Get More Clients

Do you know how to get more clients? Do you have a plan that you are using consistently to get more clients?

Have you ever bought a book on how to plant a vegettable garden? If you had never planted vegetables before, would you even consider putting the seeds all in the shade? I would want, need, clear, easy to follow steps, with pictures that make me feel someone is talking me through each step of the way. The truth is that even with instructions, turning a handful of seeds into a beautiful, and edible, garden can be a huge task for me.

Building a business and trying to get more clients, is just like planting that garden – you need to have a clear plan that will get you from a few clients and help you get more clients -and a waiting list.

It amazes me how many people start with no plan – no strategy – and expect clients to just show up. There is the mistaken belief that being the expert, putting up a site online, and printing business cards will get more clients wanting to pay you for your time, skills, and gifts. It would be wonderful if it really worked that way. But it doesn’t.

To get more clients and make more money you need to do these 3 things:

1. Invest in training. There are steps you take and skills you need to learn to get more clients and make more money. Find a group or a study program from a mentor you trust and invest your time, energy and money into it.

I have talked with too many people who are trying to build their business on free information. They collect free tele-classes, subscribe to lots of ezines, and sign up for every free strategy session they can. I know because my first few months online, I did the same thing.

  • I found that I couldn’t build a successful online business from a hodge podge of free information and free seminars. It just held up my progress. It’s like going to Costco and thinking you’ll get a satisfying meal from eating the free samples they offer. Things don’t fit together into a coherent way and you are often left feeling more confused, looking for new answers, and still hungry.

2. Tell everyone you know what you are doing and ask them to support you by referring people to you. This means marketing offline and picking up the phone. Calling people and having a conversation with them. Leave a message. Then put a note in your calendar to call back next week. And, then call back.

  • Along, with offline marketing, send out an email, and direct mail, explaining who you serve and the results you help create. When sending out letters, put a couple of your business cards in each one so they can easily share your contact information with others.

3. Network with people who have access to the your ideal clients. Think about who has access to the people that you serve. If you work as a masseuse, call doctors’ offices and make connections at beauty salons. If you work with children’s science projects, call children’s camps and make connections at local schools.

  • Be creative and think about other professionals and organizations in your community with whom you can build a referral partnership.

Get more clients quickly, keep them interested, and start earning the income you want.

  • You just need to have the right instruction manual.
Donna Ward
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