Gifts of Conscious Entrepreneurs

Gifts-of-Conscious-EntrepreneursThe gifts of conscious entrepreneurs are that they are aware.

Intentionally practicing personal accountability and responsibility even as they are gaining more personal freedom for success and wealth in their businesses and lives.

Your gifts as a conscious entrepreneur are being mindful of the part you play in your ideal clients’ solution as you help them process their thinking about your work.

OK. I really like that…yet

It took me a while to figure out that I am a conscious entrepreneur, being aware of how I connect with others as I naturally combine spiritual with logical strategies for business and life.  Read more

From Dream to Reality

dream-to-realityWhat does it take to succeed and bring your business from a dream to reality?

On this Labor Day in the US, I like to think of an entrepreneur as someone who is their own boss. With the ability to bring a dream to reality!

-      As your own boss, you can made your own choices…

o   As to whom you want to work with.

o   What hours you’ll work.

o   And, what successes you’ll have.

It’s all up to you as an entrepreneur. Read more

Who’s Doing Video Blogging?

Who does video blogging?  Anyone can!

What is video blogging?

It’s combining a video with your blog posts for online video info marketing.

Why would you want to be doing video blogging?

I am sharing this wonderful video that my friend Joan Harrington put up to share my blog post that she resonated with ~ ‘Business Empowerment and Freedom’. (Me basically as a Guest Blogger for Joan) and… Read more

Got Business Empowerment and Freedom?

business-empowerment-freedomYou want business empowerment and freedom!

But what does that mean?

  • Business Empowerment increases your freedom to choose and act. 

  • Business Freedom puts you in a position to choose.

You have a sharp entrepreneurial attitude and you want to empower, inspire, use your inner business genius!

You are ready to move forward with your business ideas through the creation of your amazing business planning.

Oh Wait a moment here…

Because of self-imposed limitations, including curbing your own business empowerment and freedom, you may prefer to follow someone else’s game plan, or none at all.

Read more

Are You Looking for Customers?

Instead of always looking for customers

wouldn’t it be great if they actually talked themselves into working

looking-for-customerswith you?

Your voice online and in person, your own style, and brand is what will separate you from the crowd.

Be confident and let go of any doubt as you start becoming more inspiring and build your community of raving fans, even as you are looking for customers!

This is when your possible customers will start to talk themselves into working with you. As they start to believe in you.

-          The key to your business success is to find these people!

So what to do? Read more

Are You a Social Media Influencer?

social-media-influencerBecome a social media influencer and get your work to our there and lead to some powerful results.

Marketing is where you learn to interest and help others by offering to transform their routines and actions to move into what they want to become and where they want to be.

BUT….at the same time it’s not about trying to convince your audience they don’t know what they need.

**Social Marketing is about offering your targeted audience something they want and you are giving them a way to get it.**

-          How you are as a Social Media influencer is an important corner stone to all of your own efforts. Read more