Do You Have These Business Skills?

business-skillsThat would be soft business skills.

-          Which are personal qualities that enhance your interpersonal and business relations. Unlike hard skills, which are specific to a certain type of task or activity.

Soft skills = leadership and effective communication, listening, speaking, and writing skills for your business = your marketing and sales skills.

These soft business skills are important to you, if…

  1. You’re on Social Media
  2. Have a blog/website.
  3. Talk to people in your business – rather online or in person.

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Attract New Clients

attract-new-clientsJust this week, I had my online site reviewed by another professional, to see how I can attract new clients more often…

Here are a couple of things that were brought to my attention…

-          Need to be more easy to find online –

o   The consultation brought to mind the things that I know I need to be doing. But, I haven’t done. Do you ever notice that about yourself?

That’s why I like to talk to experts like this, to remind me what I need to do and help me get it done.

Things like, using the keywords that Google needs to see on my site, so that it can direct people to my site using those same words in the search engines.

-          Meta tags are huge for your SEO. Read more

Need a Money Mindset Transformation?

Yes YOU CAN take control of your money mindset and transformation.

money mindset

==> As you take responsibility with each choice and action you make

You have the ability to create the transformations in your business through your intention, emotions and actions.

Especially when you have clarity about your goals and your vision.

Your money mindset transformation starts with how you think and feel about money, wealth, and success.

-          It is up to you, because you can, overcome obstacles and resistance to personal growth for your business success. 

So what’s it take for you to have a money mindset transformation? Hmm….

** Your commitment. **

If you really want your own money mindset transformation, take a look at everything you do and ask yourself if you are creating each moment you want to experience.

Many times you miss out on your own financial freedom because you don’t have: the right money mindset for transformation.

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Got Any Business Strategies Online?

business-strategies-onlineThere are three main principles to business strategies online, that are very similar to a brick and mortar store.

Business strategies online mainly are to


Online successes go beyond designing your blog or website, or even social media…

Because it all means nothing if no one sees it.

As a business, a blogger, or someone on Social Media wanting to attract followers, you are a always in the business of attracting readers ~ customers as a marketer.

You need to produce a constant flow of new relevant content, from your blog posts and social media updates, engaging with your audience, including your videos, ebooks, or tele-classes. Read more

Customer Testimonials As Marketing Tools? testimonials as marketing tools have been quietly used for years by many successful gurus.

-       Just look at sales and optin pages, websites and blogs where you’ll see the many happy faces and videos telling about their great successes with that product or services.

-       You can take a look at my own at Donna’ Woo-hoos

You, too, can easily turn happy customer experiences into marketing messages that can have a fabulous impact on your business.

Maybe you’d like a list some of the ways, and whys, you can use customer testimonials as marketing tools? OK…I think:

-          Testimonials are a great for building credibility for your business.

-          Using customer testimonials as marketing tools doesn’t cost money.

-          Put them on your website, use them in ads, make them a part of your presentations, and fliers, in brochures. Read more

Want To Fine Tune Your Marketing?

want-fine-tune-marketingWhat are some practical strategies for improving your business, even as you want to fine tune your marketing style?

First think about this…

How do your customers understand and notice your brand’s characteristics in relation to those of other like type offerings?

-      Your goal is to influence your ‘best’ customers to continue to take notice, and your ‘best’ prospects to notice you by creating your services, or products, with a clear image that differentiates you from others.

Ok. Now this is beginning to sound a bit complicated…

You will be persuading and inspiring your audience to notice you and want more through your positioning and the execution of your marketing mix (posted in Marketing Strategies and How to Use Them).

This is attraction power.

You want to fine tune your marketing style to be different –

Positioning Styles

Psychological – Emotional Marketing – Spiritual 

-      Maybe your style is loud and colorful.

-      Smart and sophisticated.

-      Fun and informative.

-      Serious and to the point.

Competitive Marketing – Spirited – Economical Positioning

– Positioning is your branding style in relation to competitors and like type of businesses.

– Ex:  Subaru is an all-wheel terrain car compared with a regular 4×4 vehicle. Read more

Stimulating a Purchase?

stimulating-a-purchaseThe AIDA Marketing Communication Model is what marketers have used in the past and still are using.

It stands for: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action – the steps to help in stimulating a purchase.

This marketing model emphasizes essentials of your successful marketing plan with incredible value in marketing your business.

This is YOU stimulating a purchase!

Helping your prospective customers make decisions through a progression of steps.

As you know I am an Intuitive Business Mentor that teaches step-by-step actions in areas where you want to move forward.

Stimulating a purchase with a sequence of steps to follow each time…well it is just fabulous! Read more

What Makes You Remember an Email?

what-makes-you-remember-emailWhat makes you remember an email that you’ve read in the past?

Maybe there was a story you connected with. Maybe there was something more personal, more caring, funny about it. Notice this because this is what you want to start to model.

==> Email marketing is used to build your relationship with your prospects and actual customers who have a desire for more of your information. It is your list of subscribers who reward your e-mail marketing efforts with action and purchases!

Emails let you deliver your message to your ideal, targeted audience.

You can always ask your list and customers, ‘what makes you remember an email?’

- Surveys are a great way to find out exactly what challenges or problems your readers are facing.

You can then write emails that share a solution for that particular problem they’ve told you they want more information about.  It shows your readers that you’re listening and that you genuinely care about them finding a solution to their problem.

When you know the answers from your own list to ‘what makes you remember an email’ you can then use email as a truly strategic marketing channel.

==>As you build a fantastic, customer-centered email marketing program.

I’ve found that email marketing is one of the most challenging and complex marketing strategies out there. Knowing where to go and how to focus are key.

So finding out ‘what makes you remember an email’, is important for me!

But, no matter how much you think your product or service is of use to your audience, or important, unique, or beneficial, no purchases will happen, if you can’t effectively demonstrate that the value is transformational to your audience.
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Do You Understand Your Marketing?


Most entrepreneurs may not understand that their primary role in business is serving others.

That translates into the question do you understand your marketing?

==> There is business savvy – which is to understand your business skills, products, and how to serve your customers.

But do you understand your marketing well enough to know how to bring prospective customers to you on a regular basis?

When you start to understand your marketing that well, you’ll ‘get’ that it doesn’t matter if you are #1 at what you do.

>>>Because if you don’t know how to continually, systematically, attract prospective customers?<<<

You’ll be the best-kept secret on the mountain!

These are just 3 of the power strategies that successful entrepreneurs use and the secret is that you can make them work for your small business.


-         Your number one priority is to bring money in for your business. Read more

Got a Secret Blog?

got-a-secret-blogI’m guessing you don’t really want a secret blog.

If you’re like me…

#1: You want to get more traffic, visitors to your blog.

#2: You want to understand how traffic will benefit your blog.

Let’s talk a bit about #1 ~ Getting more traffic – unless you do want a secret blog?

I use organic traffic by building informative content (at least that’s my goal!), backlinks, search engine optimization, and Social Media promotion to attract visitors.

Along with setting up systems.

Your routine could be…

  • Trying to get visitors to your site by spending as much time promoting your site as you do writing your blog post. Because I don’t think you really want a secret blog!

Understanding traffic is #2 of not having a secret blog.

This means that you actually take actions to go public with your blog! Read more