How to Use These 3 Secrets for Your Business Success

How to Use These 3 Secrets for Your Business Success

As you review these 3 secrets for your business success, why not start thinking about your own marketing successes and tips and what sets you apart.

Posted by Ask Coach Donna Social Media Coach & Intuitive on Thursday, June 7, 2018

As you review these 3 business secrets for your online success, start thinking about what sets you apart from your competition.

Relationship marketing is #1 of the 3 secrets for your business success!

Secret tip #1:

Know your audience, customize your products and services to fit their needs and desires.#blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#Facebookmarketing

You are in business. Which means you are a marketer, a communicator.

So, you need to become a good communicator with your audience.

Which means you’ll have more successes reaching your goals.

To make the most of your marketing, you’ll need to know your audience and what they need and really want.

Then tell them about what you have for them in unique ways and do it consistently!

That means you’ll be giving away lots of free content and ideas to develop relationships, build trust, give them hope and a taste of who you are. Building likeability!

I know it can be difficult, but it becomes easier and easier to give away your best tips freely.

How and why does it become easier?

Because the rewards are unlimited, and you’ll become inspired as you see more positive responses.

You can develop your sharing strategy to include:

Becoming more focused with your online message.

Because the more effort you take in learning the pain points of your customers, the better your engagement will become.

I know for a fact that when you are able to identify your customers’ pain points and communicate that you know how to help them, then content marketing is one of the best ways to get that expert status with your niche.

#blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#FacebookmarketingKnow Your ‘It Factor’?
Includes you being a professional and unique salesperson for your business and…
1. Knowing deep down inside how to help your audience find solutions to a brighter future or to solving a problem.
2. Discovering new ways to serve your audience and your customers.
3. Enjoying the steps of your sales process and helping your customer enjoy the process.
4. Closing sales.
5. On the ‘road less travelled’ than your competitors!

Help your Facebook strategies WOW! your own audience with some help in our 10 Day Get-It-Done Facebook challenge 

Facebook Challenge

So, write the content that will communicate and build your business. Read more

How to Market to Those Who Want Your Solution

How to Market to Those Who Want Your Solution

Find your niche and you’ll find those who want your solution.

Use your content to answer their question of ⟾ What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Can’t?

Once you start talking to the right people about what you can do for them, you’ll be focusing on how to market your solution and your business will explode.

Posted by Ask Coach Donna Social Media Coach & Intuitive on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Imagine you have a secret weapon that helps you know how to market to those who want your solution. But how do you find out who wants what you offer?

Find your niche and you’ll find those who want your solution.

We all understand that once you start talking to the right people about what you can do for them, you’ll be focusing on how to market your solution and your business will explode.

But wait!

Your challenge here is to know what a niche audience is and how it can help you market your solution! But that’s not all…

You also have stand out with your offered solution, otherwise what good is it?

Results have shown that a well-defined audience, a niche, is where you’ll want to share your customized solutions and market your solution to stand out through content and programs.

“…realize that mattering a lot to a few people is worth far more than mattering just a little to everyone.” ―SETH GODIN, author of Linchpin

I know it seems like so many people already know who their niche is. But I didn’t for a long time and maybe you don’t either.

Energize your business and become a microcelebrity with micromarketing.


Micromarketing helps you resonate with your niche audience in compelling new ways and helps you go from big to small audiences with fabulous results more quickly.

Trying to market your solution to the masses just isn’t going to work as a practical target! And that’s really good for us smaller businesses.

Squishing your marketing audience down gives you the power to build your brand one blog post, one video, or Facebook post at a time.

Want to continue learning? Why not join us in the #blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#nichemarketing

Let’s talk about micromarketing to your niche. Read more

How to Use These Facebook Goals in Your Marketing Plan

When I start thinking about Facebook goals and marketing it brings to mind that:

One of your first Facebook goals for your page is to get those: likes/shares/comments and get as many as possible and build raving fans! 

What’s so important about reaching those Facebook goals in your marketing?

  • Facebook goals can help give more meaning to how you can and want to build interest, relationships, and start a conversation that could lead to stronger connections and engagement.

  • Having Facebook goals helps you understand what you want to achieve and better understanding about what it’ll take to reach those goals!

Is it all about building your Facebook audience, your list, website/blog traffic, and sales? Well, short answer…

YES! Which means it can be challenging!

So why waste time writing and trying to move forward with your Facebook marketing if no one finds what you post good enough to take their time to engage with you!?

Inspiration can come from your goals. A goal like….

  •  Discovering why people are or are not engaging with your posts will give you power for your business.
    Learning and using the benefits of Facebook for your business is always the main goal.
    • When you understand what helps your audience engage, then 
    • You’ll be able to get your content seen more in the news feed and  
    • You’ll find the content that your audience wants more of from you! → You’ll be able to get that content ready more quickly so that you can take care of Facebook in just 30 minutes a day.
    • Now you’ll really have fun watching your Facebook insights to see what was most popular with your audience and do more of that!
    • Which means you’ll have more ROI from your efforts!
    • Want to learn about your ROI (Return on Investment) and how-to’s – check that out @ The Delightfully Short Guide to Social Media ROI

Using all the benefits of Facebook for your business is always the main goal…and being able to take care of Facebook in just 30 minutes a day means you can get more ROI with your online business! Why not check us at for more help and tips @

No doubt about it …

Engagement requires that we reciprocate. Read more

How to Get Help With GDPR Compliance Resources

How to Get Help with the New GDPR Compliance Resources.

