Business Email Marketing

Business Email Marketing: Building and Maintaining Your Prospective Customer Lists

What is business email marketing?

To succeed online you need to build an email list of people who all have something in common. Finding people who want to buy your services and products can be hard. You need to find people who are both interested in what you offer, and who are willing to spend money in the first place.

How vital is email marketing to your business?

  • If you can send out an email in the morning to hundreds, even thousands of people who all have one thing in common, and offer them something that’s relevant to their interests, you can earn an income from online business email marketing.

Your main business email marketing goals:

1. Getting visitors to sign up on your lists:
Offering something of value – and having them opt-in with their name and email address. (An opt-in is usually just a place that you put your information in to receive something of value in your email box.)
2. And retention.
So, getting visitors to return to your site or staying in touch with them is part of the retention goal.

Business email marketing is the most used and the most effective method that is available to you as a business professional for contacting your opt-in list members, building that customer relationship, and selling your products and services to them.

As we all get more and more emails, even if we signed up for these, we now seem to have a natural aversion to more email. So how do you get past your site visitors’ aversion?

  • You need to create a compelling, valuable, offer that interests them and persuades them to subscribe.

Once you have your targeted audience on your email list:

  • You may want to contact your list by way of a webinar or a teleseminar and be able to speak directly with them occasionally, ideally once a week. This is where they can hear your voice, see you, and at best, interact with you.
  • You may publish a newsletter that you send to your list, as well.
  • You will be emailing your lists at least 3 times a week, and certainly, not all will be offers for them to purchase.
  • You will continue to build your relationship authentically and build your ‘trust, likability and credibility’ factors.
  • You will receive more positive feedback this way and that usually means sales!

Business email marketing is the way that you contact your targeted audience on your lists and on a regular basis. You do so for the purpose, and hopes, of selling them a product or service.

Just exactly how vital is it that you have a business email marketing system that is powerful?

1. By writing powerful marketing emails you will be making sales of your products or services to your list.

2. By writing powerful marketing emails you will increase the bottom line of your
bank account.

3. By writing powerful marketing emails you will increase your credibility in the
eyes of your list members.

By writing shabby and unconvincing emails you will lose whatever credibility you had once established with them.

Business email marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools available to the small business owner online or offline. Helping you stay in front of your targeted audience and on their minds when they are ready to purchase.

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