You Want To Be an Expert?

want-to-be-an-expertIf you want to be an expert, you’ll require focus, discipline, education, and drive.

What is your definition of an expert in your type of work?

  • Many of us may have the desire to be extremely successful.
  • Many believe that because you can “believe it” you can “achieve it.”

What usually happens?

  • No plan.

I was visiting with someone a couple weeks ago, and she said people don’t care about strategies and planning.

Self-confidence comes from planning which reduces your uncertainty, helping you want to take that next step to becoming the expert in your business or blog.

  • Once you have a plan – You know you can succeed in getting to where you want to be.

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Want To Increase Your Email List?

increase-your-email-listThere could be a story of you wanting to use one of the most effective and affordable ways to build your business.

★ It can be about how you need to increase your email list. ★

  • This would be big for your blog – Building a loyal fan base that will want to hear from you and buy again and again even as increase your email list.

In this story you are really ready to increase your email list of contacts, and there are many ways to do that.

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You Want Social Media

want-social-mediaWhy do you want Social Media?

Social Media isn’t a sign on a store that pulls your customers in to shop.

Are you running a business, or want more visitors to your blog?

==> If you really want Social Media to work for you?

Become a resource for your customers, and readers, so they’ll want to keep coming to see what you have to offer.

It’s a nurturing way to connect and talk with your customers.

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Want Copywriting, Marketing and Persuasion?

copywriting-marketing-persuasionWhat does copywriting, marketing and persuasion have to do with your blogging?

Copywriting, marketing, and persuasion is writing promotional text to persuade your reader to your point of view.

So why would you want to be good at copywriting, marketing and persuasion when you’re writing your blog posts?

I think I just answered that, right?

And, earlier this year I wrote about one of the oldest Marketing Formulas AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

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Are You Competing With Other Blogs?

competing-with-other-blogsHow do you compete with other blogs, whether it’s your business blog, hobby, or just for fun blog?

Well, if you like contests, then have fun with the competition.

I like the participation and enjoyment of getting to know other bloggers, learning, and having fun with them.

  • I have fun with Guest Bloggers and I love Guest Blogging, the interaction of it all!

In reality, your main goal as a blogger, may not be competing with other blogs, then. Right?

Your blogging goals may be just to:

  • Know why someone would want to read your blog
  • Answer your readers’ needs by putting out great content
  • Gather your followers – Get Found: Help prospects find you online – Promote your blog

Adding your goals as a business blog would be to…

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Content Secrets to Get More Traffic

content-secrets-get-more-trafficBlogging is one of the smartest things you’ll do as a marketer to get more traffic to view your business!

Content secrets to get more traffic is something you must always want more of because as an entrepreneur you must be driven to share your ideas to both help people and become a thought leader in your field.

Content secrets to get more tr

You can, and want to be a bit famous, at least to the right people.

You need a popular blog.

You need content secrets to get more traffic that will help your blog become more popular.

By now you know that it’s obviously not that easy. If it were, every blogger would be rich and famous.

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Want Attitude and Action?

attitude-and-actionAre you ready for the attitude and action that you need to take to become a success in your business?

Different characteristics and skills are part of being an entrepreneur.

==> Including values with attitude and action for your free entrepreneurial spirit.

What are the skills, knowledge, attitude and action required in successful entrepreneurs?

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