Creating Blogs That Drive Clients to You

bees attracted to honeyDo you have marketing strategies for your blog to drive clients to you?


I’ll bet, if you’re like me, you always like talking and learning a bit more about how your blog can drive clients to you, or just targeted traffic to your site.

Because, what’s the point of building your blog if very few people actually find it and consider asking you questions about your posts, or want more information from you?

The problem is not with constructing and putting up your blog for the world to see.

  • Though some blogs are better designed than others.

The problem starts once your blog is up and running.

★ That big problem? It’s getting that blog to drive clients to you, or just plain old and new, fabulous, traffic.

Because whether you’re new to blogging or a more experienced content specialist, I’m hoping that this post gives you just a few practical steps to creating a blog that will drive clients and traffic – so that you not only increase traffic to your site, but you increase the quality of that traffic.

Let’s say you’ve created your blog to drive clients and traffic. Now…

#1 You’ll produce enormous valuable content.

Which means that you’ll research other like sites and your target audience.

  • Find and use keywords, and keyword phrases, that you expect your site visitors to use to find you through a keyword search in Google, or other search engines.
  • You’ll be checking out what sites similar to yours use as their keywords.
  • And, of course, continue to read and listen to comments and what others may be saying about your topic.

★ What if you wrote a post in the form of a short survey so that you can better understand your site’s visitors?

It’s a lot to think about.  

What else you might do to drive clients to you, pulling in more traffic, you’ll also get more ideas about producing valuable content just for your audience.

#2 Leverage and promote your posts to expand your effects and influence in the hopes to drive clients to you and traffic to your blog.

Leverage your keywords and keyword phrases in the following places:

  • In your blog post title
  • The first sentence
  • Always insert your keywords in the ‘Alt Text’ field of your post’s images
  • Include in your Tags
  • Always bold
  • Using in a sentence as an H1, H2, H3

Where do you think your clients and targeted audience hangs out? So leverage your contacts in:

  • Social Media
  • Facebook and Twitter Groups
  • Forums and groups on LinkedIn

Because you need to know how to:

  • Benefit from your Social Media sites.
  • Deliver – and measure – results.
  • Drive clients to you and traffic in the short and long-term.

#3 Use tools to build and maintain your successful blog that drives clients to you and will benefit you and your audience.

google analyticsIf you haven’t already, now is the time to install this very useful tool –  Google Analytics – so you can gain a better understanding of how your visitors find, navigate, and use your site.

The tools you need to promote your blog aren’t rocket science.

  • You’ll be growing your own blog audience and traffic, and then applying those tools to your own systems.

Using tools that improve, and boost, your strategic thinking about how you promote your blog.

But, it is a skill and type of science even so – as you’ll:

  • Use proven tactics.
  • And reproducible results.
  • Developing unique and high-quality content to pull at Google’s interest regularly and consistently.

Building the foundation and connecting the tools you need to generate quality traffic and leads.

These are pieces of your strategy in your overall promotion a blog that drive clients, and traffic to you.

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As you continually grow in understanding how to build a powerful content strategy and the tactics to make it work to drive clients to you, which equals visitors to your blog.

And do let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below!

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