Need to Boost Your Content?

boost-your-contentYou already have great content to promote! But…

What if you could boost your content, even more than you do now?

You already know that content is one of the most important pieces to your promotional strategies.

But, are you aligning your efforts to boost your content with your objectives?

Example: My objective… Is to craft amazing, valuable content that aligns work and business with my core reader base. Then sharing my content with the intent that I’ll turn my readers and site visitors into valuable & long term customers.

What is your content objective?

When you have a well thought out goal and strategy you’ll be able to ‘boost’ your content…You’ll be:

  • Bringing in quality, targeted readers that tie into your objective to increase your connections with your audience that will lead to – well, where you’re leading them!

You’ll get beyond the “spray and pray” approach to your promotional tactics. And…

You’ll boost your content with your own expertise that entertains, educates, and aligns with your purpose and your readers’ expectations from you – even as you’re promoting.

You could put a plan together to boost your content and get more exposure for your blog:

  • Identifying your target audience(s).

Okay – starting with the perspective of your readers you’re trying to reach out to, now…

  • Decide on a strategy and your objective.

Of course, your objective is personal and describes where you’re going with your blog.

Knowing your objectives will help you achieve more in less time.

  • Knowing where, when, and how to promote.

Because the real test is getting readers.

  • Having your plan for the amount of resources (time and effort) that you’ll be putting into your blogging efforts.

If content is King – then promotion is the Queen.

Because valuable content is just not enough.

  • You need to learn and implement skills of attracting your readers and prospects to your brilliance.

What are some strategies to boost your content and help your readers find you, want more of what you offer, and refer you to their friends?

I know you know this…but, please allow me to attempt to give a boost to your content thinking?

Act Like a Publisher

For a blogger who begins to think like a publisher, success means attracting and retaining more site visitors and bringing them back for more.

  • Promoting directly to your targeted readers.
  • Drive traffic to your blog.
  • Get better rankings on the search engines.
  • Attract an audience who is looking for what you have to offer.
  • Move people into receiving more information from you. That is getting them on your email list.
  • Proclaim your work more effectively.
  • Understand your analytics for smarter decisions, promotions, and outcomes.

So increased blogging is not directly linked to more readers.

This means that when you post, you’ll add another dimension to your efforts.

So increasing your efforts with…

#1 Inbound blogging promotional strategies focus on getting found by your audience with

  • Social media promoting
  • Blogging and content
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • Infographics and images to boost your content
  • Videos
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

#2 Outbound blogging promotional strategies that includes both online and offline…

  • Email marketing
  • Press releases
  • Banner ads
  • Networking online and offline
  • Trade shows – bringing your service/products to others
  • Direct mail

Are you ready?

Now is it your time….to jumpstart your blog… 

blog-150x150Are you ready to take your blog to a bigger audience, promoting with Social Media planning, and getting more traffic? You can do just that as you get more training for blogging, Social Media, implement this blogging tip from today’s post and learn more about how to promote your blog at the Blogging Mastermind Community <== Click on the words. And, ask me how you can use Social Media better for your Blogging

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