3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Reach ?

3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Reach ?

Why do you need to improve your reach?

When you’re trying to get people to click and read your article, post, watch your video, listen to your podcast on any social media site, what you ACTUALLY want to do is tempt their curiosity, activate their sense of need/urgency to take a look now.

That means you really must think about words that sound spammy, or links/words that are clickbait, PLUS the many words that ‘trigger’ what Facebook counts as clickbait.

Especially because Facebook has their ‘WAYS’ of detecting them.

I’m giving you some words that will improve your reach and your engagement. Plus, we’ll take a look at the words that hurt your reach and hurt your engagement… ⇓ Want to know how to increase your reach with helpful ‘Trigger Words’? ⇓ 

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When you give content that shares your expertise to help your audience feel better, inspired, or help their businesses do better? Facebook algorithms notice and put your posts in newsfeeds to improve your reach and help you be seen more and get more engagement!

But first:

What is Facebook reach?

  1. How Do You Know WhenYou Need to Improve Your Reach

Not a trick question…Most people don’t know that you can just check your Facebook Page Insights at the top of your page…to see your daily reach so you’ll get some information about how you can improve it.
  • Reach on Facebook is how many people saw your post/page/brand in their newsfeeds. May, or may not, have engaged.
Standing out with your ‘consistent’ content helps people notice your content and engage. And when Facebook sees you’re using words they like? That will help your reach go higher, which means more people see your content in their timelines. And that also means more engagement possibilities!
  1. How do you stand out?
    1. Check out your competition and be better/different/consistent.
  2. Find out even more @ https://www.facebook.com/help/794890670645072

As your competition grows, you’ll want/need to give your audience reasons to want more from you.

Meaning getting them to exit their Facebook roaming and visit your site with irresistible freebie offers to build your email list or read your own blog posts and make comments about subjects you wrote just for your audience.

Why is reach for your page is so important?

More reach means more people will see your offers, not just those that have liked or followed your page, and may be interested enough to take action and/or engage with comments, shares, likes.

Taking a look at your ‘Insights’ can give you ideals in how to improve your ‘reach’ statistics.

It’s something you can keep track of using Facebook’s Insights as your power tool.

Where are your reach stats on your Page?                                    #blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#Facebookmarketing

  1. Go to ‘Insights’ at the top of your page
  2. Click and there it is!

➼ Or take a deeper dive after you click on settings

  • Go to ‘Reach’ in the left-hand column and you’ll also see reach on any given day
  • Plus, Reactions, Comments, Shares and more

 #blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#Facebookmarketing,#FacebookreachNow, this blog post or the “Trigger Words’ list I’m offering to you is not the “official list” of words that will decrease, or help increase, your reach. ⇓  

But I am also sharing a lot of words and ideas to…

Improve your reach on your Facebook and social media sites with words that increase your reach AND engagement. It’s something you’ll want to take absolute advantage of starting NOW.

Want to improve your reach? Give a lot of attention to what words you use!
  • Words and phrases do hold a lot of power. And can encourage your audience to want more from you.


  • Can cause your posts to naturally get lower reach! Which means less engagement. You never want to use certain words in your headlines, videos, posts, articles, or even your URL’s.

Have you ever wondered…

‘Why am I not getting anybody (or more eyeballs) seeing my posts?”

#blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#FacebookmarketingCould be the words you’re using as ‘trigger bait’ to get your viewers to click and read. Because in the case of Facebook, it’s no longer wise to use certain words and phrases.

A few tweaks in your posts using certain words and not using other words could increase your post reach!

Remember that everything you say and do in your posts will have an effect – good or bad – exciting or boring.

? Discover a more detailed list @ How To Get More Facebook Reach With the Right Trigger Words

Your page needs a high rate of Facebook engagement to help more people see your posts and continue to comment/like/share so you don’t have to do so much promoting of your posts.

But here’s what I’m sharing today ?

#1 Trigger Bait No-No’s and What to Use Instead

Your Facebook posts/ads – and other social media need headlines to help people want to click by giving them something of value – not by tricking them into clicking to get it.

Any trigger word good or bad is there to inspire your audience to act.

Yet the trigger words or phrases that Facebook doesn’t like, are the ones that will decrease the reach of your posts.

Here’s a shortlist of words that will get in the way or hold back your reach on Facebook posts – because they are seen as ‘Trigger Bait’.

  • The free#blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#Facebookmarketing,#Facebookengagement
  • freebie
  • Giveaway
  • Win
  • Enter
  • Contest
  • Like us – comment below – share
  • sign up here
  • tag a friend

When you make a health claim post? Facebook has now made them more regulated!

