But, How Do You Get Others to Buy a Product or Service?

Okay, so you are a Home Based business or an entrepreneur (a businesspreneur) now

Imagine this…

You create your product. You put up your sales page and order button. Then you unleash your advertising skills to get your offer in front of as many people as possible.

And then…

Nothing. No sales. Well, maybe a tiny trickle. But not the flood of PayPal or Clickbank notifications that we you were expecting.

No matter what type of affiliate product or service you’re selling, you’re probably always looking for ways to get your offers in front of more prospects… and you’re looking for ways to get folks to click on your affiliates links. That’s because marketing is a numbers game – the more targeted prospects who see your offers , or communicate to you via email, phone or in person, the more money you make.

1. Specialize and Focus Like a Laser

It seems almost counterintuitive – you’d think that if your site would appeal to as many people as possible, then you’d get more members. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead, you’ll get more people once you center your site’s reason for being and all marketing materials to focus in like a laser on one niche.

Example: Let’s say your site teaches people how to build a website. You should focus on one niche, such as “web design for ebook marketers” or “web design for private practice doctors.”

Now think about it…

Let’s say an ebook marketer wants to learn how to build a site. Is he going to go to “Joe Blow’s Web Design” site… or to the “Web Design for Ebook Marketers Site?” That’s right, he’s going to choose your site because it’s geared for his needs.

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