Tap Into 3 List Building Secrets For Cash

-list-building-secretsBut before I jump into the details, let me say this…

One of the most fatal mistakes that many bloggers make when building their online community is in NOT growing an email list and tapping into list building secrets for their successes.

  • Whether or not you want to earn some money blogging!
  • Always be building that list. Things will change.

When you use these 3 list building secrets to build your community and bring in more cash, you’ll be realizing…

#1 A System that will build, grow, and monetize your email lists, and your own work.

You NEED a list, and after reading this post, you’ll know the steps of how to start one and keep it growing. 

More about that below!

list-building-secrets-#2 The Hidden List Secret that turns your list into RAVING fans that want more of what you have to offer for them.

The Hook…

It’s you understanding the importance of an appealing piece of content, blog post, testimonial, or your story that will peak your readers’ curiosity…Drawing them into your list and converting them into raving fans.

That is if you want, more traffic, more buzz, and FREQUENT buyers…

The easiest way to build your email list is to tell your audience what’s in it for them.

  • Give them (communicate) clear, unmistakable value up front and they’ll sign up for more.
  • Provide content, discounts. or deals your audience can’t find anywhere else – that’s you being unique.
  • Continue to provide this valuable content, and subscribers will stay with you long after the incentive ends.
  • Choose a super valuable gift to attract your ideal customers in droves.
  • Create a compelling opt-in page, or box, that converts like crazy.
    • Turn the opt-ins into raving fans and buyers.list-building-secrets


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#3 The ONLINE Puzzle – Creating a super successful blog, social media, and list building strategy.

  • Putting it all together…

Preparation, models, structure, systems, methods, and procedures that promote your blog, your livelihood, nourish your community and support your passion are the puzzle pieces you get to put into action!

But wait!

list-builder-secretsThere may be trouble… are you missing some pieces of putting these 3 list building secrets to build your community?

To be honest, and I’m not boasting here…

But, when I first started building my list – I did put my system together quickly! And the boasting part could be that I did get coaching to make it happen more easily.

It’s that important to take care of! Get help and implement now to get going.

Read and learn more at How to Understand the Importance of a Social Media Marketing Funnel

As you may have noticed…I teach list building and blogging…

And best of all I’m giving a no-cost tele-class the first Thursday of every month…Don’t miss out!

Interested? Go ahead and sign up – it doesn’t hurt, I promise!
Click on that picture, right there list-building-secrets
You’ll see an optin system at work the moment you’ve noticed:
  • My optin box, or optin page, thank you page and…
  • An email confirmation for you to click on to receive your first email about this event and link to:
  • Receive your ‘thank you’ gifts.
  • Then other great tips and offers in my follow up series of emails just for you!

Now I must let you in on the hidden pieces I had to discover, that are behind the scenes of the 3 list building secrets  to build your community

  1. Passion – I had to discover why I wanted to do what I wanted to do. There are so many choices we can be passionate about. But, the why is the big reason for me, and most of us.
  2. Audience – the people I wanted to work with and share my passion to transform their work into some to share with the world.
  3. Blog and content promotion.
  4. ‘The Hook’ for the free optin gift.
  5. The optin gift that will offer a bit of what how you can help your ideal audience.
  6. The autoresponder – I have used AWeber for the past 10 years. It makes it easier for me. (This is an affiliate link.)
  7. Continued tips and implementation – in how to write for my audience and promote my blog to bring more people in that wanted what I had to offer.
  8. Take your email to another level and keep them wanting more – That means you have to figure out what your readers want. Know your audience.

I made a ton of EXPENSIVE mistakes along the way, and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes.

Learn to tap into 3 these list building secrets for cash and get help (coaching) to figure out what in your own system needs a tune up and more attention.

But there is just one small catch…That learning takes time and effort – be on the call and ask more about what you can do…

list-building-secretsBe sure to join in our our no-cost ‘Build Your List’ monthly calls ~ You can ask about and learn some of the quickest, most effective email list building strategies you can put into action right away

Because …

List Building With Social Media, blogging, and building your list of contacts is needed if you want a more interactive community! Join in the conversation at our monthly F.ree call – Become a Better List Builder

What others are saying…

“WOW, that was a great call this morning Donna L. Ward. There was lots of information and answers to all our questions about email marketing and utilizing it to build ongoing valuable relationships with our leads. We also discussed how to provide an opt-in offer, what sort of automated email tools we should consider, titles for your emails and Facebook boost promotions. Like I said … lots of
information. Thanks Donna. I will be sure to attend next week.”
Thank you , Robert Medak “The call was informational, which lead to ideas for making small changes to lead to building a list. Coach Donna is well versed in what it takes to rise one’s marketing to a new level, she is a coach that people should listen to and implement her suggestions to improve list building. It may take time, but it is worth it.”
Marilyn Eppolite for testimonial“Some wonderful tips on list building….main takeaway the importance of content marketing through a blog, by using it as a way to nurture relationships. engage and attract your chosen audience. Now it’s time to implement them! Thank you, Coach Donna!” – Marilyn Eppolite, Chaos to Calm Expert,  intuitive energy therapist and spiritual mentor at thewisdomwithin.net 
beverly rubio“I’m already a marketing expert. But maybe just like you, I’ve been putting off properly setting up my own social marketing efforts. So I chose an expert like Coach Donna to insure that it was correctly done and well put together to attract my ideal audience. She made the process clear and easy to follow. Based on my own experience, that level of expertise means she really knows her subject. In fact, our complementary skill sets enable us to work together on several projects. I wholeheartedly recommend her program to you!” Beverly Rubio, Business Strategist at bar-strategia.com
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