Got Smart Business Growth?

smart-business-growthThe average person is exposed to over 3000 messages a day. Kinda makes it more important to have smart business growth practices in place for your blogging.

How can you work with smart business growth in blogging?

Well, I’ve read that business to customer blogging, like my blog, generates 88% more leads per month than those that don’t blog. Sounds like a strong start to smart business growth and continued promotion!

But your blog has some hefty goals and you’ll need to wear many hats. 

By now you know that the top 7 benefits of blogging are: Read more

Social Media Marketing Plan

What do you know about a Social Media marketing plan?

As a professional, we know need to have a Social Media marketing plan as part of our client attraction marketing and list building. Yet, we don’t always know where to start, or what about social media marketing that works for attracting ideal clients.

The thing we need to understand about a Social Media marketing plan is that it can add to your database of prospective, potential, clients. It is very good at list building! Read more