Targeting for Success – Get Into Your Strategy Game and Start Playing with What Your Avatar Wants

Virtually anyone can make money online, but most people won’t.

Why? Because they don’t apply what they know, they aren’t persistent, focused, and are unclear.

Anyone who is making money online has done this. And… they periodically evaluate where they are at.
What is it?

You have to know who your target market is and is not. You have to know who you want to do business with and who wants to do business with you. Where is their pain, frustration, and how can you solve this for them.

And you must continually evaluate who your market is and use this to determine your marketing strategy, advertising, branding, articles and …your target market’s motivation, that is to say, “why the heck do these people come to you in the first place?”  

  • Once you know why people would come to you, you have the motivation of your target market defined.
  • When you start focusing on the needs and motivations of your target market instead of the age & income – chances are, you’ll be rewarded.

The more you can pinpoint specifically what they want, the easier your job in development and delivery of products and/or services becomes.

Without a clear understanding of your market and what you have to offer, you may slow down the successes of your business rather online or brick and mortar.

When you know who your targeted market it and what motivates them:

  • You may come across as someone interested in your prospective client’s needs.
  • You will be prepared when opportunity presents itself.
  • You won’t appear desperate, because you will be more prepared to let go of a potential or existing client when the fit is incompatible.

You will be establishing if your product or service offers the best solution for someone without compromising your core values because you know your target and you know what you are able to provide.

When you are in a position of understanding your market, your values, your offerings and your message, then the process of growing your business becomes a flowing experience.

A business moving forward will always take effort, persistence, vision and clarity.

I think we all understand that when we are prepared and opportunity shows up, we begin to feel as if luck is on your side.

Call me and let’s get started – I also am being coached and take (paid) classes that I attend to keep moving myself forward. This is so that I can be ready for you and I feel more confident about what I am doing when I am held accountable.

Donna Ward
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