You Need the Essentials for Your Content Posting

blog post template donnaCan you replace your words in all of your content posting with useful advice?

That means that your content posts and Social Media platforms posts will be how-to lessons.

Your content posting on your blog will have good, solid information instead of offers.

This is what you’ll start to see happening:

  • Your blog visitors, and others, will discover that you are the expert in what you’re writing and sharing information on.
  • Your ideal audience will find you and come to your site to learn from what you have to offer.
  • They’ll share your content.
  • They’ll subscribe to your blog.

This is the perfect secret to every blogging success I’ve ever heard of.

Wait…there are more essentials to take care of:

1) Now the biggest part of your content is writing exactly what your readers want.

Learn a bit about that by reading this article ‘Are You Listening On Social Media?’ 

Choose your subject or the problem that they want you to help them solve.

2) Pick your keyword or phrase.

Make a list of keywords ~ read this article to help you… “Still Discovering New Keywords?” 

3) Your post needs a title.

I usually get my title with the keywords and then write around that title or headline.

Your post title has to position your content posting and compel your ideal readers to click and start reading.

4) Your Images

Your content posting would just be plain old boring without an image to engage your reader, break up long boring text, and illustrate your points – even as it draws their eyes in specific directions.

During or after I write my content is when I’ll become inspired and find my image, or make it using PicMonkey

  • I want my main introductory image to reflect what I’m writing.

5) Your content

Once I have my blog post drafted, I re-read it, and sift through how it flows, making sure I use short paragraphs, allowing for white space and visual clues to bring their eyes to for easy reading. Like:

  • ƒ Bullets
  • ƒ Indents
  • ƒ Bold
  • ƒ Italics
  • ƒ Color

6) Your Call-to-Action

OK – this is your optin giveaway.

The call to action is you asking them to give their email and name in exchange for your gift of value.

You have to make it clear what you want them to do after your read your post. 

Learn more about this at Build Your List

7) Links

While I’m writing my blog post, I’m thinking of links of my own posts within my site that will give the reader more ideas and training with similar posts for reference.

PLUS – and this is also big…

Internal links – this is linking to other blog posts within your site and is great for your SEO.

To sum it up?

Your content posting for your blog means you have to do your research on each of these essentials.

I hope this was helpful – I’m sure a lot of readers here already are using these essentials for their content posting.

Looking forward to hearing how this helped, and what more you’d like to read here.

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