Want Quick Start List Building Strategies?

It’s a tried and true business success strategy!

But, what does it mean to have list building strategies?


List Building Strategies # 1

Collecting email addresses and names from your customers AND possibility customers in every way that you can!

- This can be from your online site visitors opting in for a gift they want in exchange for their email, or collecting contact information from those you see out networking.

Once you have a couple of list building strategies that are working consistently for you, you’ll communicate and build business relationships consistently with your list.

Some quick list building actions you can take, right now? Read more

Are You Stuck in Business?

stuck-in-businessI didn’t know that I felt stuck in business the first 2 years of my coaching!


I could pick from a wide range of potential options.  I was unclear how to narrow down my choices and focus on one to get me moving.

Whew! So many decisions.

I just could not get the understanding what I was passionate about in business and find any one way to move and make a choice.

Have you ever felt that way?

But, what did you do?

Here’s what I felt I needed to do as I started to focus on getting unstuck in business and I listened to my intuition (of course) to lead me on what to do next.

If you’re not yet used to tuning into your inner self… Read more

You Need a Competitive Edge With Email Marketing

competitive-edge-with-email-marketingEmail is recognized for it’s high return on investment.

That’s why email is still one of the most popular marketing touch points and you need to have that competitive edge with email marketing for your own business!

Having a competitive edge with mail marketing is real-time active marketing and is adding a viable and driven edge to your business relationship building.

That always has a wonderful ring to it…adding a viable and driven edge for your business to get more positive attention from the right people.

As an entrepreneur, you are very aware of your need to reach out and keep in touch with prospective and current clients. Read more

Be Persuasive With Your Content Marketing

persuasive-with-your-content-marketingYour goal with your content marketing is persuasion.

How can you be persuasive with your content marketing?

==> Being cautious and fearful or pushy and unpleasant are not the ways for today’s business to be persuasive with any kind of marketing!

Finding your own path of connecting, engaging, with assertive and conversational sales language is your goal.

Whew!  So… Content marketing is engaging your prospects.

There are ways to help you be persuasive with your content marketing.

What’s that, you say?

How do you find more of the clients you love to work with being persuasive with your content marketing?

-          You are growing your business and your brand.

o   You’re the one responsible for revenue, the income that keeps your business moving forward.

-          The success or failure of your business depends on quality and quantity of the leads you bring in when you are persuasive with your content marketing. Read more

Got Your Marketing Channels?

marketing-channelsMarketing in a social world is no longer an option!

Your best strategy is to plan and manage your marketing tactics seamlessly rather than as separate, isolated marketing channels.

In reading, my friend, Joan Harrington’s Blog post…”How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

==> Joan points out very well that “It’s not enough these days to just be on social media…..You need to be effective on social media and really be playing the game well.”

So what marketing channels are best suited to your goals?

Read more

Gifts of Conscious Entrepreneurs

Gifts-of-Conscious-EntrepreneursThe gifts of conscious entrepreneurs are that they are aware.

Intentionally practicing personal accountability and responsibility even as they are gaining more personal freedom for success and wealth in their businesses and lives.

Your gifts as a conscious entrepreneur are being mindful of the part you play in your ideal clients’ solution as you help them process their thinking about your work.

OK. I really like that…yet

It took me a while to figure out that I am a conscious entrepreneur, being aware of how I connect with others as I naturally combine spiritual with logical strategies for business and life.  Read more

From Dream to Reality

dream-to-realityWhat does it take to succeed and bring your business from a dream to reality?

On this Labor Day in the US, I like to think of an entrepreneur as someone who is their own boss. With the ability to bring a dream to reality!

-      As your own boss, you can made your own choices…

o   As to whom you want to work with.

o   What hours you’ll work.

o   And, what successes you’ll have.

It’s all up to you as an entrepreneur. Read more