Can Your Irresistible Optin Offer Reveal Some Secrets?

Irresistible-opin-Offer Have you ever read that your site visitors are going to give you three seconds to make your irresistible ‘optin’ offer?

Your irresistible free offer, sometime is a key to drawing site visitors in to learn about and get more from you.

  • Your irresistible optin offer is what you give away, an ethical bribe, in exchange for their name of email

Just like this image here ~ and yes, you can just click that image to take you to my optin page! 

Not only does your reader receive your free gift, updates, maybe training, and/or blog posts delivered to them regularly… But you’re creating more opportunity for your audience to grow that ‘know, like, trust’ factor with you and for what you do. Your List is One of Your Best Business Assets… So I wanted to think massive. I wanted to make this free gift as attractive as I possibly could make it, to create an offer that is truly irresistible. Hmmm….what to do? Give away some of my best, most secret, tactics and how-to’s. And, keep giving.

So…Even as I’m writing this I am revamping my great irresistible optin offer and email training’s that go with it.

Here are some ideas that I’ve considered…

      • A checklist ~ got it
      • An e-book ~ got it
      • A report ~ got it
      • Audio or 2 -~ got it
      • A how to promote and keep it organized – Working on that awesomeness right now.
      • Video training series – this is what I’m in the works of putting together!

    And, that’s not all… There are more ideas – this is just something I’ve thought my own audience would profit from and I would enjoy producing for them.

What do I offer now in my free irresistible offer ~ my Social Media and Blogging Strategies Kit?  (Click on my image below 

1. Before you embark on your blogging journey, you need to figure out where you’re going.

I offer up…

    • Your Business Plan, Strategy and Savvy Pathway to Success

    Because I had to share how to get the results my clients are searching for and what they get from working with me.

    I know that they want to create a blogging business that is truly aligned with who they are and know how to make a bigger difference in the world with their gifts.

  1. Your Social Media and Bogging Tips 

I must let you in on a secret…

I am adding so many more powerful ideas and tips that I can hardly wait to share

  • I’m sure that if you’ve been blogging long you keep a spreadsheet of what, when and where you promote, right?

And that’s not all…I am adding my own version with a couple of well-kept promotion sites and links with a ‘How-to Video’ – Woo-hoo! That’s going up soon.

Now, guess what?

If you’re already on my list? You’ll be receiving this as an added benefit!

  1. I also give a List Building Training Call – An audio to listen in to – or download as an MP-3 call to save & listen to whenever you want.

Building your list will give you the steady response you need to understand how to keep your audience growing ~ as you build those relationships!

  1. 6 Tips For Using Your Intuitive Strategies 

Of course, I am a strong Spiritual Intuitive – so I have to include this ~ putting your Intuition and strategies to work for you.

Great – so now I have my irresistible optin offer ready.

What’s next for you?

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My optin page for this awesome free giveaway and I track signups and conversions and it’s at…

Social Media and Blogging Strategies Kit

I have my specific step-by-step strategy for consistently getting my audience onto my list that I share in this kit.

I am always asking myself…

“What Does Your Perfect Client Want what You Offer?”

As I get more answers, I add and change my offer and my emails giving more, giving my readers a taste of what I can offer.

What are the steps you need to take to create your irresistible offer?

  • I suggest that you define the problem your readers have.
  • What are their challenges related with that problem?
  • Discover the solutions that you have to offer for those challenges.

Now you’ll understand some real results your readers want and need that you help with regarding the problems they are challenged with.

I always ask myself, ‘Why would my ideal audience want to ready my blog?’ 

Let me ask you then, what do you offer in your irresistible optin offer? 

And ~ What are your needs as a blogger that I could offer more tips and ideas on?

What others are saying…

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