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more-trafficHave you heard?

Many bloggers say that within one day, they saw more traffic by a couple hundred or a thousand visitors referred from StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site where you not only collect all of you favorite sites into one favorite site, but:

StumbleUpon is also a favorite resource for bloggers to get more traffic for their blog.

It’s been called an online social network, social bookmarking network, social search engine, and actually it has all this going on for it to the point that…

>> Members are feeling an addictive pull as they spend hours at a time stumbling and discovering interesting articles and video clips.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you spend hours on another Social Media site. I want you to get more traffic by using it as a tool.

So, let’s put it to work for your blog!

If you’re not using this as part of your content marketing plan, then now’s time to start using this power tool as one of your tactics to get more traffic, giving you a huge advantage.

What to expect?

– Your site will get more exposure if someone else ‘stumbles’ across your content and gives it a ‘thumbs up’.

  • When your content receives a high proportion of “thumbs up” votes, it’s shown more often to others.
  • Users find your article, or video clips, by voting (thumbs up) for the type of content they want to see more of.
  • This means more traffic of targeted visitors for you.
  • Your visitors can submit and vote for more of your specific pages, giving you a boost in more traffic.

This is it…

3 things you can do to get more traffic from StumbleUpon:

#1 Use StumbleUpon every day.

Give a quick ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ (thumbs down just means content you’re not interested in).

Surf around Stumbleupon and give some thumbs up, especially to those in your niche. Like most Social Media tactics, you have to give in order to receive.

#2 As usual, submit quality content, using great headlines and images that pull them in, and that hasn’t been submitted yet.

stumbleupon from blogWant help with those headlines, read… ”Want The Shocking Truth About Your Blog?”  – Oh and be sure to stumble this, also – ‘thumbs up’ is all it needs!

#3  Promote your StumbleUpon links in your blog, emails, and other Social Media sites – asking them to give a ‘thumbs up’, or even to submit your content.

Most of us want more traffic and that’s a great reason many bloggers and businesses turn to StumbleUpon.

Even though your site gets stumbled, it doesn’t always mean automatic traffic.

Here’s where you can become incredibly effective for generating traffic and links.

StumbleUpon has proven itself to work for many bloggers and business owners. Get started today to put it to work for you too!

Your primary goal will be to use it to drive traffic to your blog in order to build your targeted audience and create awareness for your blog, or business.

Keep up with the latest features on  StumbleUpon’s Blog 

Are you ready?

Now is your time….to jumpstart your blog… 

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