Content, content, content. Content makes the web go round.

From the moment you begin researching ways to make money online, you hear WRITING, WRITING, and MORE WRITING, over and over again.

One of the hottest ways to make money online is through the power of blogging and article marketing.

You need great, informative, content.

But, first, you need to know why content so important on the Internet and especially your blog and article marketing.

Why is Content Crucial?

Here are a few strategic reasons…

  • First of all, people come to the web for – drum roll, please – information. Whether they’re shopping for products to buy or looking for a natural remedy for their acne, they’re hitting the web for information, advice, and help.

If your readers find quality information from you they’re very likely to:

  1. Stick Around
  2. Sign Up for Your ezine or newsletter
  3. Twitter about your site
  4. Recommend your posts at places like
  5. Sign up for your RSS feed
  6. Come back in the future
  7. Refer others to your site
  • Second, search engines LOVE content. The more pages you have on your website or blog filled with quality content, the better. Whether you offer product reviews, funny stories, or meaty training, quality content is rewarded by Google, MSN, and Yahoo, as well as the many other smaller search engines online.
  • Third, adding value to the Internet begins to establish you as an expert on your topic. By writing great information, your readers will begin to look at you as THE go-to person for information. You’ll begin attracting interview and JV requests as well.
  • Fourth, and most importantly, as you continue to write articles regularly it will be one of the main marketing strategies for building your business – online or brick and mortar.

As you can see content really is important if you want to build a successful blog or business on the Internet. Without it, your site is just another in the World Wide Web. How can people find you if they don’t know you exist? By establishing yourself and providing your readers with quality posts and other valuable information they need and want, you will see that you can easily become one of the big fish in the pond.

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