You Need Social Media for Your Business

social-media-for-your-businessSocial Media for your business has become nearly synonymous with the Internet Marketing.

But, how to make that work for you and generate results in your business?

– Build your targeted audience, generate leads and sales.

You already know that having access to tens of millions of your ideal audience who are openly talking about their wants and needs can be your goldmine for market research.

– The value of information and Social Media for your business is hard to measure.

One of the most powerful capabilities of Social Media, especially blogging, is its potential to fabulously impact search engine positioning (SEO)!

Social Media for your business means getting your content in front of people who are interested in what you have to say and can share it with others.

  • Which is at the same time boosting your SEO.

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Want Social Media Conversations?

socia- media conversationsYour Social Media conversations for your business and blog can create a kind of community confidence in you that is impossible with traditional positioning and marketing.

Social Media conversations on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ ~ Oh My! It is your public relations system online!

Being a Social Butterfly for your blog and business across the web can give you an idea of what people, including your target audience, are thinking about your brand.

The Social Media conversations are going to take place whether or not you join in. AND, at any time, you can join in the conversations to provide valuable information.

Managing your Social Media conversations with your blog promotion in mind, is significant in building your audience and bringing traffic back to your blog. Because you are blogging for traffic! Read more

Effective Tips to Be a Business Blogger?

effective-tips-to-be-a-business-bloggerYou’ll always want to explore effective tips to be a business blogger.


Whether you’re in business or not, your blog is sharing what you do, your expertise. People get to know you from your writing.

To Personally Connect Through Your Blog

Your blog can be a part of the whole online Social Media pack connecting you with your own raving fans.

You get to know them + they get to know you = Being  interested and interesting.

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Do You Know What Bloggers Need To Know?

know-what-bloggers-need-knowWhat bloggers need to know is that blogs need to be found by an interested audience, and then share expertise offering solutions and ideas in what that audience wants to know more about.

You as a blogger, business or otherwise, want to attract a large and dedicated audience that can respond to you immediately.

  • Then you need to share what will help solve their problem they need you for.

==> You’re blog is you sharing your thoughts, expertise, and creativity.

So what other reason would your blog be significant on the web and be found by your readers?

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What Do Corporate Bloggers Do Differently?

This is one big thing corporate bloggers do differently – it is strategically using their blogging as a public relationsblogging pow “POW(er)” tool. How are you doing this, as a small business, or hobby, blogger?

Have you figured out what else corporate bloggers do differently?

Large corporations are paying attention to blogs as a worthwhile communication tool for reaching out to their customers. And, so can you.

If you were a corporate blogger what could be done differently for your blog?

Hmmm…Let’s see what they do…

  1. Understand how to make sure people find their blog!
    • The more people talk about your business on Social Media, the more followers (and customers) you’ll have visiting your blog.
    • Using search engine optimization. You can find out more at Optimize Your Blog for Traffic
  2. They interact with a target market on a more personal level.
    • Relating and standing for something, making connections that reflect their audiences’ values and interests.
  3. Building link authority that links back to their corporate blog sites.
    • Valuable targeted content will naturally bring in links that will help build a site’s authority.
    • Pushing a powerful link building plan helps make this happen, also!
  4. They use their blogging to deliver value by adding a level of credibility.
    • Offering their authority and knowledge when asking ‘May I help you?’
    • Corporations acknowledge the needs of their audiences and offer transformations and solutions.

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Do You Understand Your Online Marketing?

As a small business person, or a blogger, you are your own Marketing Manager!


That means you need to understand your online marketing strategies.

As your own Marketing Manager, one of your jobs is getting high-quality leads onto your list so that you can share more fabulous information about what you offer.

But how can you do that if you don’t know your answers to:

★ What keywords to use for your content marketing? ★

By now we all know how to enter the words for things we are searching for online. These are the keywords that the search engines like Google, Bing, and even the Social Media sites use to find what you are looking for online.

Keyword research and strategies are about finding out the words that your target audience types in to look for what you have to offer. Read more