Clients Don’t Buy From People They Like, They Buy From Those They Trust

Friends will ask if I can refer someone for cleaning windows, getting credit repair assistance, and on and on – It’s getting more and more difficult to get new people to buy from you, straight out. Some people simply will not buy from those they’ve never heard of and with whom they don’t have a relationship.

Your prospective clients will probably be asking these questions:
– What is this product/service all about?
– What is the main purpose of this product or service?
– How does it solve my problem? Or, help me?
– Is this merchant someone I can trust?
– How do I feel about this offer?

Consider what your prospective clients are looking for. Knowing your target market will help answer these questions during the pre-selling process; by writing copy that “sells” the way you would like to be sold.

– Pre-selling is done in a variety of ways, including what is referred to as an ethical bribe.

· An ethical bribe’ is a freebie, something you giveaway in exchange for a person’s contact details and permission to contact them.
When you give your freebie – make sure that you are showing off your expertise as you share great content that isn’t easily available elsewhere. And, make sure it is targeted to their learning level. You want your prospect to feel that they have received value from what you provided, even though it was free.

Ok – You have a start here! Build a blog/website and they will come, is not the way it’s done now. Building relationships – rather for business or love – is time consuming, and we all stumble along the way.

One thing that you need to understand, is that millions of ebusiness owners are doing the same. It’s important that you know how to get ahead of your competition, so you can get the attention that you need from your potential prospects.

That’s why coaching has become the ‘in thing’ right now. People realize the value of having someone help and hold them accountable along the path.
Donna Ward – BSBM (Bachelor of Science – Information Systems- and Business Management) from University of Redlands’ School of Business

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