Hiking Adventures and a Business Coach

Ken and Coach Donna Laree - Telescope Peak, Death ValleyYou too can have a business that is enjoyable and profitable if you avoid some common pitfalls.

Here’s some things to consider:

— Does your business support your lifestyle and income goals; is it aligned with your personal why, wants, needs, and dreams?

— Do you believe you can achieve success, as you define it, or do your own self-limiting beliefs hold you back?

— Do you write about what you want to BE, DO and HAVE in business and in life? Then use this to find your goals that lead to a road map to help you get there more quickly and with less stress?

— Do you invest your business resources, time and money, on building sustainable growth and profit or focus more on sales today at the expense of everything else?

— Do you make innovation in all areas of your business a priority and consistently look for new or better ideas and methods to improve results?

— Are you committed to continuous learning and apply what you learn in all areas of your business and life?

Building a business that supports your life dreams and goals is an adventure on a path that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be. You can bridge the GAP, from where you are to where you want to be, with the steps to reach your vision.

Most agree the journey starts with a clear vision of what you want and why it is important to you. In other words, you need to know what success looks like.

I have certainly found out what success looks like in business and on the natural wooded paths of mountain and desert adventures! It is GRAND! (Yep – been on the trails of the Grand Canyon, also!)  😛 

— You may know that I am a major hiker – but, in the beginning it was a chore. Because, I didn’t know what it looked, or felt, like at the top of the mountain. NOW – I know what it looks like and I know the feeling that ‘I did it’. And, that makes me want more!

Of course, I always have my Mountain Hiking Coach along side of me. That would be my husband, Ken – he is my results oriented Mountain Hiking Coach!

— My husband coached me along the trails in the beginning. And I still need his encouragement and knowledge of the path, now. I would not have ever done any of this on my own, even though I had this as a dream of mine to do some day.

Success in Business and Hiking Takes Planning

Once you commit to your goals and develop a simple plan of attack – as in hiking – it may seem like a lot of work and angst at first, but you can reach your goals and see your vision at the top of the mountain sooner rather than later.

— Like in hiking – know the proper hiking boots, clothing, water, food, and sometimes walking sticks – the path (trail) you need to take to reach your goal.

A good plan isn’t complicated – in fact, simple works best. But, if done effectively, it will keep you focused on priorities, so you stay on track and actually accomplish more.

— My husband kept me focused – step by step. He still always points to the top of the mountain, telling me about how much longer we have to go, and taking breaks to enjoy the beauty of it all with him by my side. And, with the proper equipment – it is so much easier and more fun!

Yes a business coach, much like Ken is for me in our hiking, is a great source for new ideas, and showing you efficiency in your day to day routines and long term performance.

Now, how did my mountain hiking Coach, Ken, learn so much?  He joined a group led by a teacher (coach) – so he literally had Group Coaching!

So let’s get you going with your own Coach and your own private group of like-minded adventurers.  What am I talking about? Check it out and see for yourself at: http://donnalward.com/groupcoaching


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