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Hello! I’m Donna Ward, an entrepreneurial blogger, Social Media Manager, and Mentor. I help small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs optimize their social presence online.

I am fiercely committed to guiding small businesses and entrepreneurs in achieving increased effectiveness, improved communication, visibility, and revenue with their online marketing through social media and blogging.

My work is to demystify email list building, social media & online marketing for business owners.


Working with you and for you, we’ll grow your community, generate leads, and bring more traffic to your site.

I’ll show you how to prepare your social media audits, deliver strategic planning, metrics and measurement that will help you improve your social media success. Or I can do it all for you! Whew…That sounds nice just getting it all done and done right and quickly!

⇒ Get higher search engine rankings

⇒ Grow and nurture your social media audiences

⇒ Increase website traffic and sales

⇒ Generate leads as you grow and nurture your email marketing list.

I’m enjoying the challenges of keeping up with Social Media and blogging promotion strategies and how we can use these to our advantage as I help my clients’ blogs grow through social media and email marketing.

I do it for you ~ Or coach you to success!

But I don’t just write, teach, and consult about blogging and Social Media;

I also live it.

“There is nothing I believe in more than the power of your blog and social media for your business, hobby, and for sharing your passion. Getting started is the first big step, not perfection. But you do have to do it right. Blogging and Social Media is not so difficult when you have your goals, strategy, tactics, and a passionate, knowledgeable, and confident YOU. Using your blog and Social Media to engage with your audience, prospective customers, clients, and friends in a genuine non-salesy way. Chat with them. Share your passion. Be YOU.” Coach Donna Ward  

If you like what you see, consider signing up to receive my gift to you ~ Your own ‘Savvy Blogging Kit’. I share ideas and tips about growing a community on social media, building your lists, and creating more activity with your blog as the hub of it all, plus helping you with creating the life you want, plus first dibs and discounts on my guides and courses. My most intimate work goes into the emails you’ll look forward to; I often share updates that don’t make it onto the blog. 

Curious how content marketing could help your organization reach its marketing goals? 

Coach Donna offers customized social media training services for bloggers, businesses, and brands of all sizes. These can be in person at your location, through virtual training, or managed for you.

If you’d like to discuss your social media marketing training needs and/or management needs and find out how to hire Coach Donna Ward, please fill out your contact information in the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.



Coach Donna is providing qualified brands a complimentary Social Media Analysis that will give you fantastic insights on your industry as a whole and how you are doing within the social landscape.

As a Social Media Consultant – I am able to provide the following services:

Social Media Management, – take care of your content marketing on your blog, emails, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter
Social Media Strategy, what platforms, what content, engagement strategies
Social Media Assessments, your online presence and your competitors
Reputation Management, what & where is being said about your brand
Social Media Training, offering a do it yourself option
Social Media Set-Up, I’ll set it up & turn it over to you

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“My business is always evolving into greater adventures.”

As a digital marketer, I focus on measurable inbound marketing and results-based growth strategies for businesses and bloggers. If you like what you see, allow me to invite you to consider signing up for your ‘Savvy Blogging Kit’ and free weekly updates on blogging, building your list, and growing your social media community.  Vicky Lynn Hollenweger“Before I met Coach Donna, I tried to set up a blog site – I would be up until 2 am just to get one little thing done. Thinking maybe this blogging thing wasn’t for me. Then I met Coach Donna and she talked about how easy it was and with her help I was able to set up my blog. Now it’s fun!”  Vicky Lynn Hollenweger @ Health Coach Vicky Lynn Hollenweger


Bob Forshay“Donna is the coach we all wish we had years sooner. She gets it, and gets to it, not for you but WITH you. I love the way Donna walked me through the logical progression of my business development planning and was good at helping me hold to my plan. Authentic, genuine and sincere, I enjoy working with Donna.” Bob Forshay I look forward to getting to know more about your work.  Go ahead and get your ‘Blogging Savvy Kit’ now…just fill in your name and email address below…

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