List Building Marketing Secrets

Building your list of targeted prospective customers that you can regularly and consistently communicate with and offer your information and services to is one of the biggest marketing secrets you need to learn and perfect.

GETTING TRAFFIC: Reaching Potential Customers In Your Target Audience – this is a great definition of what list building is. It is getting traffic to your site through optin’s. This plan you’re going to work on is generating traffic to your web site or any place that will allow you to give something of value to your targeted audience.The plan is that they will give you something of value that helps you – their name and email so you can keep in touch with them with your newsletter and other valuable offers. And, this is all part of email marketing.

You’ll want to always direct them to an opt‐in method, like a dedicated opt‐in page; an  opt‐in box on your website; or a free gift sign‐up form at a speaking engagement; or             as they enter your store; or make a purchase; or a telephone call. And once the                     person opts to say yes to your free offer, they wind up on your list.

Having a list, and knowing how to work with your list, is a key differentiator between a struggling business and a successful business that consistently attracts customers.

This is true whether your business has a local focus or you want to reach lots of people, globally, online.

Your list will work for you, if you work with and for your list. Your list will fail you, if you fail to work on, for, and with your list. This is called email marketing.

Because having a list is the easiest way for you to reach your targeted audience and create a ‘know-like-trust factor’, you must send a regular newsletter to your email list, to be successful at

  • building relationships
  • turning them into raving fans
  • building credibility, and
  • attracting new clients.

When you build your relationship with your list, and you make irresistible offers, this will lead to new clients to celebrate! So, we must really ‘get it’ – the important part in the list building process is new clients:

  • giving them valuable info that they want,
  • knowing that they are important and
  • showing them how important they are,
  • and revenue for your business,
  • and celebrating your new clients and your successes.

Then you continually repeat the process to perfection.

These strategies can be online like a strategic partner in your email marketing and list building efforts, seminars, or through social media; or efforts can be off‐line like networking or speaking. When you incorporate each of these strategies, you will see great momentum in your business as you and your business start growing and bringing happy customers and revenue your way.

I remember not getting it – how list building works when I first got started. I took a whole bunch of trainings and courses before I started to ‘get it’. And now it seems to be getting more and more simple. I want that for you, too.

If you need help with this, like many of us, then contact me for a free business coaching session and receive a discount on your next 3 sessions!

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