Social Media Marketing Plan

What do you know about a Social Media marketing plan?

As a professional, we know need to have a Social Media marketing plan as part of our client attraction marketing and list building. Yet, we don’t always know where to start, or what about social media marketing that works for attracting ideal clients.

The thing we need to understand about a Social Media marketing plan is that it can add to your database of prospective, potential, clients. It is very good at list building!

Yet, most people aren’t sure how it can help them from a business perspective.

3 Social Media Marketing plan  and Client Attraction Ideas:

1. LinkedIn – you can recruit client interest here.

— You want to create a great profile and under ‘Interests’ use keywords for your business to put you out there with your keyword usage.
— Link your blog to your profile here. This will help people who are linked to you find out more about you.
— Create groups and discuss your business ideas and thoughts.
–Use this marketing resource to tell people what you do – recruiting and attracting clients for your business.

2. Facebook
— Client Attraction – create a group

—  Article Marketing – Post an article. Go to Ezine Articles online and learn about their Social Media marketing area – when you submit an article here, it will do an auto post to Facebook and Twitter, plus a couple of others.

  • Make interesting comments on other people’s pages.
  • Tag people’s pictures and yourself in other group photos.
  • ‘Friend’ people in your own town.

— Remember building relationships is more important than the number of people you have as friends, just like real life.

As you put time into your Social Media marketing plan, your efforts will help get traffic to your site.

3. Twitter – 80% of Twitter usage is on mobile devices – and people will be tweeting about everything, especially negative experiences with a business.

— Create lists that are subject specific and subscribe to the lists that are about your subject.

— For my Twitter audience, I post weekly tweets about my free Special Report – Entrepreneur Ideas and Business Strategies Special Report – with the direct URL. I include a ‘Please Re-Tweet’ (RT) with it.

— Use # hashtags and follow people who write under #hastags that are appropriate.

Pay attention:

1. Don’t spend more then 15 minutes each day for each site – budget your time.
2. Comment on some good posts, make good posts, and put up some pictures.
3. Use social media to develop relationships and develop your own database from your opt-in pages.
4. Remember when working on your Social Media marketing plan, people want to see a face – you can also trade your profile pictures out.

So take some to learn more about a Social Media marketing plan – and take action.

And, I do talk about Social Media Marketing more in my e-course:

“Unlocking the Power of Your Small Business Blog”


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