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Do you find yourself wondering about what is so great about WordPress? Does it help you get your site on page one of Google?

Well, getting to page one of Google can seem far away, but possible, without spending a lot of money. And, WordPress is SEO friendly. You’ll optimize by search engine friendly page Title and META Tags. And, plugins that will optimize your site and attract the RIGHT visitors who are ready to sign up or buy from you. And…well – later for more of that really fun stuff!

Now, if you don’t know anything about WordPress, then you will easily find out the answers to these questions in my ecourse ‘Unlocking the Power of Your Small Business Blog’. And if you know about WordPress, then this same ecourse will add to your knowledge.

But, just to give you some clarity here, if you have a business, and want to have online visibility, then you’ll need to have an online site that can be found. That’s SEO optimized.

And you will need a blogging and/or publishing platform. There are other options out there, go ahead check it out. Search for ‘blog platforms’, and read a lot to get a deeper understanding. WordPress is a favorite and has been in use for several years. So, it’s been tried and tested.

WordPress gives you two things quickly, 1.) A professional-looking site online and 2.) A site you can edit, change, review yourself.

According to Wikipedia “WordPress is an open source blog publishing application.”

Open Source software means people around the world are constantly working to develop WordPress’ code and features. And the software is free to use without a licensing fee.The wordpress.org costs are your domain name (i.e. yourdomainname.com) and the hosting site – like budurl.com/bluehostsetup – which is about $80 a year. Not that much, huh? And, I’ll even set it up free for you – when you use my link. (Read my disclaimer to understand the ‘why’ about using my link.)

All this WordPress.com versus WordPress.org – Here’s the essential differences you need to know:

WordPress.com blogs are hosted and managed by the group at Automattic. And I have a blog there also – my address is coachingbusinessentrepreneur.wordpress.com.

With WordPress.org you take care of purchasing your domain name and the hosting site is your choice – so my blog address here looks like coachingbusinessentrepreneur.com.

Take a look at both ideas and decide how your want your blog to look and feel like.

I personally found WordPress.com limiting, because you can’t run a custom theme, upload plugins to enhance your site.

So read more about the pros and cons of WordPress.com and WordPress.org here.

Then send me your questions and ideas. I want to hear from you. That’s why I am a business coach!


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