Ebooks Are a Marketing Strategy

Why write an ebook?Again, why write an ebook?

 Your content in the way of an ebook usually suggests ways your prospective clients can use your expertise, products or services.

Ex: A dog trainer writes about how to use a certain collar in training your dogs more easily, they would also want to include a link to their dog collar product sales page.

An ebook helps you focus on the one or more things you do better and then share it with everyone else because ebooks (in PDF format) are:

  • For content marketing – letting your ideal prospective clients know more about what your expertise is in your busines
  •  Going to help you put it on your blog / web site to be a big part of building your list. Using your ebook as a give away in exchange for emails and names.
  • Going to have the benefits of having a library of ebooks is that these help spread your message for every stage of your growing business. Rather you sale them or give them as gifts of enticement.

PDF-style ebooks are easy to put together…

–         Write your ebooks in your word processor on your computer.

–         Once your ebook is done, it’s saved as a PDF for you final product.

–         There are free pdf programs. One choice is the pdf ebook program at http://www.pdf995.com/

Ready to Publish It?

Once it’s a PDF, the easiest way to give your ebook visibility is to have an opt-in box asking for prospective client’s name and email to receive your ebook  by email or directly link to it from your site.

How can this help you in marketing your business?

  • Use it as a free program or training series to spread your ideas.
  • Offer it as an opt-in to help you grow your email list.
  • Create, market, and sale a product, or as part of a program, that allows you to test ideas for more involved products.

You can spread your ideas to a larger ‘interested’ audience.

  • Use worksheets, training / how to’s, resource lists, interviews, and a host of ideas for your ebooks,
  • For long-term lead generation, plan a series of training ebooks.
  • Ebooks also work because they’re quick to produce.
  • Use ebooks to support your business goals  – building a list, trainings, programs, marketing and sales.
  • Your audience may like the idea of reading your ebook (PDF) on their computers and digital readers.

Your ebook can easily be shared and that means that your brand gets noticed for more visibility + credibility.

  • Because of the ability to expand your information beyond a blog post or Social Media is what’s attractive.

You can:

  1. Publish your ebooks to Kindle format – and sell on Amazon for more exposure. Go to ==>  Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines  
  2. Check out ==> Smashwords Book Marketing Guide
  3. And ==> The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success
  4. Need More Help? Check out ==> ‘Why Write an Ebook?’

Ebooks help when just starting to grow your business or if you are already a millionaire marketer!

Let’s talk about how you’re using ebooks, write in the comments below, and we’ll share ideas and tips …

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