Are You Ignoring Your Community?

You could be ignoring your community!

ignoring-your-communityWhat if you didn’t know your community, who they are, what they want, and what they need from you? 

Remember the reason they joined your community…

  • They saw a spark of hope that you shined as you were telling them you were the one able to help.

And now. just maybe, your ignoring your community.

Why would you want to ignore your community when you’ve worked so hard to attract them?

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Promote Your Blog to The Most Qualified Audience

promote-your-blogIt’s no surprise that the Internet and your blogging power has shifted to your audience and new ways to promote your blog!

Being smart about branding means more than accepting that.

It means that you’ll be focusing your promotional energies on producing content your community bookmarks, downloads and shares.

Planning (it’ll be your creation) and implementing (putting it into action) a content marketing plan means:

  • Stronger audience connection with your brand when they understand that you are genuinely trying to help them instead of just pushing your product
  • You’ll get a well-earned reputation as a thought leader in your field.
  • You want and will see increased traffic to your site through higher SEO rankings, inbound links and social shares.
  • Educated and inspired repeat readers that may turn into clients, who become brand ambassadors.
  • More opportunities to engage with your prospects working at helping them educate themselves about their buying decisions.

The goal of YOUR content marketing is to promote your blog and turn your ideal prospects into clients. Building a more loyal and meaningful relationship with your existing clients and readers on your blog.

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Do You Know What Bloggers Need To Know?

know-what-bloggers-need-knowWhat bloggers need to know is that blogs need to be found by an interested audience, and then share expertise offering solutions and ideas in what that audience wants to know more about.

You as a blogger, business or otherwise, want to attract a large and dedicated audience that can respond to you immediately.

  • Then you need to share what will help solve their problem they need you for.

==> You’re blog is you sharing your thoughts, expertise, and creativity.

So what other reason would your blog be significant on the web and be found by your readers?

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Do You Understand Your Online Marketing?

As a small business person, or a blogger, you are your own Marketing Manager!


That means you need to understand your online marketing strategies.

As your own Marketing Manager, one of your jobs is getting high-quality leads onto your list so that you can share more fabulous information about what you offer.

But how can you do that if you don’t know your answers to:

★ What keywords to use for your content marketing? ★

By now we all know how to enter the words for things we are searching for online. These are the keywords that the search engines like Google, Bing, and even the Social Media sites use to find what you are looking for online.

Keyword research and strategies are about finding out the words that your target audience types in to look for what you have to offer. Read more

Be Persuasive With Your Content Marketing

persuasive-with-your-content-marketingYour goal with your content marketing is persuasion.

How can you be persuasive with your content marketing?

==> Being cautious and fearful or pushy and unpleasant are not the ways for today’s business to be persuasive with any kind of marketing!

Finding your own path of connecting, engaging, with assertive and conversational sales language is your goal.

Whew!  So… Content marketing is engaging your prospects.

There are ways to help you be persuasive with your content marketing.

What’s that, you say?

How do you find more of the clients you love to work with being persuasive with your content marketing?

–          You are growing your business and your brand.

o   You’re the one responsible for revenue, the income that keeps your business moving forward.

–          The success or failure of your business depends on quality and quantity of the leads you bring in when you are persuasive with your content marketing. Read more

Are You Looking for Customers?

Instead of always looking for customers

wouldn’t it be great if they actually talked themselves into working

looking-for-customerswith you?

Your voice online and in person, your own style, and brand is what will separate you from the crowd.

Be confident and let go of any doubt as you start becoming more inspiring and build your community of raving fans, even as you are looking for customers!

This is when your possible customers will start to talk themselves into working with you. As they start to believe in you.

–          The key to your business success is to find these people!

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Are You a Social Media Influencer?

social-media-influencerBecome a social media influencer and get your work to our there and lead to some powerful results.

Marketing is where you learn to interest and help others by offering to transform their routines and actions to move into what they want to become and where they want to be.

BUT….at the same time it’s not about trying to convince your audience they don’t know what they need.

**Social Marketing is about offering your targeted audience something they want and you are giving them a way to get it.**

–          How you are as a Social Media influencer is an important corner stone to all of your own efforts. Read more