How to Get Others to Buy Your Product or Service

No Sales? Avoid this nightmare by following these tips for getting others to buy your products…

1. Get the Offer in Front of Targeted Audiences

First things first: Get your offer in front of targeted prospects.

Example: If you’re selling a dog training book, don’t email your coaching list and expect to make sales. Instead, get your offer in front of people who are likely to buy (e.g., people who need to train their dogs).

2. Craft a Compelling Sales Letter

Next, you need to create a sales page that persuades your prospects to buy your product. This means your sales letter ought to have an attention-getting headline, an opener that hooks the prospect and engages her emotions, a bulleted list of benefits, proof that your claims are true and a call to action. Search out what others are doing and saying – get your ideas and use your own voice.

3. Give a Bonus

You want to give your prospects a good deal, so that as they read the sales letter they’re thinking, “wow, I can’t believe I get all this for just 50 bucks.” Then you really thrill them by throwing in a valuable, tightly related bonus. This small act turns a “good deal” into a “no brainer.”

Don’t pick and choose the methods you like best. Instead, incorporate all these ideas… and enjoy the results!

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