5 Secrets to Crafting Your Marketing Message

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Certified Business Coach, Intuitive Strategist ~ As a Social Media Manager and Coach, I do the work for you and/or train corporations and small businesses how to set up their blog and a Social Media Marketing Plan around their blog/website as their business hub. As a Social Media Marketing Expert, I teach Relationship Marketing and Social Media Mastery, consulting and speaking services for corporate, business owners, and conscious entrepreneurs around the globe!
Donna Ward
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My goals are always to find out how I can share with my ideal audience to help them become interested clients so that I can grow fans for everything I teach and sell.

And…You too can discover easy and proven secrets to create your 30-Second Marketing Message that helps guarantee your business health and your happiness. 

You’ll love the results!

When I first started to network offline, it was horrible! I had a whole lot of learning to do…

  1. Have you ever gone networking offline?
    • You meet a new person that you think would make a great customer and say ‘hey, why don’t you buy my new product?’
      • I know I’m turned off right away when people do that to me. How about you?

O course, I quickly learned to excuse myself from those types of conversations and started to take control of the questions. By asking them what they do cutting in when it is beyond the time limit of a few seconds. If they didn’t ask me about my business, well it was obvious what they wanted. Not much of getting to know each other was going to happen.

  • I like to compare this part of it to meeting someone on a blind date. You kinda know right away if it’s a great idea to meet again or not. Right?

You have an amazing business and want others to know all about it. Yes?

So, what’s your answer, when someone asks you…’ What do you do?’

Your first words need to hook them into wanting more, not trying to escape!

Now try this…

** I help you discover easy and proven ways to _______(in my case: Grow your ideal audience – Love and serve your audience. And help guarantee the future health and success of your online business.)

Your marketing message must be in all of your content. Reaching your ideal customer with something that interests them and pulling them in.

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Now is when you need a clear marketing message to help you easily say what creates that desire in your audience to want more from you.

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