Email Marketing Using Autoresponders

Have you started using an autosponder to sell a product or service?

I have been successfully using an autoresponder such as, aweber, for the past five years now! Helping me market to 100’s of prospective clients as we get to know one another!

I am very aware and careful how I approach prospective customer. Few people like a hard sale (this includes your approach on Social Media sites, also)

Marketers have known for years that in most cases, that a prospect must hear your message an average of seven times (or more!) before they will
make a purchase.

· How do you accomplish this with autoresponders?

Autoresponders make email marketing and getting your message to your prospective customers those seven times much easier.

On the Internet, without the use of autoresponders, like aweber, you probably could not achieve that. I cringe, when I see the mistakes many make of literally slamming the potential customer with a hard sales pitch with their first autoresponder message – you have to know – this won’t work.

You build interest slowly. Building your relationship – the know, like, trust factor – and start with an informative message and content – a message that educates the reader in some way on the topic that your product or service is related to.

At the bottom of the message, include a link to the sales page, or an affiliate link, for your product. Use that first message to focus on the problem that your product or service can solve, with just a hint of the solution.

Build up from there, moving into how your product or service can solve a problem, and then with the next message, ease into the benefits of your product – giving the reader more actual information with each and every message. With each message, make sure that you are giving the customer information pertaining to the topic – free information! This is what will keep them interested in what you have to say.

When you use my coaching services you’ll know exactly how to sign up and use one of the most popular to use autoresponder services like:  aweber We’ll write a series of autoresponders the RIGHT way so you won’t worry if you’re asking for the sale though I focus on autoresponders for quick sales in this program, the strategies in it can be used for almost EVERY time you launch or relaunch a product or program.

(When you purchase using an affiliate link – there is no extra cost to you. I receive a commission for recommending something I recommend.)  Want to know more?  Read some of my educational posts starting here:

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