Know that YOU are Your Best Investment

By the way: What are your thoughts on money? Is money coming to you easily? This is a fun learning experience that might help you move forward. by Morgana Rae – “Even a small shift can have dramatic, immediate, material results” (I am not an affiliate with her program – just thought you would like to listen to her training – teleclass hosted by Jeneth Blackert.)

Is Money Troubling You?  

I’ve read, heard and felt this: I’m working so hard and trying to focus on what I want and think positively and yet…
do any of these statements about money sound familiar to you:

· “You have to work hard to get what you want”
· “There’s never enough money”
· “I can’t do what I want to do because I don’t have enough money”
· “Money gets in the way of spirituality”
· “It’s overwhelming to even think about making more money”
· “It’s hard to make, easy to lose”
· “Money is the root of all evil”
· “Rich people are greedy”
· “Money doesn’t grown on trees”

Well, no wonder money isn’t just falling on you! When we listen to the news it is all over the place– people losing jobs, getting thrown out of their houses, losing everything to scoundrels like Bernie Madoff and ads and more ads about others trying to get us to spend our hard earned money. This is REAL stuff. No wonder money’s a villain.

Know that You are your best investment – so believe in yourself and continue to grow and learn. Really look to see where you are being held back and what keeps you awake at night, and find a coach that will help you move forward in your business – I know you are used to doing a lot of work and making money – use a different strategy put money aside to learn and grow, investing in yourself gives you the leverage you need. You will never be done investing in your craft – you have just begun. Whatever support you need, get started now. But, take action on what you learn. If you are not consuming, then you need a coach to take you through step by step. Get serious, get started.

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