our business! Then, guess what happens?

We become a client attraction magnet!

What are some steps to start selling on purpose? 

1. Notice your intention to connect with others.

Now you can and will start attracting the right people to you. You’ll be able to tap into what is right about you and the world. And, let it shine through. Read more