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First, we discovered the value of marketing and networking tips working with Email marketing. Then, some of us found out about Social Media. We discovered that these marketing and networking tips worked really well here, also.

Business owners are putting up Facebook profiles and pages. And, this is still a new type of use for online marketing and networking tips.

  • Email and Social Media are a very valuable way to make use of these online marketing and networking tips, and branding tools.

What do you get from Facebook?

We love Facebook! I am finding many new ‘virtual friends’. Several have actually signed up to my email lists for more information from me. I really do like these ‘virtual friends’! Are you interacting – networking on Facebook?

You have an opportunity to leverage the Facebook platform for your business and as a marketing and networking site. You want to be sincere in getting to know others here and show your personality off.

You can enjoy the interaction with ‘virtual friends’ through links, posts, comments, videos, photos and messages. The entertainment value offers some pretty enthusiastic engagement. And, Facebook offers what every business wants for their brand. That is, fans and public approval.

What about Twitter?

More public approval here! It is a pretty easy platform to jump on. You can also use this as another Social Media platform to interact on; conversations can flow, and you can gain more fans with marketing and networking tips used on a regular basis.

What do you get from Email Marketing?

Email is another relationship building platform. Many gurus have beautifully branded emails. Others are just plain good reading without any branding logo. Yet, both have a feel and look to them. And, their personality shows through their branding efforts and communications to you. They are using marketing and networking tips that they found successful. Check these out and learn.


  • Your first email, or welcome email, is your first opportunity as an email marketer to engage your subscribers and set the stage for further interaction.
  • When you start with great content, you will get better results in future email promotions.
  • When someone let’s you into their email inbox, they’re showing their like, trust factor for you.

I have read that statistics indicate that users, who sign up to be on your email lists, are more likely to purchase from you. This will happen as you build that relationship of trust, like, and now adding in credibility (reliability).  And, it is a part of your marketing and networking tips that you’ve learned and put into action.

These platforms, Email and Social Media, really lend a hand in putting you in the top of their minds and gives a feeling of familiarity with your target audience.

The ideal communication, and using these online marketing and networking tips, offer your customers and prospects a variety of avenues to hear from and about you. You want ‘fans’ that want to hear from you – and you have to reach out to them and bring them closer to you as your online community.

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Use these new online Marketing and Networking Tips and gather more! Grow some of your own tips to share with others!

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