Goals of Twitter, Relationships and Converting Followers

Do you find yourself wondering about if Twitter is absolutely an essential tool for your business or blog?

Twitter does allow you to stay engaged with your tribe. You can continue to grow and complement your other marketing tools. And, as a small business or as an online internet marking strategy, you will develop and expand techniques and strategies you can will be more able to fully leverage Twitter.

Basic Twitter insight: Twitter is a means to send short interesting updates (“tweets” of up to 140 words) to people who are your “followers”. It really is ‘micro-blogging’ at its best.

– But, how do referrals come from people you are engaged with on social media?

If you are seeing someone’s face on Twitter 3-6 times a day – say I am seeing you half a dozen times a day – you will be on top of my mind. So, yes you need to produce tweets that create and build interest, entertainment and value – often, each day.

It’s all about building relationships – ask questions or ‘Hey I made a great dinner of spaghetti today. How can that lead to business? Someone may start talking about recipes with you.
And, remember – It’s all about relationships – the first word in social media is social – when we go to a chamber mixture we don’t immediately go up and start talking about business – we ask about how they are and catch up and it’s really the same with Social Media, i.e. Twitter. It’s about real people and real interacting, about authenticity – you need to mix it up with questions – Like: What’s your big dream? Or – What’s your secret to training your dog to smile?
Make a commitment – a business goal – to keep in touch at least 6 times a day on Twitter

Tweet about what’s going on in your life – so people can build a connection with you
Tweet to help people, find people out there who are expressing a problem you can solve and help them in 140 characters – notice over time that there are some number of topics that keep coming up and write blog posts and then when that question or problem comes up – just Tweet about your blog post and say you hope this helps.
Tweet to help people – If you want to do anything to grow your business it is to help people, not always selling. Oh wait, helping others really is selling, selling you. We do that every time we smile at someone.
Make these connections and keep them alive and you can get in front of people the very moment they are expressing their need.

As a business coach, I needed to be sold on this by my own business mentor. She has over 10,000 followers. Me, well, I would like to have 10,000 – I have just over 600 right now and every AM, I spend 15 minutes catching up. Then throughout the day, I Tweet. My following is growing – just in a month it went up by 200 people.

So what do you think? What is your following and how are you treating them, oops, I mean Tweeting them!

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Goals of Twitter, Relationships and Converting Followers

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