Business Cards and Follow Up Tactics

Business-Cards-and-Follow-Up-TacticsYou can always encourage your targeted audience to get on your list when you meet them in person. And, you won’t seem pushy.

  • Business cards and follow up tactics can be a routine marketing tool with great opportunities to help build your email list and get to know you offers. 

Two business card strategies:

1. By now we’ve all heard not lose the valuable real estate on the back of our cards. So be sure to add one or both of these lines on back of your card.

  • You can equip your own cards with a message such as: ‘My goal is to provide an experience that you will want to share as a referral”.
  • A brain sticky sentence describing the benefit that they will get if they sign up for your information, along with the URL address of where they can opt-in.

So, be sure to put your Free Experience opt-in offering information here, and on all the materials you give out. This is using your business cards and follow up tactics at its best.

2. The marketing rule has always been to email each person whose business card you have collected – within two days.

  • Send a brief message, and include your Free Experience Offer opt-in URL address.
  • Now you can use their business cards and follow up tactics to keep you on top of their mind.

Here is a sample note I’ve sent:

Dear Donna,

I enjoyed meeting you at the Women’s Business Networking Group this week. I enjoyed swapping our business challenges and successes. I was impressed with all you do running your contractor’s business and all the volunteer work you are able to fit in.

I wanted to send you my free special report and newsletter that I think might be of interest for your client attraction and marketing systems. You may download it completely free at: (put in your Free Experience opt-in URL address).

Please keep in touch and I’ll call from time to time to see if there are other ways I might be of help to you.


Coach Donna

Your note will always be a bit personalized and brief.

Using these couple of ideas will help your prospects learn more about you with more staying power.

Let your business cards and follow up tactics work for you and represent you when you’re not there.

What ideas to have about business cards? Please right me a note in the comments. 🙂

  • Take actions, even if you make the changes as you go.

Small business owners need to become strategic and turn their plans into specific objectives. Then take actions and correct the activities as they work their plan.

…More ways to building your online business… 

Then join other small businesses at our monthly no-cost Open Forum live Q&A call at==> Tired of working too hard to build your list?

The information you give is priceless –I like how you broke down the steps – but if I have to make up my own steps it takes time. We know it’s our business and work – but, when you say step one through 5 I get it!  My ah-ha moment – was with the plan – a road map – having it planned out – it is like creating how many miles we’ll cover on a trip, when we are going to have lunches – and this is how I’m seeing this business plan – it’s a road map , it may change along the way and that’s OK.” Patty Davis  Owner at Z Sisters 

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2 thoughts on “Business Cards and Follow Up Tactics

  • February 28, 2014 at 7:23 am

    VERY interesting idea about using the back of business cards. Personally, I always leave mine blank and non-glossy. That allows ME to write on the back of the card something about what we spoke about before I hand it over. And sometimes, if the person I’m meeting doesn’t have a card, I’ll use the back of mine to collect their info. Works great!

    A tip I picked up from a mentor a long time ago was to ask them IN PERSON if I could send them my free gift. I’ve never had somebody tell me no! But if they would say, “No I’m not interested” I just mark a little N on their card to know not to send them the info. Otherwise, I send them a personalized email when I get home and then about 12 hours later, their gift.
    Kimberly Eldredge recently posted..Writing Quote – Henry MillerMy Profile

    • March 2, 2014 at 5:41 am

      Hi Kimberly, Yes I have certainly used those techniques – I now have a little notebook that I carry to make notes – or put notes on their cards about our conversation. I think both methods work! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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