3 Reasons to Create Your Irresistible Ebook

ebooks marketingInformation marketing is all about providing helpful content to attract new business, right?

It makes sense that you can generate more interest, more subscribers and sales when you show off your expertise with ebooks.

Yet, many people I’ve visited with have the erroneous beliefs;

  • That if they find a market with too many competitors why would they write an ebook for that audience (which may also be their targeted group).
  • And, Small Business Leaders who work with a company that offers a web site to send their target audience to, feel the same. Why should I write an ebook, when they can get all the info they need.

To the contrary, competition and getting your information to your audience in a personal way, can be beneficial for a variety of reasons including…

1. Researching. If there IS a lot of competition, you can reasonably expect your business to be part of a lucrative marketplace.

  • Generally speaking, a large product and service line means there is large consumer interest and demand. 
  • I encourage you to LOOK for markets with lots of competition as it’s a shortcut to researching where revenue is available.

2. Partnering with your competition. The more competition there is, the more likely you can find other like-minded marketers to partner with in cross promotion efforts, co-op advertising, and other related joint ventures.

  • This is especially true if your ebook is “related” to other ebooks without DIRECTLY competing with them.  (I.E.  Raising metabolism is “related” to cutting calories in that they are both agents of weight loss.)

3.  Educating – from your company’s site and your competition. Another reason why competition, and your company helping you to educate your market is good, is simply because your target audience is getting that education, at least in part, on someone else’s dime. 

That is, the marketing materials of others educates your market on why the products are necessary or beneficial.

  • So, competition, and your market getting that education all over the web, isn’t always a bad thing.  It can be a good thing for these reasons and a handful of others.

But … The challenge comes in when you want to stand out among the competition so YOU can get marketplace interest.

There are many ways to stand out by creating your own Marketing Message  / Networking Commercial that could be covered here, but you can go ahead and check into that >>> by clicking here.

Create a demographical version of your ebook.

Example – You write an ebook, “Weight Loss Secrets”.  

– Then you create a “demographical version” of your ebook that is entitled, “Weight Loss For Christians”.

Now that you know reasons to have an ebook…it may still seem daunting if you’ve never done one before.

Donna Ward
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