Are You Making These Social Networking Mistakes?

Social-Networking-MistakesLearning how to integrate Social Media into your blog and business can bring fabulous results when we learn how to avoid even just a few Social Networking mistakes.

So what are a few of these Social Networking mistakes?

Well, let’s talk about the best way to kill your Social Media presence…

#1 is not planning your posts on Social Media, which includes your blog.

For myself as a Social Media consultant and trainer, I’m working with different businesses and bloggers throughout the week to create connections on the web, blogging edits, announcements, building their lists, email marketing for them, and for myself as the list goes on.

So if I don’t take time to plan out a schedule of posts to avoid Social Networking Mistakes, then I’m just going to be haphazardly creating posts for Facebook, Twitter, and the other media I use. And, using more of my precious time!

This doesn’t mean you can’t be spontaneous with your posts.

For example, a picture out my office window on a snowy morning (<<< check out my last week’s post) in the tall alpines where I live in the mountain tops was a great engaging post. That is something I wouldn’t be able to schedule in advance.

  • A simple way to get started and help you avoid Social Networking mistakes is to create a schedule for your Social Media postings.
  • Your editorial calendar will reflect your own priorities for:
    • Sharing your relevant content, events, building your email list, nurturing your audience, acquiring new readers, and even sharing your blog’s (brand’s) personality.

Take some time and get clear on what you hope to achieve and create your basic strategy for posting.

#2 Copy and Paste from one site to the next

Besides not creating a plan for your online presence, the second biggest mistake is to copy and paste content to multiple Social Networks without thinking it through. Believe me, I know it’s the easiest thing to do, just post something that inspires me at the moment anytime throughout the day.

But, the thing is that you may have the some of the same people following you on different Social Networks.

– They’re going to keep seeing the same thing from you. I’ve actually heard that from a few of my followers in the past.

Now, because you are taking care of #1 and now #2 of these Social Networking mistakes, you are becoming more intentional in your posting and planning out your Social Media presents.

#3 then, is not building your know, like and trust relationship with your viewers.

Are you treating Social Media as your relationship platform for your brand, and doing this consistently?

You’re trying to be seen and heard in a noisy setting. What do you do?

  • Story telling, listening, and glamming it up with images as you post during the day, maybe…
    • Four educational, entertaining posts for every one “promotion” (such as an event promotion) and one “harder promotion” (such as “watch this video to learn”)

Think about it. Regularly putting in your time, energy, action, and chatting, is how we start to build relationships.

Have you noticed, that when you’re not giving your time to building relationships on your Social Media networks, then you don’t seem to have as many people engage with you when you do post?

You have tons of opportunities to add value— even some fun!— as you’re making that connection to help build online relationships.

  • Your Social Networking relationships can create the foundation for what would eventually become one of your greatest assets: raving fans that read everything you put out there.
  • Read Got a Blog With a Community? and let me know in your comments what you think!

Do you think you can avoid these Social Networking mistakes by becoming more of a Social Media factory of content?

  • Meaning you have a content plan ready to be seen when you want and be there for your fans regularly.

The good news is that these Social Networking mistakes can easily be repaired. All it takes is a bit of intentional planning and effort.

Getting these things straight is important if you want to make use of the benefits of your Social Media, platforms and avoid some Social Networking mistakes.

Now is it your time….to jumpstart your blog… 

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