Focus On Business Promises

I get a ton of questions from people who ask me how to choose a good niche.
I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to get it figured out for good.

It all boils down to one very simple thing.

What’s your business promise?

Everything you do in your business is about making and keeping promises to your customers.

Seriously, think about it.

• Bayer aspirin promises to reduce fevers and help your headache go away.

• Your TV service promises to project the latest news and movies for your entertainment.
• Your masseuse promises to help you feel more relaxed.

What are you promising with your services or products?

A confused customer always says no. Yet, may go elsewhere to make their purchases. That is dang confusing and disappointing to you, then.

Are prospective clients confused by what you do? When you send out emails with to many links of information? Or, are unclear on you want them to do.

Here’s a tip: think about the service or product that you provide as a promise.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a massage therapist, what if you thought of yourself as “helping women get totally relaxed in an hour” expert, then you can totally devote yourself to delivering on that promise.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a business coach, what if you thought of yourself as a “find a market that fulfills you” expert, then you can do what it takes to have all the tools in place to help people with just that problem.

When you can promise what your ideal clients want, and consistently keep that promise, you will have more business than you can handle.

Part of that promise – is customer service, before, during and after you have provided your services, or sold your products.

— The ‘before’ part of your promiseis calling, contacting your customer on a regular basis. Visiting with them and helping them understand how important they are. As you get to know their issues, you will help them solve their problems with your knowledge and suggestions.

Are you a generalist?
It’s often said that generalists tend to be less successful than experts in a service-based business. You are not there to serve everyone. You become an expert in your field, when you have narrowed your target market down and really understand the group that you serve. And, simply put, people want to work with experts or specialists.

I’ve run into this challenge myself, because I have the tendency to be a generalist. Here’s my own experience: the more I became an expert in helping you get more clients in less time, the more money I started making.

If you have signed up for any of my lists, you have read my own story – especially the focusing on learning one instrument at a time lesson. In my case, it was the piano that I became good at. Originally – my teacher found I could play several different instruments. But, my dad stepped in and said focus and become good at that one instrument. Then, you can grow into the next step, when you are ready.

I recommend you take the time to really figure out your niche (and your promise), and watch the positive response from your clients!

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