How to Understand the Importance of a Social Media Marketing Funnel

How to Understand the Importance of a Social Media Marketing Funnel

You can create awareness and move their ideal prospects from strangers to happy clients who become raving fans

Posted by Ask Coach Donna Social Media Coach & Intuitive on Thursday, May 31, 2018


I’ve put together a hypothetical ‘Case Study’ to help better understand social media and content marketing efforts using a social media marketing funnel done right.

Boombiz Corp (imaginary) is a company that sells boomboxes and they’ve discovered social media and content marketing and are beginning to understand the efforts and the steps involved in growing their online business.

Because, their first thought and main concern was the success of that business online and getting their business noticed, they wanted to build an online identity for their brand while marketing and promoting their business.

Powerful success lessons they’ve learned with their new strategy…

Want to find out more about how this Facebook organic marketing works? marketing-funnel

Think for a moment about what that means.

  • BoomBiz Corp has learned how to create awareness and move their ideal prospects from strangers to happy clients who become raving fans.

What did they do to get their social media marketing funnel in place and build a system around it?

They understood that most people don’t just land on a blog/website, or even click a link, and buy something the very first time they visit.

BoomBiz Corp discovered that marketing is about communication, helping an audience see a problem that could easily be solved by what they (the marketer) offers.

Step by step they built their social media marketing funnel.

  • Their funnel had steps that helped their prospective clients and site visitors become aware that they existed.
  • Taking them on a journey to the time they actually buy something.
 So what happens in a social media marketing funnel?

Because they knew that most of their site’s visitors would just visit and leave…

BoomBiz Corp created a process that would bring traffic to their site and then guide their visitors through their funnel.

marketing-funnelHere’s an example of how a typical site visitor came to their site and went through their funnel.

Just like this…


BoomBiz Corp set off building awareness by researching and planning the different ways that people could become aware of their brand.

Their site visitors may first learn about them from sharing posts, articles, and content on social media.

BoomBiz Corp started to understand social media and content marketing and began putting out their best content to help their site get traffic through awareness.

They did this because they now knew their content could grow faster and go farther on social media.


Next, they started to focus on growing a community of people who had shown an interest in what they had to say.

Social media, well is ‘social’, and actually is about building and connecting with your community as you’re growing relationships within your community.

This was their audience and their site visitors.

They found that taking control of their power in the type of content they shared was important for them to get more engagement and more reach on their social networks.

  • This meant that they were also meshing their branding with authentic relationship building.
    • They were connecting and becoming more personable with their audience. Sharing their story through strategic messaging.
Building their social media marketing funnel helped get a better understanding of what they needed to do on a regular basis.

BoomBiz Corp now knows that great content is the important motivation for a person to join their community.

  • So they wanted to make their content so valuable that their audience would want to keep receiving their awesome valuable content that was shared on a regular basis through their system.

BoomBiz Corp posted a great article in all of their social media communities about their free and valuable opt-in offer – consistently.

Their opt-in offer was an ebook about how and why boomboxes can offer a great way to have more autonomous learning and grow more independent through music. Sharing resources like Bluetooth wireless technology that could allow their audience to play music and CD’s easier and more quickly.

They titled their free opt-in gift “How to Create a Simple Sound System Step by Step” and their post captured a targeted audience at the very top of the funnel.

While this community of prospective clients may not even be thinking about how to create their sound system to help them grow through music and CD’s, BoomBiz Corp has their attention now and knows they want more of this type of information to guide them through the funnel.

The post and content was shared by their community and followers which led to an increase in their social media followers and visitors to their online site.

Do you see the value here? 

BoomBiz Corp was able to:marketing-funnel

  • Inspire social sharing – They understood that their own community had their own network of followers that could attract to more possibilities of growing their community, traffic, and email lists.
  • Of course, BoomBiz Corp encouraged their community to share and they joined online groups to help their information get more attention.

The opt-ins they shared have now started their email marketing with a “BANG”!

  1. SALES

In each stage of their funnel, BoomBiz Corp learned to understand social media and content marketing was not enough to get someone into their community and stay on. 

They wanted raving fans that would turn into buyers!


A system to nurture their audience and nudge them toward the next stage in the funnel was put into action.

How did they do that?

  • They routinely created valuable content;
  • Kept their community engaged by responding to comments and thanking them for ‘likes’ and shares;
  • Promoted their posts and free opt-in offer (organically);
  • All to help their audience continue to move down their funnel – where they would be offered free gifts and items to purchase.

Now they had a growing online community.

Their next step was turning them into new and returning clients!

Of course…

Their email marketing now had a list of subscribers that they could send regular targeted training and promotional information to and help them further down their funnel.

But here’s the best news…

marketing-funnelEach new contact at the beginning of their funnel was really the first ‘transaction’ with a new prospect.

BoomBiz Corp was giving (trading) with their audience something of great value (interesting content) for their email information.

Now the goal of this type of funnel is to successfully turn a member of your community, a follower, into a new client, and raving fan for your business.

Then retain that client’s interest and get them to buy again!

What about you?

How could you be, or are already using a funnel? How is it working for you?

Using a marketing funnel like this is a system that turns your prospects into customers and is vital for anyone who is serious about social media marketing.

  • You’ll be ‘social’ as you’re nurturing relationships
  • Offering them what they want
  • AND…how they want to receive it from you

So that in the end …

You’ll be putting your audience at the center of your marketing world.

BoomBiz learned that their efforts would be to create a true win-win for them and their own funnel system.

Your social media marketing funnel allows you to be more relevant to your audience. Relevance being one of the most important drivers of success on Facebook. Facebook is something we continue to learn, relearn, and implement – I invite you to…


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