How to Drive Value with Your Social Media Marketing Funnel

A must-have for bloggers!

A strategic “Social Media Marketing Funnel” framework.

But what is this social media marketing funnel to begin with?

Did you know that any small business can drive social media audiences to their websites/blogs and make sales using a social media marketing funnel?

Let’s begin with…

Inbound marketing.

  • Which is exceptional content that is so tasty to your audience that you’ll pull them to you like a bee to honey!
  • Attracting and nurturing your site’s visitors on all of your social media platforms.
  • Not intruding on them with spam.

Pulling in your ideal audience with your attraction magnet:

Do you have an opt-in box for building your subscriber email list?

  • Your email list is the energy of your blog as you’ll be able to directly share your information that is of value to your audience.
  • This is your “Magnetic Free (opt-in) Offer” in exchange for their name and email address.

Imagine now what that could mean for your blog…

  • Think of your content as inbound marketing and your promotion process as a funnel.

You can have your site visitors’ come in at the top of the funnel (email subscribers) and continue through as happy customers going out the bottom.

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But there’s more…

As an inbound marketer there are three types of tactics you use:

  1. Get Found Tactics – like blogging, SEO, and social media targeting your ideal readers to your blog.
        • How do you find your audience? Where do they hang out? What competitors of yours are they following?  
        • Ask & Answer – ask questions and/or solve problems just for them.
  2. Conversion Tactics –  lead magnets, opt-in boxes, and landing pages. Which converts your ideal readers onto your email list.
  3. Nurturing Tactics – As you build a list of your ideal audience, you’ll continue to nurture these relationships through social media and email promotion. Guiding them to be ready to ask you for more, and make purchases as you use your…

Social media marketing funnels are for the purpose of boosting your email marketing and sales processes.

The aim of a social media marketing funnel is to get more of the right people in the top and out the bottom of that funnel. With a repeat system to continue helping your ideal audience.

Feeding your social media marketing funnel through content marketing involves consistent care in order to keep your list growing.


This is your blog nurturing readers through your social media marketing funnel until they are ready to go the next step with you. Which is to: Buy what you’re offering.

But here’s the best news …

What do you think would happen if you made your social media efforts align around every promotional activity to reach one end goal?

It would look something like this:

  1. Bringing more visitors to your site.
  2. Showing them the value you offer
  3. Generating more leads that help you stay in touch with your valued readers
  4. Setting up your email relationship marketing system.

The end goal in this case…

Email relationship marketing to feed your social media marketing funnel consistently.

Keep in mind…

  • Your emails and generating those qualified leads consistently is the start of your social media marketing funnel.

Each flowing step has a clear link to the next action your audience needs to take to keep moving through your funnel.

The overall flow from start to finish is a system that you design and put into place.

– Each piece of your system will support moving your lead (your ideal reader or prospect) through to the purchase (or donation, membership, etc.) you’re offering.

Do you have a social media marketing funnel in place?

Now ask yourself…

“How am I using social media to drive traffic?

Now, learn what you’re good at in marketing and get help with the rest.

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