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Newsletters & Emails to Subscribers

What else can you do with them?

Do you have an email list? Are you submitting online articles?

  • When you send emails to your subscribers or send out your regular newsletter, post an article, do you stop at that? Have you heard of re-purposing?

Start posting the updates you send to your subscribers and your newsletters or ezines to your blog as well.

Some of your subscribers may not get a chance to read your emails before they are shuffled down their inbox screen or worse yet, they may have filters that are blocking your emails altogether. This will allow them to still receive the valuable information you have to share AND give you more quality content for your blog.

Of course, if you have a list that has sensitive information that you don’t want the whole world to see, skip on posting those specific messages. One example of this would be a membership site where you send members a download link each month so they can access their member’s only information. You wouldn’t want just anybody to have the ability to get that information.

But, if you’re adding a new product to your business for instance, go ahead and post the email you send to your past customers on your blog. You’ll get more exposure for your product and added content for your blog. It’s a win-win.

I have turned several emails into articles and blog posts. It is so very cool to recycle my email, or re-purpose the content and get much more web traffic out of it – leading to increased traffic and increased sales.

Be sure to read – Content, content, content. Content makes the web go round.

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