Challenge yourself and be more aggressive in your research before you post some of these words or phrases! Remember you can use your Thesaurus from Microsoft Word – or Google synonyms for a different word to use rather than the word ‘Win’ for example.

Look for other possibilities to the word healthy, or lose belly fat – which are both words you don’t want to use in your Facebook posts.  

 ⟾ You can take advantage of the word ‘health’ as an alternative.

Facebook doesn’t want anyone to feel singled out.

Think about that…

If I came up to you in the store and said something like, ‘Hey, want to lose that belly fat of yours?’ I know that would make me feel like you singled me out of the many other people in the store. But how could you say it using the word health?

Here’s a short list of effective words that may help:

#blogger,#blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#FacebookmarketingWhat, Who, Why, When, WhereThese can be used as power attention-getting words…

  • Check it out
  • Why
  • How to
  • Learn
  • The most
  • Remarkable
  • Suddenly

How about SEO?

✅ Use words that people search for. Put those in your posts and headlines.

If you’re not already, then it’s time to start using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)– which is the use of words and phrases to help people find you and discover that you have what they want.

Want to learn more about SEO Optimization for Your Facebook Page?  << click to see more.

#2  Trigger Bait That Can Be Helpful or NOT

I’ve heard that Facebook sent out an email stating that when you make a video and share it on Facebook:

If you start seeing reach and engagement demoted – It will be…


  • The video is asking for engagement by commenting with a specific word – or to tag friends, or share, like, or even comment below this video, or click on the link below.

So…Facebook does scan words that trigger the algorithm in videos also.

And one single word, or phrase, can change everything for your business successes online.

Your posts will be not be shown to your audience as much when/if you ask others to like, comment, or share your posts.


Because it’s not real engagement.

#blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#FacebookmarketingWhat’s real engagement?

It’s when you’re having real discussions and are getting engagement from readers because they like what you post and who you are. Not because you asked for a ‘like’ or ‘comment’.

When you see a high ‘reach’ with your Facebook posts, then you have more opportunities for your audience and their friends to see your posts.

What that means…

The more people that see that post (a larger reach means more people see that post) gives you more chances for people to engage.

#3 What Can You Do?

What Facebook Has to Say About It

People tell us they don’t like stories that are misleading, sensational or spammy,” writes Facebook engineers Arun Babu, Annie Liu, and Jordan Zhang in their blog post,  https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/05/news-feed-fyi-new-updates-to-reduce-clickbait-headlines/

If you share your blog posts on Facebook (of course you do) – be sure to keep away from using those ‘Trigger No-No Words’ in your blog post titles (headlines), headings, URLs, etc.

Understanding how a word or phrase negatively categorizes your readers can cause them to be irritated by it… ?#blogger, #blog, #ontheblog,#howto,#Facebookmarketing

Helping you remember that Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook happy and coming back. 

  • Here’s a way to help you remember:

Visualize yourself saying to a stranger, or a friend > “Wow! Gained some weight!?” Do you think they’d appreciate that? Probably not.

What you can do?

Use the same type of politeness online that you’d expect from your friends and they’d expect from you. That’s what Facebook wants you to practice in your posts, videos, and ads. Act with genuine respect!

  • Ask neutral/positive questions with an awesome image — especially one related to your business — keeps the material focused and attracts the eye.
  • Have a list of conversation starters handy…???
  1. If you would only eat only one dessert today > it would be ________.
  2. Are you a ‘Lefty’? Today is Your Day! #lefthand#lefthandday
  3. What’s the Best ­____________ Advice You Ever Received?
  4. What Are Common Challenges for You on/in ______________?

You’re time and work are valuable. Make sure Facebook thinks so also!

Yep. So not good when you put work into your posts and then use words Facebook doesn’t see as helping your readers in a more positive way.

But there are words you can use to improve your reach and engagement! 

What if instead of just a shortlist of what Facebook considered the damaging ‘Trigger Words ’, you also had proven sure-fire words that worked????

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  • August 5, 2020 at 8:47 am

    I did a paid facebooks ads for reach. I have spent few hundred bucks for that but now my organic reach is below 5%. Do you have any suggestions regarding this??

    • August 9, 2020 at 3:04 pm

      Of course, I don’t know if you are:
      1. posting consistently and at the times that you’re audience is paying more attention to your content
      2. Are you mixing up your posts – a) Entertainment, b) Educational, c) Promotional
      3. What is your routine and
      4. What does your content calendar look like?
      5. Are you noticing the posts that have rec’d a lot of engagement – and then doing more of those types?

      Please feel free to join my wonderful community over @ https://coachingbusinessentrepreneur.com/facebookchallenge and listen in to the training that is offered and questions answered
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