There’s been a lot of talk about the making sure you get the GDPR compliance resources which are the General Data Protection Regulation.**

** General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations go into effect May 25, 2018.

What is it? 

It’s a new European law that impacts anyone who either lives in the EU or has subscribers in the EU.

I suggest that you research how this new law may affect your business.


Understand that your vendors’ plans to be need compliant.

Will you be in compliance?

To help you do that, I’m offering a few different sites as GDPR compliance resources that go over how they’re doing their part for you and information about what you can do.


Because… Read more

Do You Really Want To Boost Your Facebook Business?

What would be some ways you could use ‘Ninja Tricks’ to boost your Facebook business?

First I just wanted to say that I loved working with Michele Moreno in this interview. As you can see, she is a lot of fun.  After she interviewed me I had the fun opportunity of learning and interviewing her. Which I’ll share in an upcoming blog post!

So I’m making some time to share a bit of what we talked about – and the gift I’m sharing on the video, which is also an awesome gift for you to view!

What is that Freebie gift you can download right now?

It’s your opportunity to Discover… 
Facebook can be your untapped resource to build your email list! Create Endless Email Marketing Opportunities eBook facebook-business

Q: How can you boost your Facebook business?

Read more

How To Use Your Facebook Checklist For More Visibility

I was excited to be a part of the Limitless Living Gift Giveaway. Which is over now, but there will be others!

and to have been interviewed by Connie Ward and was invited to share one of my own gifts which you may have right now if you’d like 😍

The Facebook Checklist for more Visibility!

Love that Connie goes over what a JV Giveaway is and…

Then we went over a lot of great points from my Facebook Checklist for Visibility in the video.

Imagine having your own Facebook Checklist for Visibility and be growing your reach and engagment more easily…

This Facebook Checklist for Visibility is about getting more connected to your audience and growing your visibility to incite action and motivate your audience to engage with your messages.

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How You Can Make Your Facebook Page More Interesting

What can you do to make your Facebook page more interesting?

Hopefully, as you read this post you’ll get a bit of help and learn how to reach more of your audience with organic reach, plus increase engagement by making your Facebook page more interesting to your fans.

Sounds like an impossibility, right?

Or way too time-consuming.


Yet, what if…

You could spend only about 20-30 minutes a day on your Facebook posts.

And, get a fun return for your efforts.

Need more fun ways to actually grow your Facebook Page? ❣ Why not join our 10 Day Get-It-Done Facebook Challenge

Now the top experts tell us that the stats are basically showing that less than 1% of your audience will see your posts on Facebook.

But, have you ever wondered… Read more

How to Boost Your Business with Facebook


I’ll try to share my suggestions for how and why to boost your business with Facebook reach based on my own experiences as an entrepreneur offline and online using Facebook.

Here’s what I’ve found to be big benefits that can boost your business with Facebook.

Reach and paying attention to it

I’m talking about organic reach that adds a huge boost to your business with Facebook’s algorithms.

Have you noticed…boots-business-with-facebook

Want to keep learning? You can at 10 Day Get-It-Done Facebook Challenge with Coach Donna Ward

boots-business-with-facebook Read more

How to Understand the Importance of a Social Media Marketing Funnel

How to Understand the Importance of a Social Media Marketing Funnel

How to Understand the Importance of a Social Media Marketing Funnel

You can create awareness and move their ideal prospects from strangers to happy clients who become raving fans

Posted by Ask Coach Donna Social Media Coach & Intuitive on Thursday, May 31, 2018


I’ve put together a hypothetical ‘Case Study’ to help better understand social media and content marketing efforts using a social media marketing funnel done right.

Boombiz Corp (imaginary) is a company that sells boomboxes and they’ve discovered social media and content marketing and are beginning to understand the efforts and the steps involved in growing their online business.

Because, their first thought and main concern was the success of that business online and getting their business noticed, they wanted to build an online identity for their brand while marketing and promoting their business.

Powerful success lessons they’ve learned with their new strategy…

Want to find out more about how this Facebook organic marketing works? marketing-funnel

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How About Awesome List Building AND Content Help? ♥

content help, list buildingToday, I thought I’d share two of my favorite resources with you for content help and list building, that I have used with the greatest successes!

What I Recommend

 How to create awesome content quickly, schedule it and keep track of it all in one place!

content help, list buildingPromoRepublic is a tool small business and marketers use to create awesome posts with handcrafted templates and images. Offering over 6,000 templates that are made by agency-level professionals. With an easy to use visual editor. (This ain’t amateur hour.)” Read more