Create A Sales Message to Attract Clients

What is the function of having a clear sales message?

Have you checked your informational content messaging to ensure you share what your audience is searching for and want to see?

How is your content and messaging influencing your audience to want more?

  • Take a minute to fine-tune and modify to ensure each piece of your sales funnel is on point. I know, that’s easier stated than done.
  • It can be tough to objectively check your creations and see what’s functioning and what isn’t.
    • When creating your sales page or a whole sales funnel, it’s always excellent to double-check your data.
      • Ex: Is your ideal audience engaging, and are you seeing conversions as anticipated? Otherwise, there’s something off.
    • See if you can determine what it is. Make your adjustments and examine once again. Did the numbers improve? Make notes of any adjustments and develop your messaging based on what seems more attractive to your audience.
  • One option is to have somebody audit your content sales messages. Preferably this will be someone who represents your perfect target market. Locate a good friend, coworker, or perhaps an existing customer you have a relationship with to check through it and provide feedback.
    • What made good sense?
    • What didn’t make good sense?
    • Look for anything in your content that made them not want to purchase or even sign up for your free offer.

You can obtain vital feedback from this testing and tweaking that will give you ideas to clarify and enhance your messaging. Being clear in your message avoids confusion.

It can be easy to promise more in our sales messages and content. Yet the goal is always to over-deliver in business.

Consider a client attraction strategy where you give your clients more than you initially promised! And captivate them, even as you help them feel valued and well served by you and your business.

Your messages need to include keeping updating them through sending out emails, connecting on social media sites, and sharing ways your product or services can help.

Your goals are always to ‘Give More.’

It provides your clients with a memorable and positive experience. Who doesn’t love obtaining something they acquired a little faster than anticipated? And who doesn’t enjoy a little add-on surprise?

  • Have you ever purchased something from Etsy? Lots of sellers include a little present. Some stickers, a notecard, a pen.
  • It’s a fantastic surprise and something that creates a memorable experience.

Remember: That’s what you want to do with every part of your business. You’re working with your clients and helping them succeed as partners. Your goal is always to help your clients be happy with what you’ve given them. So you will want to go ‘above and beyond!

How To Do This With Your Business Content Messages?

What if you wanted to set the expectation, or promise, to your readers of a new blog post each week?

– You could toss in a bonus offer in your blog posts. It could be a ‘How-to’ list or checklist. Maybe expand on your blog post with a short report or a video to go a little deeper.

– Or how about an online Q&A session where they can ask you about the material you shared over the past month?

How To Do This With Email

What if you set up a routine with your emails from the first day?

  • For instance, you might share with your clients that your newsletter will undoubtedly come out every Wednesday.

– Step one will certainly be to see that it heads out every Wednesday like clockwork.

  • For many of us, that can be challenging!
    • I am trying to ensure that I stick to my original plan of rewriting/repurposing older blog posts at the start of the month. It works well until I get sidetracked and get behind. (Which means I need to update my email lists with why they didn’t get what I might have promised.)
    • Repurposing things you currently have helps make this fast and very easy. Sticking to your routines is what may become well ‘Sticky’!
    • Then I aim to put together a class on how and what I do to repurpose your content messages, blog posts, emails, and more. First, I need to make it go smoothly. It is remarkable and fun to do! Why not start thinking about that and let me know any of your questions, and I’ll answer quickly with an idea or two. 

How To Do This With Your Products As Well As Your Services

Constantly be on the search for how to provide your target market with a little something extra. Something unanticipated, fun, and engaging can undoubtedly help that attraction power. You’ll be unforgettable as you thrill your ideal clients. They’ll become brand-name ambassadors for you, getting the word out about the additional mile you go for them.

  • Finally, giving more than promised with a smile and growing your good reputation with your clients makes it easier if, once in a while, you can’t satisfy a due date or slip up. I’ve certainly done this – missing or needing to change a date/time for an email or event!
  • You will build up an adequate trust fund with your audience. They will undoubtedly forgive you.

But what is the objective of having a clear sales message? One that is easy to understand and connects.

      • Your audience is interested in their needs, wants, and situations.
      • You’ll want your sales message to engage with what your clients want, which is important to them from their perspective.
      • The advantages of your products, solutions, and services can connect to their viewpoint in your sales message.

Take time to fine-tune changes as needed to make sure each piece of your sales funnel is on an attraction plan.

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