Can You Hook Your Blog Audience?

hook-your-blog-audienceYES You Can!

You can hook your blog audience with power words that are so juicy that in your first couple of sentences you’ve grabbed your reader’s attention.

The way to hook your blog audience is to be so incredibly interesting or mysterious, that they just have to keep reading more.

What makes your readers want to read more of your blog posts?

Well…I’ve read that:

‘You as the writer, are judged by the first few words you put out there for readers.’

Catching the reader’s attention and making them want to read more, is that infamous hook.

But that can seem a bit puzzling at times – the infamous hook.

Then, what is the way you hook your blog audience and make them want to read more?

Hmmm… Let’s think about who your readers are.

  • Got it?
    • Now write out 3 ways that you could hook your blog audience:

What is one emotional hook that will stand out? What words would spice up your post, your writing,  with excitement, mystery, a startling statistic, a rhetorical question?

Ok so, the key is to say something that your readers relate to and bring it up front to start with.

It’s the central concept or theme that you’ll be applying to your post, not only in your title and subtitle, but it’s the idea of the entire post.

So your specific words and phrases are the key. You’re not going to be using just neat-sounding words or crafting catchy phrases.

  • You already know that your audience is central to how you develop your hook.
    • You’ll start by connecting with a reader.
    • Give them a reason for their imaginations to reach much deeper into what you’re writing.

What could they do, learn, be that you don’t even have to explain.

  • Move through your idea as your attract them to read more.

Even as you’re helping them become a follower, wanting more of what you write about.

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  • Besides your title and your first couple of sentences, you’ll also want to hook your blog audience with your image connected to your post, through the design of the site, and the way you use promotion with irresistible ‘hooky’ lines.

Of course, this all depends on your ability to attract qualified readers to your blog.

  • That is getting your irresistible hook in front of the eyes and ears of your eager and hopeful crowd of fans so that they know about you and what you offer.

And do let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below!

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