Got killer strategies for blogging?

killer-strategies-bloggingWhat is one your big killer strategies for blogging?

Tip #1 ~ Killer strategies for blogging – Visibility

As an entrepreneur you know the more visible you are online and offline, you can become a part of your prospective customers’ daily lives.

You know that you want to be the one your ideal customer sees in the search engine responses when they put a question into a search engine looking for what you offer.

More killer strategies for blogging…

Tip #2 ~ Killer strategies for blogging -  Increase Your Social Reach

-      You already share your blog and business information with current and potential customers as you use informational content sharing strategies for networking online and offline. Read more

Heart Centered Entrepreneurs Need a Revealed Path?

heart-centered-entrepreneursBeing heart centered entrepreneurs? Well, it’s about combining your heart and soul, into your marketing. 

You’re celebrating your authenticity in business even as you connect with your ideal clients.

Your path then is…

That you will be aware and consistent in your own heart centered real self when you are marketing and SHOW UP and CONNECT with people building those real and genuine relationships.

Heart centered entrepreneurs are about PUTTING your real self, heart and soul, into your work.   

For many it’s about building a business helping others with the knowledge, understanding, and perceptions you’ve collected.

==> Now you want to share your skills and abilities to be of service to others.

Taking a revealed path in business, is allowing and accepting this…

==> Knowing that your business goals and outcomes are revealed rather than chosen as your path is discovered step-by-step.

Life, business, and responsibilities are all part of your journey to becoming better at what you do and how you become OUTSTANDING!

Your revealed path…is yours to have fun with as you discover and uncover with boldness!

As savvy heart centered entrepreneurs, you’re bold in being a pioneer and finding what’s holding you back from the successes and goals you’re trying to reach.

-      Do you ever find yourself thinking ‘I just don’t have time’ to promote my blog, or to make those 5 calls a day to people I met networking, etc.

This would be a great example of limiting yourself to reaching your goals, the successes that you want. And, stepping off your path. But…

Your excuses, like mine, may be resistance, or rebellion…after all you aren’t working for a ‘boss’. Your timetable is yours now.

If you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur, then you like doing things your way.

Being a rebel is part of heart centered entrepreneurs and finding your revealed path can be a rare reality.

Discovering your revealed path is realizing your dreams and…

Your own killer strategy then, is to focus, act, and implement your knowledge as you are being bold in letting go of the results…

Being bold is a part of your path to success.

Having a healthy relationship with the aspects of your path then, will reveal your path Like No Other

You can walk your path towards having a thriving business and life of abundance, even as it’s being revealed!

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Unique Online Marketing Strategies

-online-marketing-strategiesOnline marketing strategies for small business empowerment come in a wide variety!

Quick Tip #1 - SEO is huge in your plan for converting more ‘lookey-loos’ into ‘buyers’ on a regular basis using your ideal prospects’ own vibrant online search language to bring them to you.

Your unique online marketing strategies can be like a bad sales person or a professional winner.

I’m pretty sure you’d rather have the strategies of a professional, right? ==>

That means you have to know how sales is helped by your online marketing strategies!

You want, and have to have, better prospects brought into your sales pipeline… As a marketer you are continually learning about anything that could give you a competitive edge in selling. What would that be for you? Read more

Need to Get More New Clients?

get-new-clientsDo you ever feel frustrated, at times, because you just need to get more new clients, or even more visitors to your blog?

It is always in your best interest to get more new clients, or even visitors to your blog. Right?

So you plan your work with hopeful confidence that with the implementation of your newest marketing techniques, working in concert with each other, you’ll engage your clients like never before, and result fulfilling your need to get more new clients. Your (ego and logical) goal is to learn how to continually get more new clients and more business. But…

What are the inner workings of your steps to get more new clients? Read more

Do You Have These Business Skills?

business-skillsThat would be soft business skills.

-          Which are personal qualities that enhance your interpersonal and business relations. Unlike hard skills, which are specific to a certain type of task or activity.

Soft skills = leadership and effective communication, listening, speaking, and writing skills for your business = your marketing and sales skills.

These soft business skills are important to you, if…

  1. You’re on Social Media
  2. Have a blog/website.
  3. Talk to people in your business – rather online or in person.

Read more

Attract New Clients

attract-new-clientsJust this week, I had my online site reviewed by another professional, to see how I can attract new clients more often…

Here are a couple of things that were brought to my attention…

-          Need to be more easy to find online –

o   The consultation brought to mind the things that I know I need to be doing. But, I haven’t done. Do you ever notice that about yourself?

That’s why I like to talk to experts like this, to remind me what I need to do and help me get it done.

Things like, using the keywords that Google needs to see on my site, so that it can direct people to my site using those same words in the search engines.

-          Meta tags are huge for your SEO. Read more

Need a Money Mindset Transformation?

Yes YOU CAN take control of your money mindset and transformation.

money mindset

==> As you take responsibility with each choice and action you make

You have the ability to create the transformations in your business through your intention, emotions and actions.

Especially when you have clarity about your goals and your vision.

Your money mindset transformation starts with how you think and feel about money, wealth, and success.

-          It is up to you, because you can, overcome obstacles and resistance to personal growth for your business success. 

So what’s it take for you to have a money mindset transformation? Hmm….

** Your commitment. **

If you really want your own money mindset transformation, take a look at everything you do and ask yourself if you are creating each moment you want to experience.

Many times you miss out on your own financial freedom because you don’t have: the right money mindset for transformation.

** Create your renewed vision. ** Read more

Got Any Business Strategies Online?

business-strategies-onlineThere are three main principles to business strategies online, that are very similar to a brick and mortar store.

Business strategies online mainly are to


Online successes go beyond designing your blog or website, or even social media…

Because it all means nothing if no one sees it.

As a business, a blogger, or someone on Social Media wanting to attract followers, you are a always in the business of attracting readers ~ customers as a marketer.

You need to produce a constant flow of new relevant content, from your blog posts and social media updates, engaging with your audience, including your videos, ebooks, or tele-classes. Read more

Customer Testimonials As Marketing Tools? testimonials as marketing tools have been quietly used for years by many successful gurus.

-       Just look at sales and optin pages, websites and blogs where you’ll see the many happy faces and videos telling about their great successes with that product or services.

-       You can take a look at my own at Donna’ Woo-hoos

You, too, can easily turn happy customer experiences into marketing messages that can have a fabulous impact on your business.

Maybe you’d like a list some of the ways, and whys, you can use customer testimonials as marketing tools? OK…I think:

-          Testimonials are a great for building credibility for your business.

-          Using customer testimonials as marketing tools doesn’t cost money.

-          Put them on your website, use them in ads, make them a part of your presentations, and fliers, in brochures. Read more