Do You Know How To Create And Publish Great Content?


If you want to create and publish great content that drives an impact, it can take time and a lot of work.

What if you got more organized and had a strategy that worked for you and your business, and has the all-out impact that you want?

Have you noticed…

It’s a crowded place for your content online. 

You have to be the ‘lighthouse’ that leads your audience through all the noise!

Think about this for a minute…

How will your content bring something fresh to the conversation, something your audience will want to hear?

Without promotion – that is without your influence, your content stays silent on the web.

Using strategy to create, publish, and promote great content is about using your strengths as well as the framework in which you can become more effective, to your advantage and for your audience.

In content marketing, strategy starts with understanding what you want to achieve, or what problem you want to solve.

As a content marketer, you are an influencer!

You’ll boost ways in which you can gain an advantage for your work to be seen and noticed that will add value.

You can’t overcome noise by simply adding more noise.


Content is your online intention that you share with your world!

Keep in mind these…

3 key play points:

  1. Develop your sharing and promotion strategies early: how will you get your content into readers’ hands?
  2. Think visually: make liberal use of bullets, calls to action, sidebars, graphs, and images in all of your content.
  3. Always have more than one solid call to action. What should readers do next?

Why do you need a call to action when you just want to create and publish great content?create-and-publish-great-content

When you create and publish great content, you’ll also need to learn to stay alive and build your credibility in this attention economy.

Content includes…

→ Calls to action (CTA’s) These are your tools that will help you outlive others that are doing something similar to you online.

Grabbing a visitor’s attention and directing where you want them to go = CTA’s.

  • Most bloggers see ebooks as attractive CTA’s and use them for the front end of their social media marketing funnel.
  • This as a way to build your brand and attract leads to further a relationship through your email marketing.
  • But…it gives you more opportunities to connect and convince fence-sitting prospects that they can use the true expertise you offer.
  • Inspiring your readers and prospects to commit and become possible paths to more $$$ and growth for your work.

If  you’re ready to get started and…


Then click on the image and let’s DO IT!

Have other thoughts or examples you’d like to contribute?

Connect below and share your own personal favorites.

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Donna Ward

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Donna Ward
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