Want More Than an Outstanding Blog Post?

outstanding-blog-postYour dream of an outstanding blog post, could go like this…

You finish off what you know is a great and outstanding blog post, hit publish and sit back and wait for your traffic stats that show thousands of visitors read your post, commented, shared, and are opting into your email list.

Can you feel it?

It’s an amazing feeling when it happens.

It does happen quite often, and probably has happened to you, already! Right…

  • Because you’re blogging machine is in place with your content as the fuel that runs the engine.

OK – I know, you know that a hooky headline, great pictures, compelling content is not enough.

  • You have to write to attract an audience who participates…

With your outstanding blog post that is just so compelling that:

  • Your visitors want to share after reading it all the way to the bottom,
  • Then tweet, Stumble, or share on Facebook, even email it to a friend.

Now the whole progression of helping this happen gets a lot more complex and exciting as you create a community of loyal fans.

  • Your readers are going to share something that they can support and associate with.

>>> You’ll start to see an immediate and positive change in Google search results.

Did you know that…

  • Touching on your readers’ emotions is very important to getting your content read and shared.

Your readers are more likely to share something if they feel it will work, or is inspiring.

Or, it’s just one of those outstanding blog posts, called great content.

  • Giving an in depth insiders’ training about a specific topic.

The point here is to understand some of the problems your readers may be having, so you can give ideas with a solution that will resonate with them.

  •  including workable information and practical how-to’s are that your audience may want.
You probably write about what you’ve done, that worked really well.
>>> Keep it so interesting that it becomes your outstanding blog post!
  • Great graphics that apply to the content,

It takes some time to create a very useful and interesting graphic. But it’s well worth it, when it ties in with your great content.

  • Maybe case studies will give that boost to your blog post attraction power?

An account of what happened with facts and figures will help your prove a point.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard this before?

The more fascinating, surprising, and convincing your facts and figures, the more popular your content will be.

  • Audio or video…

Adding videos and podcasts is a great way to reach your readers with something a bit more fun and special.

> Videos are very immediate, real, and visual.

> Podcasts can go with your audience as they are driving, jogging, or walking their dogs.

  • And some inspiring ideas.

When your content causes people to step back and think about what you said?

It may be shared more.

Using one or each of these ideas may be just what you need to connect with your audience, your readers, even as you have an even greater sense of achievement in getting your outstanding blog post published and shared.

Now it’s your time….to grow and share your blog with the world… 

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