Do You Use Search Engine And Content Marketing?

Search-Engine-and-Content-MarketingSearch engine and content marketing can have hundreds of ways to help rank a blog, from tweeting your link to getting major magazine articles using your content.

Now I’d like to share, just a bit, about the search engine and content marketing process you can use for optimizing your site’s results using organic search routines, only.

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Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

Kathy Hadley benefits image 1

Kathy Hadley selfI am honored to have Kathy Hadley as my Guest Blogger today

Are you in business?

Do you think that blogging isn’t for you?

Well, guess again.

Every business can benefit from blogging, even offline businesses.

Here is why.

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Want More Than an Outstanding Blog Post?

outstanding-blog-postYour dream of an outstanding blog post, could go like this…

You finish off what you know is a great and outstanding blog post, hit publish and sit back and wait for your traffic stats that show thousands of visitors read your post, commented, shared, and are opting into your email list.

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More Traffic, Please

more-trafficHave you heard?

Many bloggers say that within one day, they saw more traffic by a couple hundred or a thousand visitors referred from StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site where you not only collect all of you favorite sites into one favorite site, but:

StumbleUpon is also a favorite resource for bloggers to get more traffic for their blog.

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Need to Boost Your Content?

boost-your-contentYou already have great content to promote! But…

What if you could boost your content, even more than you do now?

You already know that content is one of the most important pieces to your promotional strategies.

But, are you aligning your efforts to boost your content with your objectives?

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Want The Shocking Truth About Your Blog?

headlines and titles for blog postsThe core truth about your blog…

Knowing this is the only way to survive >>>

You need to know how to write and have headlines ready quickly.

But, I’m thinking you already knew that truth about your blog. Right?

I’ve heard that the best writers often have hundreds of headlines ready – either saved to a file on their computers or occurring swiftly from their experience at writing.

  • These headlines are then referenced by them at a moment’s notice to help develop their a winning headline for their content and doing this fast so that post can be written more quickly.

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